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Lol, I’ll tell you what my Future Father-In-Law and Fiance say to do (They both deal with a LOT of telemarketers in their professions:

Act happy that they called you but ask if you can put them on hold for just a moment. Five minutes later you check back in “Oh, thank you for waiting so long, it’ll just be a few more moments, I promise.” continue doing this until they have to hang up on you. They’re only allowed to spend so much time on one call. After a while they get annoyed and stop calling you. That’s if you don’t mind taking a few minutes to screw with them. 

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2 suggestions:

1. Ask for thier number so you can report them for violating legisltaion.

2. Or, have some fun and play alone with them. If you waste enough of their time they will  gladly take you off the list.  I had been getting multiple calls from an Indian call center purporting to be from Microsoft’s IT /security dept. According to them, my computer was at risk and they would tell me over the phone what steps I had to take to protect myself. Of course we all know this is just a scam to get access to your information.

So, I played the dumb user and pretended I was doing everything he told me too. I told him I had lost my glasses so I couldn’t read the screens. When he talked about helping me get rid of a virus , I asked if that could be the cause of the penis pictures I was getting?, was it HIS penis? etc etc etc . I was just killing myself laughing. Even he was laughing from time to time.

After wasting about 20 minutes of his time, he finally said he had to go and they haven’t called since. I think he believes I am just too dumb  to do anything.


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get a storm whisle and blow loudly – might not stop them from calling but quite therapeutic

otherwise ask for their details, speak to a manager, find out why and how they have your number and what can you do to have it removed.  down under we have a communication ombunsman that we can contact, its a government department that can use its powers prosecute the company for harrassment – does the US have something similar

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My friend’s grandma has the trophy in my book. Most telemarketers aren’t allowed to hang up first, the person they’re calling does. So her grandma would just sit and talk and talk and talk for as long as she wanted, about anything random, sometimes for over an hour. She never got calls from the same place again.

@swanks4tw: This is a good idea too… some places can’t hang up at all 🙂

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I agree with PP, have fun with it, I know your stressed, but start pissing them off. Can you imagine having that job…that would sure suck! *No offense to anyone that works in that feild.*

I got called an inconsiderate witch on my WORK phone from a telemarketer, my boss and I just laugh now!

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I don’t yell at them, I know some people desperiately need jobs. I was a graphic design artist for a newspaper & one day I had to call people for a survey, I think it was for the election, idk why but all employees had to do it, even the owner was calling. We’d never called anyone before or after (that I knew of) like that. OMG I felt horrible, I didn’t want to call people ever again, they all thought I was a telemarketer & they were so horrible to me :(. Worst day at work ever! Seriously, people yelled at me or hung up on me, I felt like a telemarketer & felt so depressed all day.

When I get calls, I ask for the name of the company calling me. I tell them I’m on the do not call list AFTER I get this info. You can report them & they can get into a lot of trouble.

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Don’t yell, ask to speak to their manager and make sure that you are on THEIR do not call list. Also you can ask for their company name and mailing address, and tell them you will be sending a ceist & desist letter.  That should do the trick.

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I act extremely crazy lol. One time AT&T called when I was like 15. I told my mom to give me the phone and I proceeded to act like I was someone’s crazy baby mama. “Hol’ up! Don’t Leroy work there?! Tell that fool that his 5 kids are over here askin where they damn daddy at! Shaquaya needs some new shoes, Leroy Jr. Jr. (yes, two) has been going around biting the other kids at school, and the other 3 ask everyone where’s they daddy! Don’t you dare tell me he don’t work there! Oh, so you lyin’ for him now?! When you see him, tell him LaQuasha Jackson is about to take dat ass to court! Child support boo-boo! Yeah, I need my damn nails done! And that new weave Beyonce got! Shoot, I’m boutta look good and hit the clubs to find me a real man!”

I have not received any more calls from any telemarketers.

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I’m not kidding, when they call asking for my mom and she picks up, she tells them she died! sometimes she tells them she just moved, but most of the times she uses the diseased excuse.

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