How much did you save before TTC?

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Blushing bee
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We have a $180k goal BUT that’s because it’s a downpayment on a starter house plus an emergency fund. His career involves a lot of flexibility over the first 5 years or so that might involve moving around a lot. So we want to be financially ready to buy a house before kids even if it makes more sense to rent so as to not land lock ourselves down. If you already have a house I see no reason not to start trying once you have about 3 months of expenses covered in an emergency fund

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Maybe he’s worried about being the sole source of income once the baby is born? That would give me a lot of anxiety personally.

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lucky_charm :  Sadly that’s not the case for same sex couples, in our CCG they will only fund IVF if you have failed to get pregnant after 6 rounds of IUI funded by yourself (which costs in the region of £1500+ per go) and have no fertility issues. I have endometriosis, which would rule me out so we’re going to have to save a lot of money up if we decide to TTC :/

Can’t help but feel this is slightly unfair considering I didn’t choose to be gay or have endometriosis, but there you go….. 

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Helper bee

By the time we start ttc probably ~$20k will be saved up just by me. And its not really for a baby savings… just life in general. But basically what we do now is treat his income like we are living pay check to pay check just about. Then using my entire income to pay an extra mortgage payment or two starting this month, maxing out my HSA for medical expenses of baby, and adding to retirement AND a regular bank savings account for if sh!t hits the fan (that is the $20k part).

I mean we aren’t necessarily trying to save any specific amount. And besides the mortgage we are debt free. He just pays all the bills and I save for us and knock out the mortgage faster. I am hoping we never even touch the savings even with a baby and I just keep contributing to that and maybe cutting back on how much extra I pay in mortgage. We will see. 


note: We are not rich. Just live below our means by choice. 

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Helper bee

I don’t have kids and don’t plan to until 30 (I’m 23), so take this with a grain of salt.

If it were me, the minimum amount I would want to have saved is enough for insurance deductible + enough for the family to live off for 6 months with *neither* parent working. The reason I say this is what if you quit your job or decide to go on mat leave and your husband loses his job/gets hurt and can’t work/etc.? Would you be able to make it or would you be at risk for losing your home, very bad things happening etc.?

Personally I hope to be able to retire early (30s/40s) so I plan to be well on the way to that by the time I have kids, but I would at least want a good cushion in case multiple things go wrong at once. But that’s me, and I’m a fairly risk averse person.

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Sugar bee
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We didn’t specifically save anything for TTC, but I would try to save what you need in order to cover co-pays or what you anticpate your insurance doesn’t cover for your medical expenses related to pregnancy/birth, and save what you’ll need if your maternity leave isn’t covered by your employeer.

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Helper bee

My DH and I are expecting this year. We currently have around $15,000 saved between us. We got married and bought a house last year so that depleted our savings. Plus DH had to have surgery and bought a new vehicle. I’m planning on taking 12 weeks off, 6 fully paid plus 6 partially paid via STD. DH will then take 6 weeks off fully paid. We can live off our DH’s salary and may instead of going the day care route once he goes back to work. 

We don’t have a ton saved but we really don’t have any debt besides our mortgage and we can live off his salary alone. 

I upped my HSA contribution so I’ll cover my out of pocket costs for delivery with that so we’ll just have to worry about the baby’s bill for the hospital.

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camoandglitter :  in addition to second-hand items you can find A LOT for free. Join your local moms facebook page once you’re pregnant and you’ll find people begging you to take stuff. Those infant swings are a Godsend when you have a newborn – and a giant annoying waste of space when you don’t. I barely bought maternity clothes because I had so many hand-me-downs people begged me to take out of their closets. My local Buy Nothing Page has been great for toys and books too. Literally everything made for kids is washable and easily sanitized because manufacturers know it’s going to get barfed or pooped on lol. I did get some new stuff as gifts, but really the only thing that I absolutely required be brand new was the carseat because that’s a safety issue if it’s been in an accident or is expired and the re-seller doesn’t disclose it. You can get very highly rated carseats for $200 or less (especially if you can get a free seat to use for a trade-in event) which is absolutely worth it. 


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There is no rule about how much to have in savings before you try. My DH and I are in our mid30s so we’re a little more established in our careers and have built up more savings than a younger couple and we didn’t really consider savings. That said, we did not plan on having fertility issues so assuming that is where it looks like this journey has us headed, we’ll be paying $25k out of pocket once it’s all said and done. That’s about 6-8 months of savings for us which sucks but ultimately this is why we have savings, right? If we get biological children, then it will be worth it in the end. DH keeps threatening to sell his fancy sports car (it’s his 2nd car that is so tiny that he only drives it maybe once every 2 weeks) if we have to do IVF but I feel bad having him sacrifice like that. Especially considering his SA came back fine. 

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