How much alcohol do you drink?

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Busy Beekeeper

I am pretty boozy (or was before I got knocked up). I don’t get drunk, but I’ll routinely have a glass of wine after work, and maybe 2-3 drinks if we’re out with friends or at a wedding or something. Alcohol definitely helps me loosen up and enjoy myself more in social situations. If I went to a dry wedding I’d be a little bummed there was no booze, but I wouldn’t like resent the fact or anything. I don’t expect the hosts to cater to my needs to that degree, and I certainly get that booze is expensive and not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Helper bee
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I’m surprised at how many people here don’t drink…curious if it’s a regional thing? Or is it just sample bias?

Now I feel bad about how much we love beer! Haha! I rarely have more than 2 though, pretty lightweight. We never drink liquor and only very rarely a glass of wine. 

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Helper bee

I used to be a terrible binge drinker. I couldn’t go out without getting drunk because of social anxiety and shyness. It wasn’t good and gave me terrible anxiety and depression the day after. I almost don’t drink at all now.

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I drink plenty and I’m not ashamed of it haha. About 2 drinks every night. Many of my friends and family are similar and it works for us. It’s not harmful. 

I don’t see a correlation with age or with type of alcohol – plenty of beer drinkers are bingey and plenty of liquor drinkers drink lightly/occasionally – it’s just a matter of taste preference. 

I’d be disappointed in a wedding with no alcohol, but it’s the couple’s choice and not like it’s required. There are adults of all ages and drinking levels who drink liquor instead of beer or wine, so more bar options is ideal if it’s in budget, but serving beer and wine only is a good way to control costs. 

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Sugar bee

I don’t drink at all and haven’t since I was 24. I’m 32 now. Can’t say I ever really enjoyed or liked the taste of it.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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jayrock :  

Not regional at all in my case, just the metabolic inefficiency that comes with old age and a bad thyroid.  I don’t burn calories like I used to, so I have to avoid any that are unnecessary, which includes alcohol.

I’m surprised at how much I don’t miss it, even when I’m around drinkers.  It’s especially surprising when you consider what a little boozer I was.  Alas, my dancing on table tops days are over.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t think I drink that much – about a bottle of wine on the weekend and I am 34. That said, I have worked with a few people from North America (US and Canada) who think that most Brits are high functioning alcoholics and cannot understand why it is so normal here to go for ‘a drink after work’ and for that to turn into a 2am finsih and having no dinner….They may have a point…..

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Busy bee

arosebyanyothername :  I don’t carry any debt, but I drink and I am not ashamed to admit it.

our alcohol bill exceeds our food bill every time we eat out. Margaritas, sangria, entire bottles of wine… I have no problems drinking the 4 bottles of beer that come with my shrimp and our local bar. I wont go anywhere that does not serve alcohol, or at least allow me to carry my own.

and it would be fine for it to not be provided at a wedding, but let me know, and I will come prepared. 

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Helper bee
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I’m 29, big into craft beer. I also enjoy wine & vodka but usually stick to imported/craft beers. I usually have 2 on Friday night & 2 on Sat night. Netflix time haha. I do occasionally go out with friends (I live close to downtown so I get an Uber). Maybe a bar, club, or baseball game… I tend to drink quite a bit when I go out (pretty sure I have social anxiety). I didn’t start drinking until I was 21/22. No kids here, just cats!

At a wedding I’d be disappointed if there was no alcohol, just because I’m so shy and it helps in social situations. Still not sure what our drink setup would be for our wedding (we don’t even have a date yet lol).

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Buzzing bee

I don’t drink much, but not out of principle. Fi doesn’t drink because it upsets his stomach, and I have trouble finishing a bottle of wine on my own (my preferred beverage) before it turns and becomes cooking wine. So I rarely buy wine these days. I do like a beer on a on hot day, and I enjoy cocktails but I don’t make them myself much. If I’m out to dinner I’ll often order a drink or two, but at home I rarely drink. I go out for drinks with friends occasionally, but almost always stop at 2-3 as I loathe being actually drunk or hungover.

As for the OP, I thought the question was about beer/wine weddings rather than actually dry weddings. I am all for beer/wine weddings and that’s what I’m personally doing – due to a venue restriction rather than to save money. 

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Bumble bee

arosebyanyothername :  Guess what – I have a significant amount of revolving credit and a mortgage and a car loan.  But, guess what, I don’t feel a need to pickle my liver in alcohol.

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Honey bee

It’s rare for me to drink during the week, maybe one glass of wine or a beer for the whole week at most. But I drink plenty on the weekends! Maybe a few bottles of wine over the weekend, maybe cocktails or beers. I would hate a dry wedding, but beer and wine are fine for me. I know plenty of people who do like to drink but only drink mixed drinks, so theyd be unhappy with that set up though. At my wedding we had lots of big drinkers so made sure to have a full bar. 

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mrsknc :  I don’t drink. I have been sober over 10 months now. I’m 31.

I have recently thought about my own wedding. I don’t necessarily mind if people have a glass or two but I will not like it if people are drunk at my wedding and I think the only sure fire way of preventing that is to not serve alcohol (?).

I’m not a party pooper…it’s just alcohol has a very negative connotation for me at the moment and I’m not sure how -soon- that will change. 

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tinneranne2 :  same. I don’t drink anymore and I find drunk people very very annoying. 

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