How many weeks were you when you had baby #1?

posted 3 months ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: How many weeks were you when your first baby was born?

    34 weeks or earlier

    35 weeks

    36 weeks

    37 weeks

    38 weeks

    39 weeks

    40 weeks

    41 weeks

    42+ weeks

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    My water erupted in spectacular fashion at 37 weeks with my first. Fast labor. It was the dream!

    My midwife warned me the second babies come earlier and faster which got me excited. She even prepped my husband on what to do in case we had an unplanned home birth and couldn’t get to a hospital! My son decided to prove her wrong and hunker down until 9 days after his due date and put me through a hell of a time getting out. Good thing he’s a cool baby. 

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    Scheduled for induction at 38 weeks and ended up with an emergency c-section two days before induction was scheduled. 

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    @LilliV:  My second labor was also longer than my first! I was NOT amused. Baby 2 did at least come a couple days earlier than baby 1 though….thats wild your first was 3w early and your 2nd so late!

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    baby was big (especially for me), 41 weeks. Induced or he would have lived there forever. My mom had 3 kids and never went over for any. 

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    @emilyofnewmoon:  I wonder if the major stress and anxiety of the pandemic played a role (he was born in June 2020). I also had issues with my placenta so I was torn between “get out already so I can make sure you stay safe” and “dear god the world is a hot mess, stay in there baby boy”. 

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    Was so prepared to go to 41+ weeks with my first, but actually went into labor at 39+2. Thought my second was coming ANY SECOND starting at 38 weeks (ha!), and she stayed in until 40+3 when I had my OB strip my membranes. 

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    @dianaj17:  Not sure whether to choose 39 or 40 weeks, but my LO arrived the morning before her due date (39+6). I was 100% certain she was going to be late and had an induction date scheduled for the next week. My siblings and I were all over a week late and I wasn’t dilated at all at any of my appointments, not even the one I had a few hours before I went into labor! Baby was always tracking super average size-wise and was bigger and longer than they projected. I honestly had the easiest labor and delivery ever (post epidural). 

    I had my appointment two days before she was born. Cervix was closed up lol I left my appointment that afternoon and went to a long work meeting because why not? That evening, DH was working late and I started feeling uncomfortable. I pulled out my fitness ball and watched tv while I bounced on that. Once it hit about 8pm I was definitely having contractions but was in denial since I had not even been slightly dilated at my appointment. I took a shower (did not help like I had hoped) and tried to go to bed, but they were too intense. I timed them until about 11:30pm when I told DH that perhaps he should stop working because I might be in labor. We didn’t leave for the hospital until nearly 1 (the pain was BAD but it took a while to get in touch with my OB). I was admitted around 2am, epidural at 4am (I had preferred to go unmedicated but NOPED out of that), and LO was born at 10am! I pushed 3 times and besides my legs feeling like giant blocks of cement from the epidural, it was a piece of cake. My recovery was a breeze! 

    Good luck! I totally thought I’d be late too, but you never know!

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    @dianaj17:  hehe…my mum’s joking theory is that when you actually go into labor is dependent on your childs personality! My mum had 4 kids and we were either all two weeks early or two weeks late. The two of us who were early are always on the go and are always uber punctual and the two of us who were two weeks late, take our time and are always perpetually ten minutes late. We have weekly family get togethers and its a running joke but as one of the punctual siblings, I can see my mums point. Me and my ‘two weeks early’ sibling are also the ones who do most of the heavy lifting to help out my aging parents. My mum had difficult pregnancies and would have these days been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. I think us two, who came early are both givers by nature and wanted my mum to feel better sooner! My siblings who were late tend to think of themselves first and take more than they give! 😉😂

    Don’t @me everyone who was born late and took offense at my family joke! It’s literally just a joke but I hope you got a chuckle OP and that you will have fun examining your little ones personality over the years and seeing if my mum’s theory rings true! Wishing you all the best OP and I hope you’ll post a pic of your cutie when they arrive!

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    I’m a FTM and my baby boy came without any intervention at 39+5. I had an unmedicated vaginal delivery and a very fast labour. Baby was perfectly average size with no health issues at 7lbs 14oz. 

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    Had a membrane sweep at 39+4 (I was already 3cm dialated)  and labor started almost 24hrs later on the dot. Daughter was born at 39+6. 

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    For my first I was induced at 41+1, not for any specific medical reason that I can recall. Mostly I think because my hospital only had an obgyn for a couple days (it was during Christmas), and they wanted me to give birth when he was around. He checked me at 40+6 and I was only 1 cm, and I had absolutely no active labour signs. So I never got to experience my water breaking, natural labour etc. 
    but overall my induction experience was positive. The main thing that was quite painful was they had to break my water, but honestly you get intense with the moment and it’s just part of the experience.
    I was put on pitocin to start contractions at 5 am, and by 3 pm he was born (vaginally). I also did get an epidural. only a small 1 degree tear so I healed easily. 
    good luck ! 

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    @dianaj17:  I was induced in the evening right on 37w and had him on 37 +1. I had gestational hypertension develop randomly which was discovered at my prenatal visit at 36+4. 

    He was measuring big ish for that gestational age, but nothing alarming. Birth weight was 7 lb 4 oz, 19.5 inches.  

    My induction was super smooth. I wasn’t dilated or anything going into it, so the it took a while to get me into labor with the pitocin. But once I finally got to 6 cm and started with some mild contractions it was only 4 hours from there until he was born. I pushed for 30 min. 

    I did require blood pressure medication for 6 weeks postpartum. 

    I only go into the detail becasue I feel like people only ever share their horror stories. I was not expecting an induction, and it was nerve-wracking for the few days while we were waiting for induction, but it went really smoothly all things considered. 

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    I was induced at 36 weeks, as my son was measuring large and the dr. thought I was two weeks ahead of what I actually was (despite my protestations to the contrary, as he was a planned baby) due to measurements throughout pregnancy. He was 9 lb 4 oz at 36 weeks.

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    My water broke when I was 39+5. I wasn’t actually in labor but since it was meconium water the hospital said they have to induce me and I got pitocin – 12 hours later she arrived. 

    The timing was actually perfect because my mother booked her flight to come help me months before (international flight) – and we decided that she’d come 1 day after my due date. So she called me before she was flying out and I told her I was in the hospital and she arrived the next morning and came to the hospital to be with me – so a really good timing. 




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    baby #1 induced at 36 weeks

    baby #2 induced at 40+6 weeks

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