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The number can vary greatly. Some people find a surprise litter and give away the pups for free. Shelters usually charge about $100 dollars, more or less. Then there are breeders who will sell the pups for wellllll above $100.

ETA: Not sure if you meant the adoption fee or the care costs.

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What costs are you wanting to know? They really vary depending on the breed/size of your dog, as well as, vet costs in your area. We only paid $40 for our adoption fee at the shelter and it included her being spayed, up to date on all shots, and microchipped. Vet visits in my area are around $35/visit. Meds vary (advantix, trifexis, etc) depending on if you buy per month or buy in bulk. And food can be costly if you have a larger dog b/c they eat more or if you have a dog that has special dietary needs b/c the food is usually more expensive. But in all reality, you make due and find a way. Plus they are soooo worth it!!! 🙂

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It depends on your vet and location. I paid around $300for all shots, adoption process, heart worm meds. Then he gor an upper respiratory infection, and always has fleas, so I have to get those meds a lot, and heart worm meds are continuous. It adds up. And they always need something when money is tight. I’d say anywhere from $50-$75 a month if they like my dig, and take a flea pill and heart worm meds each month. Also, add about $50 during may-sept for ear drops- when it’s hot, his flopped over ears get infected from humidity.

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Check if the shelter has all of the shots up to date and if they’ve already neutered the pup. That would be a big one.

But as far as monthly… I really don’t know. I actually have a cat so I’m no good with doggie maintenance budget. Sorry.

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it’s not always just the cost of taking care of them it can also be the damage they can cause. I have had puppied that ate shoes, clothing, my wall to wall carpeting (that was fun), a couch, chairs. they can get into all kinds of trouble and some times that means trips to the Vet which means $$$. But if u really want an idea go to a pet supply and see how much stuff costs to get a rough idea of how much it would cost a month. It’s not that much it’s all the little extras like shots and stuff that can really add up.

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Shelter adoption fees tend to be at most $120, already spayed/neutered with rabies vaccine.

Vaccine prices can vary, some hospitals have low cost clinic days where you can get  vaccines for cheaper. Some hospitals have puppy programs to help you with getting your puppy healthy. You are probably looking at around $300.

Food can be about $30-$50 depending on how much you need.

A flea preventative can be $80 for a 6-month pack

You would have to buy a crate for crate training. Classes can be about $100 a month or you can just buy a book. My puppy learned to sit, come here, stay and lay down pretty easily.

You will probably go through toys like crazy. Kong and Orca usually have good chew toys for puppies. Might need pee pads too.

Costs of grooming. Nail trims and such.

So yes puppies are expensive….



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Puppies are more expensive than dogs because they need a lot of shots at first. It depends on how old the pup is & what shots he’s had. If its a rescue, I’m assuming the spay/neuter is included & up to date on shots. About how old is the pup you’re looking into?

You’ll have the upfront costs (my dog “came with” a bed, bowls, leash, etc), but I won’t count all that since you won’t be buying this stuff montly (unless your pup destroys it by chewing)

I pay $45 month on food (its a high quality food & I recommend a grain-free diet)

Chews/bones $10 month (you’ll need extra chewing stuff in the puppy years, I’d say about double or triple, depending on the pup)

Toys $20 month (you’ll go through less as the pup gets older)

If your pup eats something toxic/harmful to him that could be a $1000 vet bill (or more or less)

Shots can range from (also depends on the vet) $10-35 around here plus the vet visit per shot, which here is $50, but some places charge more. At my vet, if the vet tech does the shot instead of the veterinarian, they waive the exam fee if they’ve been seen recently. So this will vary.

If you don’t keep up to date on his shots & he gets really sick, that can be a few thousand dollars if they have to do IV’s. The shots don’t “work” until they’ve had all of the series of that shot & you can’t miss one.

Dewormer (cheap, probably around $15 for 2 doses, but depends on weight). This isn’t monthly, but the first month you’ll want to do this. Even if the rescue wormed them I’d still talk to your vet about it.

