How many times has your credit card/debit card been hacked? SO tired of this

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I used to. My credit card company told me it was a store I visited regularly, but couldn’t tell me which one because they were trying to find the guy who was doing it. They said if they told everyone where it was happening, we’d stop going there, the guy would figure it out and also stop going there and couldn’t catch him. It was annoying. I finally found out it was my grocery store. I eventually moved so I didn’t have any issues anymore. I haven’t had any issues in awhile, but my credit card company is really good about checking in about things.

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I’ve had my debit card hacked once at a shady viet restaurant. I called them out on it in a review and they tried to intimidate me to take it down. Which I did not (luckily bank covered it).

My credit card was hacked once. I was notified that someone was trying to buy a shit ton of JC Penney and have it shipped to some address in texas. THey called me and were like “Are you trying to buy some stuff from JC penney?” And i was like “wtf is JC Penney”. So yeah. 

Other than that I’ve been pretty lucky. I buy a lot online as well. 

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I’ve had it happen twice – once was about 6 years ago and my credit card company thought it was odd I was spending £6000 on furniture in Switzerland in between clothes shopping in England! Second time was just a couple of months ago, but it was from a PayPal hack. I caught that one as PayPal emailed me to confirm my £300 PlayStation 4 order (which was actually about a week after I’d actually bought a PS4 for my fi as a birthday present!) And the company they ordered it from just cancelled the order and refunded me, and I changed all my passwords.


If you think you’ve pinpointed the location, either stop spending money there, or only pay in cash. It sucks but it’s less hassle than having to get new cards every few weeks!

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At least 4 or 5 times. It’s unfortunate, but I just have to check constantly!

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Drives me mad. My bank has picked it up 5 times but the last one (a week ago) was me taking a quick look on my banking app. Had a conversation with the fraud dept at my bank and had to tell him a million times that we don’t have a PlayStation and my D.H doesn’t have a secret one that he uses my debit card to purchase anything PlayStation related.

One time I was called and asked if I’d bought a £5k/ US$6.6k handbag from Selfridges as it seemed unusual. Glad they caught it but then I thought I wish I could drop that on a bag.

I don’t know if my card was cloned in a store or details taken online.

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Once for my debit card and once on my credit card. Credit card was very easy to sort. Debit card took weeks to fix, because all the transactions sent me over my overdraft, started causing NSFs for scheduled payments like my insurance and daycare. It was a nightmare and I had to fight with the bank about it all. 

I was super pissed and as soon as it was fixed I swapped banks. 

If it’s happening frequently, it’s based around either your online security or a location or two, that are compromised.

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Bumble bee

Probably 4 or 5 times here too.  Seems to have stopped more recently though, maybe since the chip cards came out?

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Only once for me.  Given what was purchased immediately after and where, I can definitively say it happened when I paid for a meal at a Denny’s in Phoenix before catching a plane.  They waited several months to use the numbers they stole, but made purchases in and around that area (including that Denny’s if I recall!).  I don’t live anywhere near Phoenix, so yeah.  My CC doesn’t leave my sight if I’m away from home now.

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My credit card was stolen once. They spent nearly $1,000 within a matter of hours at like 3 different stores in a city a good 2+ hours away that I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in, or at least not for an extending amount time. So crazy how quick these people are!

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It just happened to me today. I bought a few dresses at Nordstrom’s for my engagement shoot and a few days later someone bought a few more dresses for themselves on me! CC company caught it right away and is sending me a new card. Fiance had it happen like 5 times in a row. He thinks it was from a gas station. They did flag me when I bought my wedding dress, but that was legit. Lol.

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I have never had my debit card hacked, which is the card o use most often. Our credit card is only used for groceries and gas and it has never been hacked 

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It’s happened to me twice and both times it has only been moderately inconvenient, and the things they bought were so incredibly random, it kind of made it worth it just to get a laugh out of it. The first time they bought one way flights to Lithuania. So my bank called me and were like “umm… are you moving to Lithuania?” and the second time they bailed 4 people out of jail and bought a 4 prepaid cell phones in Arkansas. When the bank fraud guy called me you could tell even he was trying not to laugh.

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