(Closed) How many times have you been pulled over?

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Busy bee
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I’ve been pulled over at LEAST 4 or 5 times and gotten tickets. Pulled over 2 or 3 times and not gotten tickets. Sometimes I think it really depends where you live. Some cities have a huge overstaffing issue with police officers, so you’re more likely to be pulled over! 

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Honey bee

I have only been pulled over twice (knock on wood). Once was for “running a red light” on a military base. It was total nonsense. I petitioned it and won, but still had to pay a $25 “processing fee,” but that was better than $75 and 2 points off my license. 

The other time was for driving in the shoulder area on a highway. I drove about 50 yards because of stalled traffic and my exit was within 75 yards. The cop saw me and said it was illegal to that. Luckily, he just ran my license and then let me go with a “stern warning.” I did it again the next day and more in the future because the traffice was a daily issue. A lot of people did it and it was a short distance. 

Other than that, I haven’t been pulled over. I tend to drive about 4-5 miles over the speed limit, but only if other traffic is keeping at that speed. Generally, I am pretty safe driver.

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Honey bee
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I’ve actually never been pulled over. The cops in my area are fairly predictable about where they “hang out” trying to catch violators. I just make sure I’m not speeding around those areas. I don’t tend to speed much anyway..maybe 5 mph over the posted speed limit. The only exception is on the interstate when I go fast enough to keep up with traffic, which is at least 10-15 mph over the posted. 

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Bee Keeper
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cls9q:  Been driving 7 years, never been pulled over, never been caught speeding.

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Sugar bee
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Just once, same thing… I was on the highway, spaced out and before I knew it I was 30 over, whoops!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Once, and it was a check stop.  I hadn’t had anything to drink for hours (I had actually had a beer at lunch and was nervous I might still smell like it, even though it was more than 8 hours) so it was quick.

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Helper bee

How fitting is this thread.

Just got pulled over last night for a rolling stop at a stop sign at an empty intersection at 12:30 in the morning. -_- Not pleased.

Besides that only pulled over one other time for driving my sister’s car when she forgot to put the registration documents/sticker in/on her car. So I had to go show the docs to the court people and it got dropped but still had to pay $90 court costs. Insane.

Then I got a ticket for failure to yield in a wreck I caused when I was 18 and on my way to do charity work.

So…3 tickets in 7 years of driving. Not great. But at least only two were my fault.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Never. I have the same habit of spacing out and pressing the accelerator so I use cruise control to help me out.

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Sugar bee
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In 15 years driving, I’ve been pulled over 4 times. The first 3 were when I lived back east, and I got away with a warning. This last time was in CA- the CHP are kind of hard asses, so I got the ticket. Not a big deal….except the ticket for running a red (which I actually thought I had enough time to make) was almost $600!!!!

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Busy bee

Never. Woo! My good driving is a point of pride with me.

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Helper bee
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cls9q:  I must be one shitty driver…that or I have really bad luck lol I’ve probly been pulled over at least 10 times for various things (mostly speeding) twice it was because my tags didn’t match the new car (they did but I guess it wasn’t in their system yet) and the rest either speeding, illegal u turn, or not stopping “fully” at a stop sign. 

I will add that I HATE driving long distances (gives me anxiety/panic attacks) and FH insisted on driving home to see his family a couple weeks ago (we usually fly). It was about a 10 hour drive, which is far for me, and we left at 8 pm ….He kinda decided he wanted to go on a whim. So I was basically trying to get there as fast as I could since we were already planning on not getting in till like 4 am with the time change (didn’t get in till 630 am!!!) That was a $200 ticket…So now I’m being extra careful since we are trying to save for the wedding! 

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Helper bee

Once, for talking on a cell phone.  In my defense, I was SOBBING into the cell phone because I had food poisoning, my pet parrot had just eaten a pill I was supposed to take to stop myself up and I was driving frantically to the vet.  I felt like anywhere else in the world, the police would have let me go save my parrot.  However, not the NYPD.  He stopped to write me a five point ticket while my parrot was slowly digesting poison and then gave me a lecture about how my bird would be safer if I weren’t on the phone.  

Really, I should have just gone ahead and puked on him.  I’ve hated the NYPD ever since.  On the plus side, my vet pumped my bird’s stomach and she was just fine.  🙂

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