If you want to use flea stuff, that’s probably around $20 for 3 months, depending on the medicine. I don’t use flea stuff so my pricing may be off. Flea stuff can cause bad reactions in dogs. I don’t recommend it unless you notice fleas. I don’t do anything flea-related to my dog & she hasn’t gotten fleas (had her for about 8 years).

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We have a german shepherd from a local rescue.

Assuming there are no major health problems and depending on the age ( puppies get more vaccinations spread over time)

-Rabies is yearly at first and then you can get a multi year one once they become of a certain age and weight. That costs us about 60 bucks cause they charge a visit fee, needle disposal and then of course the vaccine.


– Food = usually a 30-60 pound bag every month an a half ( adult) . so anywhere from 30-90 dollars depending on the quality

-heartworm and flea-=most places now have it in pill form for both, especially if you dog will be aquatic ( topical fail). I forget the going rate for a 6 months supply but ask your vet and divide by the supply month for the monthly cost.

-Training – most shepherd rescues and rescues in general will require your puppy be put in at the very least basic obedience. That is anywhere from 100- ? depending on the provider. We paid 160 for a 6 week program.

E-xtras-a Crate ,Leashes, chains, chokes, prongs, harnesses collars, toys, treats etc Depending on the quality of product you buy and from where all this can add up to around 100-150 but it is an investment so it lasts a while.

So honestly your looking at food, flea, and heartworm being the monthly expense. Your adoption fees, vetting, and up front accessories are all variable.

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We have a lab mix and here’s our yearly breakdown:

$250 per year on vaccinations and heartworm/flea/tick meds (just had this appointment a couple weeks ago and we buy these meds a year at a time)

$45 every 3-4 weeks on her food (so about $675 a year – we buy Blue Buffalo food though so there are certainly less expensive food options out there)

$20 every 2 months on her acid reflux meds (so about $120 a year and obviously most dogs don’t need this).

$125 at the kennel every time we go out of town for the weekend (~$40/day – This total cost will vary depending on how much you travel)

~$100-$150 in toys and treats each year (but she destroys toys so we go through them more quickly than most)

$11 for each nail trim/grind (about once a month so about $132 a year – we could do this at home but she HATES it so we’d rather not fight with her – we’ll let the pros handle it)

We adopted our dog from a shelter when she was about 1.5 so she already had all of her initial puppy shots, spay/neuter, microchip, etc.  Since she is a lab she doesn’t need lots of grooming (we just bath her at home in the bath tub when needed) but some breeds would require trims and such with some frequency.

So in total, we spend a little over $1300 + kenneling (which is a variable cost) a year probably on our dog.  Obviously if you have an emergency or major health issue come up, that will increase.

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I think the first month or two was 1-2k. But we got a resuce dog that was sick, and had to go to the vet 5 times to clear up curable infections, and a couple times because she decided to rip a lump off of her tail thanksgiving morning (read emergency vet visit when everything was closed because we didn’t realize it was a minor injury). After that, rent for her is 20 bucks a month, plus a $40 bag of food once every couple of months, and heart worm end up being less than 10 per month. Oh and her poop bags. We got a years supply for not much at all (idr how much, I think about a buck per roll of bags, with 100ish bags per roll?)

ETA: We got a cavalier king charles spaniel. She was 5, but basically a puppy because she had never lived in a home before. You should also consider the cost of training classes. We ended up not doing them because I have had dogs before, but if you have never trained a dog they are a great investment.

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On average adopting a puppy, in NE where the shelter are no kill shelter the adopting rate is a lot higher around $400- $450. Each puppy has run about $1,500 in the first six months with all start up costs, shots, health care, spay/nueter, etc. If you are adopting there is the possibilty that your puppy could need a little more medical care in the beginning so that’s why my estimate may be on the high end but with adopting 3 puppies in the past 6 years, each of them were very different but the total was still the same.

After that I pay an average of $1,200 a year per dog. This includes flea and tick medicine, heartworm medicine, grooming, food, toys, bones, and vet visits.

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I’d recommend asking a local vet all the shots they will need for their first year of life and how much it will cost. Also factor in at least one annual check up per year, and one “accident/sickness” visit per year. Don’t forget kennels, grooming, food, toys, etc like some PPs have mentioned.

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