How much do baby related expenses cost you each month?

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We’re expecting our first in less than a month so commenting to follow! Congratulations!!

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Buzzing bee

Its hard to say, but probably in the $100-$200 a month range on average.

For my 7mo, it has come in waves each month. I breastfeed, so no formula cost, but he’s started some solids and is getting some purees as well as table food. The purees cost around $30ish a month for the pouches– we buy them in bulk and its about $12 a box from Sams and we use about 2 a month.

He also recently hit a spurt of annoyance with some of his toys, and being bored with them. So we revamped a few for about $60

Swim diapers, trunks, loads of baby sunscreen and bug spray- another $50 or so bucks

Teething oils, rings, infant Tylenol- $$

Multiple baby sleep sacks because my child is a terrible sleeper- $200 + easily, trying to find the right one

When they’re teeny tiny, lots of diapers and wipes obviously– but it eased into being a more money heavy monthly thing as they get older. Initially they sleep, eat, poop and thats about it as you get adjusted to mom life. I think between 4-6 months is when we really started coming out of pocket a lot more for expenses, and they start hitting major growth spurts around then that require some adjustment such as maybe ditching a bassinet and moving to a crib, eating solids, rolling so you can’t use certain toys anymore and have to start baby proofing the house (which also cost $$)


We spent a ton on sleep remedies (colic drops at $30 a bottle, gas drops, multiple sleep suits, sound machines, blackout curtains, calming shampoos that you prob won’t– HOPEFULLY won’t need lol)

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MrsGirlyGirl :  I have a two year old who was breastfed and tend to buy in bulk so these are monthly averages – I don’t actually buy each thing every month:

diapers: $25ish

wipes: less than $5

bath/healthcare items: maybe $10. The soaps and lotions last forever since you need so little for their little bodies. This includes tylenol/ibuprofen and color changing bath tablets that my daughter thinks are amazing (hey, if purple bath water makes her want to bathe then that’s fine by me!)

food: my groceries have gone up about $25/month or so. She mostly eats what we eat so there isn’t any special kid food so I just buy more of what I’ve always bought already, plus a couple of her favorites (like cottage cheese. blech. she’s the only one that likes it but she’ll eat a whole tub herself so I get it). 

Toys and clothes are minimal and sporadic. She’s the first grandchild on both sides so we get lots of grandparent gifts and we get lots of hand-me-downs from friends/neighbors so she doesn’t need much. I do buy her new shoes (unless the hand-me-down pair wasn’t worn more than a few times) but that’s maybe $40 every couple of months at this point. 

Activities are also sporadic at this point. We did one swim class session when she was a baby mostly to get me comfortable with holding her in the water. We’ll be signing up for gymnastics in the fall which will be about $100/month. 

Really besides daycare ($1,700/month) she isn’t very expensive. 


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Daycare: ~$1000

Diapers: ~$45

Healthcare: ~$0 bc we already had a family plan

Breastfeeding: ~$$$$ in time

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MrsGirlyGirl :  start up costs will definitely be more than most ongoing costs. We had a spare dresser already so we just bought a crib that matched it to make her nursery which saved some money but otherwise setting up a nursery can add up fast. I had to formula supplement for the first couple weeks while my boobs figured out how to make milk but thankfully that wasn’t an ongoing cost for us. I also rented a hospital grade pump during that time which was about $70/month for 2 months to help get my supply up. I know there were more things but my coworkers actually gifted me about $500 in amazon giftcards that I just used with abandon at 2am when I discovered I needed something that I didn’t get from my shower or hand-me-downs.

Like mel2 we already had a family plan so our healthcare didn’t change. $500 seems high unless your kid ends up needing special allergy-safe formula, has skin reactions to all but the priciest diapers/wipes, and has a lot of medical needs. 

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MrsGirlyGirl :  I’d think $500 is probably on the high side, but realistically they’re not “free”, either…. or even always cheap. Like I said, it comes in waves and comes in what you have going on in life. Last month was a little pricier because we took a trip and so that meant buying extra stuff (like a travel high chair), but it was a one time purchase and not something we’re doing every month.

The absolule essentials– diapers, wipes, lotions, shampoos, etc– $50 a month or so.



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They really don’t cost much when they’re little, aside from child care costs.

We’ve started doing activities with our almost 4 year old and those can add up quick. $55 for 8 swimming lessons, $35/month for dance, $62 for gymnastics etc. Clothes and shoes obviously get more expensive too.

