(Closed) how much did you drink alcohol during your pregnancy?

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  • poll: how much did you drink while pregnant (or what would your limits be)?
    Absolutely none : (168 votes)
    58 %
    A few sips throughout the whole pregnancy : (55 votes)
    19 %
    a few glasses (one glass at a time max) throughout the whole pregnancy : (45 votes)
    15 %
    one glass a week (on average) : (12 votes)
    4 %
    a few occasions where i had 2 or more glasses at a time : (5 votes)
    2 %
    Daily or almost daily : (7 votes)
    2 %
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    Oh gosh, hot showers were amazing. I actually had a hot bath every now and then ( not as hot as I would now), and my doctor said it was fine because the bath cools fairly quickly instead of maintaining a particular heat (like a hot tub). Also, if it makes any difference my belly was never submerged, haha, too big!

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    I cant recall when my girlfriends came into town for my baby shower we all went to dinner after and I had about a half a glass of red wine with my dinner. That was the only time during my pregnancy. I dont think its a particularly good idea to do it a lot, but I am confident in my decision that a half a glass of wine isnt going to harm my child. I know have a healthy happy 2 year old boy 🙂 

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    I just voted and I didnt drink at all during my pregnacy. I dont judge and know that some doctors okay a glass during the third trimester. I have worked with children with special needs for a long time and just could not risk it. I was worried enough. I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t drink during the first 20 weeks because this is when the baby is developing the most. However, when you hit the thrid trimester I don’t see that big of a deal in a glass. Just know that while a small glass of wine might not get you tipsy, it will get your baby feeling a little…its not a surprise that everything we drink they get the affects. Although one glass wont do any damage he/she will still recieve the effects of the wine. Just something to think about. When my dr. put it to me in this way, I had no reason to want or need a glass anymore. Good Luck in your pregnancy. They grow so fast. My son just turned 5!! 

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    I haven’t had any alcohol since before I found out I was pregnant. We were actively TTC so even when I was in my TWW I would abstain. To me it’s worth it, even if it’s just for peace of mind. I’m an extremely paranoid person as it is with a guilty conscience and drinking would honestly cause me more stress than pleasure at any point in my pregnancy so far.

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    @DeadlyNightshade:  Did your friend ever get in an automobile? That’s risky behavior while pregnant too.

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    no i didnt exercise because i was on bedrest and trust me I would have rather NOT been laying in bed I would have loved and WANTED to be up but i didnt, and no i didnt eat fast food, I didnt drink pop or coffee, i didnt take tylenol because i cant (I have NASH, besides the fact tylenol is considered safe during pregnancy) I took tums regularly because my dr. told me to for extra calcium. you stated that all women at some point in their pregnancy put their WANTS above the childs NEEDs. which simply isnt true, whether you believe it or not. this thread is about alcohol consumption during pregnancy and I never not one time took even a sip. I didnt do anything my dr. told me not to and I made sure i did the things she did…thats putting my childs needs above my wants. and that was with ALL THREE of my pregnancys.

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    @Running Elley:  I’m an extremely paranoid person as it is with a guilty conscience and drinking would honestly cause me more stress than pleasure at any point in my pregnancy so far.




    See that is me personally as well.  But if a pregnant friend(past 20 weeks) of mine had a glass of wine in front of me, and I knew she had only had a couple later on in the pregnancy, I wouldn’t think she is  a horrible person for doing that.  I just know how I am and I’m just too paranoid to enjoy it so I won’t while pregnant. 


    I think the most important thing for us all to take away from this thread(whether or not we are pregnant) is how we really need to be honest about such matters with our doctors.  It is soo silly and actually kinda harmful to hold back info from your doctor cause you think you will get “fussed” at.  They can’t fully help you if you aren’t being honest(this goes for anything really, not just while pregnant).  If you want to have an occasional glass of wine, discuss that with your doctor.  You have issues with headaches, let your doctor know so together you can come up with a game plan to alleviate those while still being safe for your baby.  

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    It’s interesting to see how many different views are out there.  We all know tons and tons of people who have had perfectly healthy babies after engaging in ‘unhealthy’ activities during pregnancy, and I’m sure we all know a fair amount of babies who have had some difficulties despite the mothers abstaining from all unhealthy activities during pregnancy.   

    With all the conflicting information out there, I really think it just remains individual to each person.   As mentioned earlier, with the popularity of the internet, you can always find a study to support just about any belief you have.   We all choose what information we want to believe and it’s up to us to live with the consequences.  But I still stand by my point that none of us are in any position to judge.  You lived a perfect life whilst pregnant and have a healthy baby?  Great, don’t judge those of us who do things you don’t agree with.  Same applies to the counter argument.   

    Ugh, it really irritates me how pregnant women are the MOST judged people on the planet!  Whilst I know a lot of people on here have said they don’t judge, there seems to be an awful lot of implied judgment in the responses.  I don’t know how pregnancy has evolved to become a topic everyone and their brother feels qualified to weigh in on, but somehow, it has.  Maybe we should go back to the 1800s when people stayed in their homes whilst heavily pregnant and it was a completely taboo topic to discuss in public!  🙂

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    OP, this was the best poll ever lol. How interesting.

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    I voted no drinking at all.  My personal opinion is there is a hundred million different things in pregnancy that you cannot control.  Why not control and avoid the risks that you can?

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    Interesting opinions on this thread.  A lot of emotions for an inherently personal decision.

    I’m not pregnant, nor trying, so I opted not to vote.  I will likely do more research on it and talk to my doctor before making a final decision, but my perspective at this moment?  I took a class where I read up on this and learned that there’s an incredibly high correlation between malnutrition and FAS.  Generally, those who aren’t getting the proper diet (also correlated to those of lower income, unfortunately), are more likely to have kids with FAS.  What I found most interesting was a lack of difference in FAS between countries where there was a population strongly condemned drinking for pregnant women (e.g. US) and ones where people didn’t care (e.g. France).  That was pretty telling for me – you’d expect to see a difference. Finally, apparently alcohol consumption most affects the fetus in the earliest stages, before the mother even knows she’s pregnant in many cases. 

    So what does this tell me?  I know I won’t be perfect in what I eat and drink.  (To the poster with the “perfect” friend – does she ever skip out on sleep, whether due to staying up late or to noisy neighbors?  Ever get stressed about anything?  Oh yes, stress can affect the fetus – did I mentioned I spent 3 years working on a pregnancy related research study prior to grad school?)  I’ll limit any drinking to a rare occasions, but I’m pretty sure I won’t abstain my entire pregnancy.  I will be particularly careful in the first trimester (assuming, of course, I know I’m pregnant!).  Yes, it possibly could harm a fetus but so can a ton of other things – controllable and uncontrollable, known and unknown (after all, WE didn’t all have FAS despite our parents not knowing).

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    I am not pregnant but when I do become pregnant i plan on drinking ZERO alcohol . I enjoy a glass of wine VERY  much but after taking so many psychology and health classes, I learned to no amount is safe.. you never know exactly when what is developing so drinking even a glass or a shot or a can of beer can be very damaging. fetal alcohol syndrome is very sad and to me it’s not worth risking it, especially over something unnecessary such as a glass of wine to go with my dinner when I could be drinking water or  juice…

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