How much did you pay for labor and delivery?

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UK-bee :  yes they really support the ladies before and after pregnancy, free classes are offered for learning and there is a clinic that will come to your house if you have problems with your baby sleeping/eating etc they make it as easy as possible. 

I had the same 3 midwives my entire pregnancy and i have the same 3 this time, with everything in place the dutch have managed to create a feeling of familarity when everything seems strange and a strong support system both medically and socially. Your friend is right, by supporting the ladies during pregnancy the ladies will both want to and be able to give back sooner to the system.   


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emsie : I had no deductible, a low cap and delivery costs were high. So, I paid my cap. Keep in mind that it is very likely that the baby will have his/her own charges too. Based on the numbers you provided (30% up to a family cap of 4k), I think you cam expect to pay between 3-4k. 

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I live in Belgium and I paid nothing. All my appointments were free, so was my labor, delivery and I had an extra insurance that paid all of the cost for my 5 days in the hospital after. That was about 1000 euros. I pay less than 120 euros a year for this insurance and my baby is also covered on that plan. I had difficulties with breastfeeding, so I got an lactation consultant and I paid 5 euros per visit to help me out. (So 10 euros total and I could call her anytime untill my baby turned one) There was someone to come to my home 8 hours a week, (so I did 4 hours twice a week) to help me with my baby, clean my house, made me something to eat, etc. She was there untill my baby turned a month. We also get 6 rounds of IVF (if medically needed) and you only pay for the deductables. We have the clinic that comes to your home if you need parenting advice and most of the vaccins are free too.

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My daughter and I were billed separately. She came a month early and I had a natural birth with an epidural – no complications at all, quick labor. That came to almost $15000. My daughters bill came to $6000. We also got a separate pediatrician bill for $300. She didn’t need to go to the nicu but she did have to get her sugar checked every few hours and a few more visits with the pediatrician than normal. we also had to stay for 3 nights instead of two to be sure that she was getting the hang of breastfeeding and putting on enough weight. We paid $36 out of pocket – we have tricare.

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I just wish for once there could be a thread where people didn’t post how their maternity care is FREEEEEEEEEEE and how do you dooooooooooooooooo it Americans?!?!?!??!! Seriously gag me. We get it. Obviously this poster is looking for people who used insurance.

OP, my insurance paid 100% for maternity care so technically I paid nothing out of pocket. My total amount BILLED to insurance was around $16k though for a normal vaginal birth.

I did have to pay the deductible for my daughter though. Remember that once the baby is born they are billed as a separate person. Our deductible was only $250 but the total bill was around $700 I think (nursery care during her hearing test, vitamin K, hep B vaccination etc). You need to have a family plan of some sort in order to cover dependents, but I believe you can change that once they’re born since it’s a “life event”.

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Westwood :  it didn’t actually say for people who used insurance, it asked what you paid.

i have no idea what the $$$ is for American health care so it’s like “wow jeez, how do you manage that much money?” It’s a huge cost for having a baby.

it absolutely makes me appreciate my free healthcare 

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wineandthings :  I don’t think your friends one experience in Ireland is truly reflective of the whole system. Having friends on both sides of the pond I do think Ireland, indeed maybe Europe, has a less interference policy when it comes to pregnancy. Although there are regular check ups there seems to be a lot less tests here, it’s more we’re here if you need us but work away as this is a nautral process. Whereas my friends in the States seem to have a lot more interaction with their doctor & there was tests & scans and bloods quite a bit. So perhaps you friend had a different expectation of what the process should be than what she experienced in Ireland. 

It kind of saddens me to think that the amazing experience of pregnancy & the arrival of a new baby can be ruined for some parents over fears of bills and debt. OP best of luck with your pregnancy

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I’m in the US and had a c-section and we paid $200 out of pocket. 

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Free hethcare isn’t free. Everyone saying ‘I paid nothing bc I have free healthcare’ it was paid for in taxes. Someone paid for it. It’s not like the doctors just work for free. 

That said- OP I worked with a billing specialist at my hospital and my insurance company and they were able to give me a pretty close estimate for what me OOP would be. 

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I paid about $1500 for labor & delivery, and all my doc appts before she was born.

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US, c-section. I had to pay my entire deductible (around $6000, I think). My friend paid $9000 after her regular birth (post-insurance). The only people I know who paid less than $2000 are on Medicaid. 

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I’m a Canadian who lives in the United States and will probably give birth here. 

Is it nice to be able to simply pay a little more in taxes and get fully covered healthcare?

Yeah, in particular if you are on the less well to do end of the spectrum.  Or, before the ACA, if you became chronically ill, diagnosed with cancer, etc..  Insurance companies here could really screw you over, I hear.

However, I will say, I have recieved much better and more comprehensive health care while in the united states than I ever did in Canada, even though my doctor in Canada was award winning, and generally was listed as one of the top 10 physicians in Toronto.  Several chronic issues I had that she wouldn’t/couldn’t fix were fixed in a heartbeat here.  I had chronic constipation for 10 years before moving to the united states and suddenly.. POOF IM FIXED.  Did I pay a little co-pay to make it happen?  Yes, it was well worth the $500 or so I had to pay.  I’ve had a normal GI tract for the past 6 years and I’m still so thankful every day.

My BFF who lives in Toronto is having issues with her doctor, and has been for ages–let’s just say he’s not good with women and womens issues and leave it at that.  But finding a doctor accepting patients is really hard, and so far she hasn’t had any luck.  I’m sure she could be looking harder, you can always try harder, but I know she’s putting WAY more effort in to finding a new doctor than I’d ever have to try here in the US.  Here I just.. call any other doctor and BAM I have a new doctor.

Do I think we have issues in the USA, when it comes to health care (and tax expenditure in general)?  Oh hells yes.  But universal healthcare is not a panacea either.

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I’m not due for 2 more weeks, but I called our insurance company early on and learned that we would be responsible for our of pocket max. which was $2500. We ended up switching our insurance to a better plan and now we will be paying $0. Even with the increase in monthly charges, our premium increase is still less than what we would have paid if we were responsible for the $2500.

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emsie :  i dont have kids yet but my fee will be $0 because Canada. 🙂

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Nationality is IMO not relevant. No place is better than the other. It all comes out in the wash some how some where. Whether it be taxes or whatever. As my mother always says, “Nothing is ever FREE”. 


In the U.S.A. it is so highly variable. Working for an health insurance company, worse case scenario for ME is $2600 for any and all medical costs per year. But then I get $750 a year from my employer so that makes worse case $1850. But if I were on welfare I could get food stamps, free cell phones, discounted childcare, free health insurance. But I wouldnt say life would be EASY just because it was free. Lol.


Things change so much in health care here. My once $300+ for my preferred BC for 3 mos (nuvaring) is now free by law. Heck now college is essentially FREE in the state of Tennessee. But some how someone is paying the pretty penny.

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