How many yards of Fabric to drape the ceiling in a 40×60 tent?

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I have no idea how much fabric you’d need, but I can tell you that $6,000 for a tent liner and leg drapes is beyond unreasonable. The tent rental companies I researched quoted us, for a 30 x 30 tent, leg drapes were $25 each, so $200 total. The tent liner was $360. I know that’s a much smaller tent than yours, but the difference should not be that dramatic. I’d say keep looking around your tent rental options, most tent rental companies should add a fabric-draped liner and leg drapes as a fairly standard rental option.

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… do you know the height of the peak from the wall line to the top of the tent? That would be super helpful!

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you actually need the square footage of the ceiling, not the floor.  the ceiling will be larger since it is angled upwards.  it also depends on the width of the fabric you buy, as wider fabric will take up more space which will mean having to drape fewer panels to fill up the length of the tent.  so, for example, lets guess that the ceiling is actually 50x60, adding 10 ft to the short end to accomodate the vaulting of the ceiling.  I bet it’s more but lets use this to make the example simple. and let’s say you get 60in wide fabric, which is a pretty standard width.  

60in = 5ft.

60 ft (length of tent) divided by 5 ft (width of panels) = 12 panels of fabric.  

the length of the panels will run up and down the angled ceiling so 50 ft = about 17 yards.

so 17 yards x 12 panels = 204 yards.  

does this help?  as for the tent poles, it depends how tall they are.  1 yard = 3 ft so i bet you can do the math 🙂

Now, having said all this, I think this might be a project best left to the professionals.  the fact that you didn’t realize you had to account for the vaulting of the ceiling is a red flag, and trying to line up these panels perfectly will not be easy to inexperienced people.  (red flag #2: the fact you even thought this would be easy in the first place). Plus you’d need equipment like huge ladders and such.  I think it’ll be very unlikely you’ll get the result you want shown in your pic.  Def shop around for different tent vendors, I’m sure you’ll find a price you like and it will save you a huge headache 🙂

Happy hunting!

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please tell me you figured out a way to do the ceiling draping for your tent! as i too have been searching non stop to figure this little problem project out! i thought that it seemed it would be simple at first too! we rented a 40 x 100 tent and the liner was outrageously expensive. i figured out an equation to figuring out how much fabric but have no clue what fabric to order or where to order from or how to drape! any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!

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Hi Ladies,

I was pretty hung up on making my tent pretty too but I couldn’t afford liner either. I went a little bit nuts making lamps out of wallpaper and I wound up loving how it looked. It was a total pain, cost me hours of my life I’ll never get back, and took forever to set up but it was beautiful. If you can, it may be easier to add visual interest with good lighting than draping…


just a thought!


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ashleykc:  how much fabric did you come up with for a 40 x 100 tent? I have all the tools and everything to do i just need to buy some navy tulle .. but have no idea how much i need..

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what are the tools you actually need to drape a tent?

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This thread is 8 years old. frown

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