(Closed) How much did you make your bridesmaids spend?

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  • Wedding: January 2013

Dress: $0 – $50

I didn’t ask my girls to buy anything. I asked them to wear black cocktail dresses that they had. Only one girl choose to buy one but I’m not sure what she spent. 

Shoes, make-up, accessories: $0 

I’m not into the clone look. I gifted them all different jewelry that I thought they would like…two bracelets, a necklace, etc.

Hair: $0 

I paid for it.

Hotel: $0 

I paid for it.

Travel: $10 – 300

I’m not sure how much they spent – everyone had to drive at least 30 minutes. One had to fly.

So less than $100 on average. 

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  • Wedding: August 2014

@LGenz:  Haha, same. I flew to Chicago from Honolulu just for the weekend and spent around $3500 total including dress, shoes, etc…



I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I’m assuming my girls will end up paying around $500 or so. I feel like that’s kind of typical.

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  • Wedding: July 2013

Dress- $75

Shoes- $15 (did not mandate that they had to buy new black ones, but they did)

Hair- $40

Plane Tickets- $200

Total= $330 or $130 w/o including plane ticket

I am doing their make-up, & I am I bought the tank tops for under their infinity dresses which totalled $35 for both, so very reasonable. I am in no way requiring them to get a mani or pedi, but they are welcome to come when I get mine done, I just can’t afford to have theirs done too. I have felt really about how much money they are spending, & if I could cut it anymore, I would. I would be happy to help their DIY their hair, but I’m not very good at that so I guess we will just have to see.

ETA: They don’t live locally, so my bridal shower was thrown by my sister on my dad’s dime (whole wedding is also paid for by my dad). We are going to go a really low key “bachelorette party” which will basically just be bar hoping around town on a Wednesday night, & I don’t expect them to buy my drinks whatsoever.


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  • Wedding: July 2014

So far nothing. I bought their dresses for them (and they’re definitely rewearable). They can choose their own shoes and accessories – The dresses are a blush/nude pink so easy to accessorise and they probably have things that will work. They can do whatever they want with their hair & make up. I don’t want a shower, and I don’t really want a bachelorette, but we might do a nice dinner or spa day – but its up to them, I’m not demanding anything. My 2 sisters will probably have to pay for travel & accomodation, but I’m not dictating where they stay.

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  • Wedding: August 2014

@TexasAggieMom:  the dress I have my eye on for my girls is about $350 from BHLDN and I think thats about average for a well designed, quality dress.


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A big fat $0. It is customary for the B&G to pay for their bridal party here. We also don;t do showers and I had a bachelorette party where everyone just paid their own way.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

The dresses I picked were $150-190. I’m letting THEM choose what style they want to wear based on what dress they love and how much they are willing to spend. I only asked that they purchased a cocktail length Alfred Sung dress in Niagara Dupioni. I’m also letting them wear their own shoes–so if they buy shoes, it’s their choice. I’m not requiring they have their hair and makeup done–but for those who want to, it will cost $80. I’m making their jewelry–so no cost to them there. I am also doing a weekend-long bachelorette party in Las Vegas as well, but it’s NOT obligatory, and frankly, it was my bridesmaids’ idea, not mine. Even with the Vegas trip, though, that’s FAR less than I spent on being a bridesmaid in each of their weddings.

Honestly, I think you were lucky only to have to spend $487! For one of my friend’s weddings I spent more than $1500 (I was the ONLY bridesmaid, so I ended up having to foot the bill for most of the bachelorette party stuff solo)…and then my friend asked me to attend a SECOND wedding abroad (which would have cost $800-1000 in plane fare, plus hotels, meals, etc.). I drew the line there! I could barely afford to be in the first wedding, let alone a second one. 

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  • Wedding: December 2014

@Liss13:  Oh my gosh!! That is ridiculous 🙁 I will not expect my bridesmaids to pay for anything apart from shoes, and I don’t expect them to pay much at all. Simple black or gold sandals, no more than $30 at the most… and if they have one of the two then they won’t need new shoes! I will be paying for their dress, hair and makeup. 


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  • Wedding: July 2013

I’m not asking mine to spend anything. I think it’s more common where I live for brides to cover the expenses. My Maid/Matron of Honor spent some money on the bridal shower but I didn’t ask her to throw one.

