(Closed) How much are you willing to spend on a single item of clothing?

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  • poll: How much are you willing to spend on a single item of clothing? A maximum of;
    $100 : (70 votes)
    27 %
    $200 : (96 votes)
    37 %
    $500 : (42 votes)
    16 %
    $1,000 : (10 votes)
    4 %
    $1,500 : (11 votes)
    4 %
    $2,000 : (9 votes)
    3 %
    $2,500 : (2 votes)
    1 %
    $3,000+ : (19 votes)
    7 %
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    I am willing to spend more on a bag or shoes (up to $500ish) than I am on actual clothing. Why? because my fat butt never stays the same size for more than a year or two. My weight/size fluctuate too frequently to make it worth spending much on clothes. Why buy something expensive that probably will not fit in 18 months?

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    @Mischka:  To date the most I’ve ever spent on a single item is $800 on a pair of Louboutins; I also have about a dozen pairs of shoes that have cost between $300-500.

    The most I’ve spent on a piece of clothing was $300 on a dress for my Masters graduation; I’ve worn it a few times since inc to work.

    Then I’ve spent just over $300 on a bag.

    Shoes are my ‘thing’ though.

    As for how much I WOULD spend: I’d love a Burberry mac, and they cost about $1500; so, probably $1500. I can’t imagine ever spending more than that, but it would depend on how well-off I was. It also depends on what it is: I splureg on shoes because a) I keep them for YEARS (have had loads of my pairs for 5+ years, and one pair for 12 years, and they haven’t dated) and b) I find designer shoes way more comfortable. With clothes I tend to find I can get lovely things for much less, plus comfort isn’t really an issue, so I’m much less inclined to spend big bucks on clothing.

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    I put $200, but the truth is recently I spent $300 on shoes for the wedding and $300 on a rehearsal dinner dress…. More than I would typically spend but I think $300 is probably my comfort ceiling.  $200 is my normal everday limit.

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    Depends on the item.

    – Coat: I have a Max Mara coat that I love, and I don’t ever want to go back to JCrew coats. So I guess ~$3500 for coats.

    – Bags: Max $2500. I’m definitely not in Birkin territory and don’t plan to be.

    – Shoes/boots: Max $1000. They go on sale so often that I have had no problem finding items that cost more for less then $1k.

    – Jeans: Max $250. I see diminishong returns past the $200 mark.

    – Sweaters and silk shirts: max $300.

    I tend to buy everything but jeans and bags on sale. Is that trench Burberry? It’s such a classic piece that I think they’re well-priced. As long as you’re not buying 20 items a year, I don’t see the problem on splurging on something.

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    100 dollars is honestly too high for about 90% of my purchases. Hell would freeze over before I spent 100 dollars on a shirt or a pair of pants. Literally I won’t spend more then 30 dollars on a pair of jeans or a shirt. 

    But that being said I would spend (and have spent) 100 dollars or even up to 150 on a good quality, well made item that will last me a number of years.

    That includes- My Cowboy boots were about 150. I couldn’t do 200 but 150 I was okay with because well thats how much they cost (and they doubled as wedding shoes)

    I would spend up to 150 MAX but more likely 100 on a Coach Purse that will last me 5 years of daily use.

    I would spend 100 dollars on a good quality winter coat. Theres an Under Armour one i’d really like but I only have the money for one item and i really want my NINJA so once NC’s short winter season is finally over then my decision will be easier.

    I’m the opposite of most females – I HATE shopping and I HATE spending money on clothing. Style? I could care less about most days.

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    200 for a coat or nice pair of shoes/boots.  I’m not into designer stuff at all and frankly think its a waste.

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    @Mischka:  on a bag, no more than $200 – that doesn’t mean I haven’t (and don’t) covet a couple that are more, I just don’t see the point because I know myself well enough to that that it will either get abused/destroyed, or not used enough to be worth the expense (because I’m terrified about how much money I spent).

    On a quality, classic coat that you know won’t go out of style, personally, I probably wouldn’t go over $300-400, $500 at the max.  Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to, I just can’t justiry that kind of money (and I can justify just about any purchase) – there are other things that are more important for that money.

    BUT, if I was to splurge and buy something super extravagant…it would be shoes.  I could see myself spending $800-900 on shoes…

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    Clothing and shoes definitely less than $100 but purses are a different story. Purses probably $300.

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    @letigre:  +1

    I have almost the same limits … except for shoes. I work in a very SHOE HEAVY environment (hospital) and those shoes are always around like 1-200 and they have to be replaced SO FREQUENTLY. I don’t really have a chance to wear super nice shoes and my feet can’t handle the heels of loubies etc. cuz of all the walking I do… so I don’t have a ton of shoes over 200. Makes me sad :(:(

    Bags I’m higher because I can actually wear those and I like them (ahahahaha)


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    I voted $200 because that’s probably my limit on almost anything.  That’s not typically what I spend on one item, but that’s the limit I’d have a hard time going over for one item.  I’d actually put it higher for coats, but I wouldn’t do $500.

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    @Mischka: It honestly depends what it is.

    40$ max for : shirts, blouses, pants, jeans, skirts.

    60$ max for : work/evening shoes, bras.

    80$ max for : a professional jacket.

    100$ max for : a bathing suit.

    150$ max for : a cocktail dress.

    200$ max for : warm winter boots and winter coat.

    I would never spend 100$ on a purse, that’s for sure ! But I’m not a purse girl in any way. I don’t understand the love of purses. I buy one 40$ and I use it everyday until it breaks into pieces ! I also love shoes, but rarely buy any new pair or a fancy pair.

    I don’t have tons of money to spend for clothing (my budget is 50$/month), so I spend it on items I need, and I try to find them under my budget (discount, end-season sales, etc.).

    The ”designer” items I own, is because I found them practically brand-new at thrift stores.

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    @Kate0558:  Are we sisters separated at birth? lol My shopping habits and spending style is virtually identical to yours!

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    I would spend between $500-$1000 on a coat for quality, but other than that, I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on shoes or a handbag or something. That is like the cost of a plane ticket and I would MUCH MUCH rather travel that have someting materialistic.

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    @Mischka:  I wouldn’t count a bag as a clothing item. On clothing probaby a max of $60 for pants, $50 for tops. For a winter coat I wouldn’t spend more than $150. Handbags, the most I’ve ever spent was $400 for the bag, $120 for the wallet. The two bags I have right now were about $250 each including the wallet.

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    Depends on the item. The most expensive piece of clothing I have is my wedding dress. The most expensive piece of clothing I use semi regularly would probably be a jacket my dad bought me, probably around 60-ish bucks.

    I’m pretty tight with my money. I don’t like shelling out lots of money, especially on clothes.

    shoes, handbags, jewelery, all of that is meaningless to me. I shop at payless, I’ve had the same pair of shoes for probably 6 years, I’ve had the same sweater (that I am currently wearing) since middle school (I’m 27), so I tend to take care of what I have even if it’s cheap.

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