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MrsGirlyGirl :  our daughter was on specialty formula that insurance wouldn’t cover no matter how many times we appealed (she has bloody stool, severe colic, rashes and eczema) that was $330/month

Daycare $1200/month

Diapers $40-$100/month

Also factor in appointment copays/deductibles/co-insurance if you have them and random odds and ends (toys, clothes, activities).


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My baby is 3 months now. He’s formula fed so that makes up a majority of what we spend.

Formula: approximately  $140 a month. He has a sensitive stomach and his cans run at about $35 per can. He goes through one in a week. 

Bottles: about $5. I spent a TON at first though because I bought basically any bottle trying to see which one he would take. He only liked dr browns at first and I was hoping he would take a bottle with less pieces as it took FOREVER washing all those little pieces. Eventually  he ended up taking the cheal Walmart bottles lol. The only kind I didn’t think to try! 

Diapers: $42. I get a huge pack from Sam’s club that last me the whole month. My son will only take Pampers 🙁 

Baby wipes: I buy a big pack from target. It’s about $12 for 8 packs. This lasts me about 2.5 months

So far I haven’t had to buy anything bath related since we got a lot as gifts but they seem to run pretty cheap. 

Just wanted to give you an idea of how much it costs to formula feed. Also you are correct in that you will spend a lot when the baby is born and you realize you don’t have enough of certain items. For me it was bibs (I thought I’d be able to breastfeed) swaddle blankets, pumping supplies etc. 

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MrsGirlyGirl :  Probably only 100 or so and that depends on baby’s stage, whether you breastfeed and what you get beforehand.  I didn’t have a family/friend shower because none of them live near me, so there were initial expenses that others often don’t have to bother with – carseat, stroller, bed/bedding and the like.  After that, diapers and food, obviously.  Occasionally some new clothes or shoes (walmart shoes are 5-8 bucks and we’ve gone through 4 I think).  As an infant, additional spending was usually voluntary: trying different PJs, buying toys.  We expect to spend far less on our second because we’ll already have so much that was “necessary” for our toddler to have – toys, playset, pool, etc.  That’s generally a one time expense.  Bigger expenses that I hadn’t thought I’d need were buying a new monitor (one was crapping out and then got dropped in an irrigation ditch, finishing it off) and a different pump (don’t try to help new companies, go with tried and true).

Plus, as you say, daycare, which I only do during the school year, so at least I get a few months off on that one!

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mel2 :  “Breastfeeding: ~$$$$ in time” 😂🤣


LO is 15 months. When he was littler, these numbers were more or less the same, except food/milk was $0 and the book budget was lower!

~$25 on diapers

~$7 on wipes

~$60 on food/milk

~$15 on clothes (this’ll go up once we have to get him some shoes)

Butt cream/lotion/soap probably averages out to $5/month or less, we get giant tubs/bottles that last forever.

~$20 on toys

At least $30 on books — LO loves loves loves books and dh loves getting him more and more to encourage him. We have way too many.

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MrsGirlyGirl :  in the beginning, we were spending hundreds and hundreds a month.  There are so many gadgets and toys and what you buy might not be exactly what the baby wants, so you have to get something else similar, etc.  I should have just direct deposited my paycheck into my Amazon account!

Our son is 8.5 months old now and we probably spend $100 a month on stuff, maybe $150.  Looking at my most recent purchases over the past few weeks, I bought some new parts for my pump ($30), a few toys (as he develops he likes different kinds… $20), some elderberry syrup (he’s constantly sick so I figured it was worth a try… $15), another pacifier with the stuffed animal attached ($14), a couple baby books ($20), several pairs of awesome bamboo pajamas ($50), and two sleep sacks (we have a few but when he’s sick he pukes on them, so we wanted more… $30).  That doesn’t include formula because he eats breastmilk.

Oh and we spend $70 on diapers and wipes about every 6 weeks.  I have cloth diapers and use those about 1/4 of the time, so that cuts down on our disposable usage somewhat.

My son is a little bit medically complicated and so unfortunately we’ve had to spend a freaking fortune on various tests and scans to rule out potential issues, etc.  Plus he got RSV over the winter and was hosipitalized for a week.  This will be the second year he hits his max out-of-pocket of $8,000.  This was all a surprise after he was born, so just keep in the back of your mind that there may be medical complications.  Our insurance sucks since we both work for a small company in a sparsely populated state… ugh.

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