(Closed) How many traffic violations do you have under your belt?

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  • poll: How many traffic violations do you have?
    None. I'm a safe driver and never break the law. : (42 votes)
    17 %
    None. I'm a law breaker but I've never been caught (lucky bitch!). : (66 votes)
    27 %
    1 : (59 votes)
    24 %
    2 : (27 votes)
    11 %
    3 : (16 votes)
    6 %
    4 : (12 votes)
    5 %
    5 : (9 votes)
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    6+ : (9 votes)
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    I don't drive. : (7 votes)
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    That bastard! 

    The last time I got stopped for speeding I was about a block away from my office and I told the cop he was making me late for work.  He had no sympathy but at least I only got a warning.  That time.

    I’ve only had a couple . . .


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    I want to say 4 in 14 years….

    1 for speeding

    2 for careless driving…oops

    1 for an illegal u-turn

    The careless driving ones were for falling asleep behind the wheel…I was driving on a canopy road with lots of shadows and it made me very sleepy….and the other one was for running off the road after reaching down to pick up my cell phone after I dropped it.

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    I have none. Only been driving 2 1/2 years though. Not a single ticket, parking, speeding, etc. I do speed on the highway often (not excessive), and never been caught/pulled over yet.

    Question, why are you fighting it, if you were in fact speeding?


    ETA: Oh I did get pulled over once, when I was learning to drive, because I ran through a stop sign on a little back road. Cut the cop right off. But he gave me a warning, and all was fine.

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    I got a speeding ticket shortly after I got my DL when I was 16 Innocent I was running late for work and was going 69 in a 45…. ooops. 😛 haha

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    Zero Cool

    I’m kind of a speed demon, but most cops around here won’t look at you unless you’re doing 15 over. Other than that, I’m pretty careful.

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    I got 2 in 6 months smh, but 1 got dropped. The first one was for speeding…I had a good excuse though

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    I’ve been pulled over four times: twice for going too slowly, and twice for going too fast.  The first time, my dad was teaching me how to drive, and we were going around this sharp curve near the ocean, and I was maaaaybe going 5 miles an hour.  A cop pulled me over, and asked my name, and I was like, “Nickname.  Real name….CRY CRY CRY.”  He thought I was a little old lady or something.  I didn’t get a ticket for that!

    The other time I got pulled over for going too slowly…it was like 3am, in college, and I was driving a friend’s car to the diner.  My other friend was driving her car, and she was following me.  We went the wrong way down this street, and we weren’t sure if we could get to the right street.  Anyway, there was a stop light, and a cop had stopped in the left turn lane, but at a green light.  So I slowed down because I thought, maybe there is a reason he is stopped.  So we drove by rather slowly, and then he pulled me over.  I was like, “Yeah I wasn’t sure if we were going the right way, and then I saw that you were stopped.”  And he was like, “I pulled you over bcause you slowed down when I did.”  I was like, WHAT THE FUKC????  But I didn’t get a ticket.  I didn’t even have my license with me!  LUCKY.

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    Once I got pulled over on campus for my registration sticker being expired… as of that day… on a Sunday.    Needless to say I fought it in court.  The judge noticed that the cop didn’t even write his name on the citation, probably because he knew how stupid it was (the judge’s words… but I agree).  The judge said I reminded him of his daughter and we ended up talking about biology for a little bit before he told me to “forget this ever happened and get back to studying” lol.

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    I got a speeding ticket my senior year of high school because I was late to a “calc party.” Yes we were nerdy and had parties to study for calculus tests lol. It was a road by a school where the limit is like 15 and nobody drives that slow and I was going like 30 maybe. That’s my only ticket. I’ve been pulled over some other times, always for speeding, but only get warnings (knock on wood). 

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    I got my first speeding ticket a few months ago after 9 years of driving.  I totally deserved it. I was going 82 in a 60. whoops.

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    Over all or dropped off your record?  I have had 1 speeding ticket wayyyy back when. Like in 94 or 95.  That has dropped off a long time ago.

    Other than that nothing….

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    none! Not even a parking ticket! Booo-yah!

    I’m convinced that the digital spedometer in new cars that is placed right in the driver’s line of sight is among the best inventions ever. It’s almost impossible to just get carried away and suddenly be going 80!

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    2 “parking on pavements”. 

    One was origionally for parking infront of my parents house during snowplow season-which was stupid because I acutally was only parked there temporarily ( for like an hour) since I just got in from doing 4 am horse farm duty and was changing my clothes.

    The other one was much more complicated and more serious charges, but luckily I was super connected in the legal stystem and got off on another parking on pavement


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