I bought the dresses and I’m paying for hair and makeup. They can buy shoes if they want but I don’t mind if they wear a pair they already own.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

I personally have no BMs, but I’d probably just ask them to wear whatever and trust them to get themselves ready.

Here are the breakdowns for weddings I’ve been in. It’s customary where I’m from for the B&G to cover hair, makeup, and nails if they want everyone to have them done. That helps a lot with the Bridesmaid or Best Man budget. Travel does not help with the budget.

Bridesmaid or Best Man round 1:
Dress: $150
Shoes: $35 (dyables, ugh)
B&G covered hair, makeup, nails
Stayed with friends, so no lodging fee
Shower gift and wedding gift, travel…
Total: $700

Bridesmaid or Best Man round 2:
Dress: $175 and alterations
Shoes: $20 (my choice in a color/style, but I would never wear them again so went with cheapos)
B&G covered hair, makeup, nails
Stayed with friends, so no lodging fee
Wedding gift, bachelorette, travel…
Total: $600

Round 3, “wedding slave” (not quite a BM):
Lodging (split room with friends): $200
Wedding gift, bachelorette, transport for DIY helping days, travel…
Total: $550

Round 4, witness:
Lodging (split room with friend): $100
Wedding gift, travel…
Total: $500


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  • Wedding: March 2014

I probably spend an average of $1000 per wedding I’ve been in. The good news is that basically all of my future bridal party is counted in that number so no one should get sticker shock if mine is the same… 

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I also spend between $1-2k per wedding I’m in as a Bridesmaid or Best Man. Here’s the most recent breakdown.

Dress: $165

Alterations on said dress: $45

Shoes: My choice in Bride-picked color, ended up being $45

Bachelorette Party: $60 (which was a different weekend than the wedding)

Travel: I live out of town as did all but one of the maids, and we were invited to three bridal showers and the bachelorette party. I couldn’t make it to any of the showers, and it still cost me $300

Hair: $60

Makeup: $40 (optional)

Shower and Wedding Gift: $300

TOTAL: $1,015



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  • Wedding: October 2013

@Liss13:  well, we have things i asked them to buy up front and was up front about all the costs, and then things that were optional.

Dress: $190

Alterations: varies by girl I guess, around $40?

Shoes: $0-infinity, they can wear whatever silver strappy shoes they want

Driving to state wedding is in: ~$100 per person round trip?

Bachelorette: $150 per person? (this is optional, I’m not hosting so I don’t know the prices exactly)

Hair: $50 (I still might pay for this depending on budget)

They aren’t hosting showers, I didn’t ask them to throw the bachelorette (I’m paying my portion), and I provided their accommodations in the state the wedding is in. I am asking for their help on our bouquets, so their total is around $530 per girl, max, plus some elbow grease. ^.^ I know maids who have spent $1500, so I think I went pretty easy on them! Haha


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I think asking anyone to spend a good chunk of change on anything related to my wedding is absurd. I plan on choosing bridesmaid dresses that cost $100 or less. They can choose their own shoes. I don’t plan on making them get their hair done, so if they want it done then they can pay for it. Same for makeup. Though, I’m pretty handy with the makeup brush (doing my own) so I would happily do theirs too. 

I went to a destination wedding last summer and Fiance and I spent around $1500 to be there (it was his brother), plus countless weekends dedicated to their wedding activities throughout the summer, and I am still very resentful about the situation.. and I wasn’t even a bridesmaid. 


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  • Wedding: June 2014

I am trying not to make them spend a mint to be with me on this day but I’m also not purchasing everything for them either.


I chose the color and wanted matching fabric but they could choose the style as long as it was wedding appropriate (not ridiculously short). I only have 2 attendants so it was easy to coordinate. They chose dresses that were both $140. Shoes can be any silver pair. They can use any silver earings – I’m buying them a necklace as part of their gifts.


I am paying for their basic profesisonal makeup application and if they want airbrushing or anything extra like lashes they pay the difference.


They are paying for their own hair and mani/pedis. Both are optional but I have a feeling they are going to do both anyway. Hair is up to $65 – no clue on the mani/pedis.


So I would guess they will be spending around $300? I didn’t ask for a bachelorette or a shower but my Maid/Matron of Honor refuses not to do them for me. Love her!

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