How much alcohol do you drink?

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  • Wedding: December 2014

I used to drink a lot when I was in grad school. My friends and I went to the bar pretty much every night and got black out drunk on the weekends. I can’t even imagine doing that now. Darling Husband and I both still drink, but rarely get more than buzzed. DH likes scotch and will have a glass a few times a week. If we go out to eat we usually order a cocktail or two. If I need some wine for a recipe, we’ll finish off the bottle. I used to be a big beer drinker, we could demolish a case of coronas, but now I pretty much stick to the fancy craft beers and wine. 

I would be fine with a beer/wine wedding.

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I’m a social drinker.  I drink a couple times per week, but never liquor.  I enjoy red wine and craft beer in moderation, since I got over the “drunk” thing ten years ago.  The most I ever get is a light buzz, and if I’m driving, I always pace myself accordingly.  So, two glasses of wine at happy hour, or a beer or two at the brewery with friends?  I’m happy with that.  The one thing I never do is drink alone.  

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Hubby and I are big social drinkers, mostly on the weekends. But there are periods of times that I don’t drink because I’m trying to lean out or something, so alcohol calories are the first to go. I’m a champagne drinker, with the occasional Captain and Diet, depending at what bar were at. Hubby likes his red wine/whiskey. 

I’ll admit, we drink to get drunk! But were not obnoxious, just enough to not feel guilty about eating some dark chocolate pancakes from ihop at the end of the night!

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I drink way too much in my opinion… as in any alchohol tears me up and makes the next day miserable. Sometimes… one sip of wine has me flying to the bathroom. 

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I wasn’t much of a drinker to begin with. I only started drinking even moderately after I first met my ex. Then it was a little bit of drinking a lot followed by sporadically drinking every few weeks. Then after I separated from ex, I quit drinking cold turkey! 

I felt that it was further depressing my mood. And I am talking just a glass of wine every other day or so. I stopped it altogether. It’s been over a year. Now, I did drink a few ounces of champagne to mark the anniversary of leaving the ex-hole. Lol!

I have very low tolerance. embarassed I start to feel dry. Then I start drinking water. Then I start peeing. Lol! It’s just not worth it for me. Wish I could pair a nice wine with a gourmet meal like I see people do on T.V. (without having to water myself down and pee 24/7!)

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 more virtue-signaling than a prius parade

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I enjoy weekend drinks, social events with a couple of bottles of wine, some great mixed drinks, etc. D h and I will have a few wine/drinks sometimes while watching a good show, cooking dinner, etc.  Double chocolate vodka with coke and a splash of cream is heavenly!


*** When not pregnant!

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Used to be a binge drinker in late teens early 20’s, would drink to be blotto 3-4 times a week. Now at 40, I would be lucky to have 10 alcoholic beverages a year. It just isn’t fun anymore, and I prefer the taste of other drinks as opposed to alcoholic ones. 


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Wow – I’m surprised by these responses. I totally relax with 1-2 drinks a night, generally beer and sometimes wine. I’m not a huge fan of liquor though.

I prefer alcohol at a wedding, but would not be upset if it was not provided. I’d either not drink or buy some at the bar (if that was an option). 

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I was a serious binge drinker for most of my early twenties. I mean like black out, puking, hungover for two days binging. Multiple times every week. I wasted an absurd amount of time and money on partying. I am full of regret that I didn’t focus more on travelling and achieving some of my other life goals during that time. 

I actually love drinking alcohol, but I don’t anymore because it affects me too negatively now. I suffer chronic headaches and alcohol makes them worse. I have been drunk one time in the past six years. I try to be able to sip on beer or wine with my fiancé, but I never know when it’s going to trigger a headache, so it’s best that I just abstain. He buys single bottles of craft beer a couple times per month. 

I wouldn’t even notice if a wedding didn’t have hard liquor. Beer and wine usually appeal to the majority, so I personally think that’s fine. 

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I was pregnant and am breastfeeding now so NOT FREAKING ENOUGH.

I love me some mixed drinks and sparkling wine. Can’t wait to drink my head off once I’m done breastfeeding. #sorrynotsorry

That said, I don’t care what I get served (or don’t get served) at weddings. I can deal with whatever for a day/night.

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  • Wedding: October 2016

I’m a light weight. They mixed my margarita at dinner too strong on Saturday… so I drank half & was feeling it. 

I’d be fine with whatever is served at a wedding. Even if it’s just tea & water

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I’m 27. I don’t drink regularly- maybe 1 every week or two. Sometimes a glass of wine with dinner or Darling Husband will make me a mixed drink, and socially I will partake. I can’t remember the last time I was drunk. That’s not my scene anymore and hasn’t been since I was like 22. The idea of being around messy drunk people is totally unappealing.

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I drink a couple times a week, mostly on the weekend. I’m such lightweight so I’m feeling it after one drink. I know my limits and don’t over do it. Malibu rum mixed with pineapple is my go-to. I could mix anything with Malibu though and enjoy it

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Only on the weekends for us, unless there’s some kind of social event (and even then it depends on the day because we fast). In terms of a sober wedding … honestly, I’d be a little bummed.

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