How much do you and your SO contact each other while at work?

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  • poll: How much do you contact each other while at work?

    Multiple calls/texts/emails

    One call/ a couple of texts/emails

    A few texts/emails

    Maybe one text or email

    None unless it’s super important

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    It really depends on the day. I’d say we typically text 2-3 times (usually once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once to let each other know we’re heading home). Usually a phone call 1-2x per week if something important needs to be discussed. And usually email a couple times a week, whether it’s one of us forwarding an interesting article or something more personal. 

    We both work full-time and in office settings, but he tends to be busier than I am with client meetings, board meetings, and project deadlines, so I try not to bother him too much.

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    Since we work and own a business together, we talk and are in touch with each other all the time. 😁  Heck we begin our workdays with a meeting together to discuss our goals and what we need to accomplish for the day and week.  When my husband has to travel, he will call/text to give me updates on how certain projects are progressing (I need the info to do my half of the work) so I’d say we talk like every other hour or so.  In the beginning, it was not easy merging our lives together like this since we are both very strong type A’s and also headstrong & independent.  Before when we both had our separate careers and a standard 9-5 job, we would text randomly throughout the day (but not much since we were both very busy) and a phone call at lunch and when either of us are on the way home.  

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     To be honest it varies by the day. Some days he isnt very busy and so we chat off and on when he has time. But most days he is very busy so we don’t talk at all until he comes home unless theres something bad going on with my daughter or me. I tend to let him set the pace and amuse myself with other things. 🙂

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    We work together so we hang out on the way to work obviously, then talk at each break and lunch, then on the way home. 

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     I could tell early on that when my boyfriend was at work he was only focused on work. I could see from social media that he wasn’t going on Instagram or Facebook. That proved to me that he was genuinely busy. So I respected that. I don’t text him a lot while he’s at work unless it’s to figure out logistics of seeing each other that night or ask him a question about something. Here and there I’ll send him a text with something funny but not a lot.  When he is at work he is working hard and I want to respect that.  When he gets home from work  he will call me and chat about his day and ask me about mine if we aren’t seeing each other that night. I think I would probably feel differently if for example I could see he was on social media a lot while work. 

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    A couple of texts a day, a phonecall if there is some urgent or pressing issue. I have my own business and he’s currently studying, so we could talk a lot more but I don’t see the point, and we prefer to talk about our day over dinner. My business partner is constantly texting his wife and I find it frustrating because it really affects productivity! 

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    We text each other randomly throughout the day if we have something we need to tell the other person (I’m very forgetful so if something pops into mind that I need to ask or tell him I have to message him right away or risk totally forgetting), so some days it is more than others. If one or both of us are having a particularly slow work day we will send each other a few memes and jokes here and there. 

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    We chat over messenger pretty much all day, with a phone call or two on breaks, etc. It works for us!

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    My husband is a plumber and will travel up to 2 hours away for any given job during the day. He takes the jobs as the calls come in so he let’s me know his location at any given time because he knows I can get anxious if I hear of a wreck or bad weather. He will also just tell me he loves me to let me know he’s thinking of me.

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    Multiple texts throughout the day. More frequent around lunch or when going into/coming out of meetings to let each other know we aren’t able to respond/are now free to. We started as long distance though, so I think we just started that as a habit to stay in touch and now don’t want to stop haha.

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    On average a few texts a day, more when he’s not working and I am. He usually just texts a quick hello when he’s on a break between flights (can’t text when he’s flying the plane – even pilots put their phones in airplane mode). 

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    If I’m at home I text more then when I’m working. Mostly updates on our daughter/pictures. I only call if it’s an emergency. 

    If I’m working usually just a mid-day ‘How’s your day going?’. I always call on my way home from work, unless he’s still working. 

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    I’m not allowed to text during work, so I usually need to save that time for during my breaks. However…my boyfriend, the school teacher, is constantly messaging me throughout the work day, so I receive messages from him when I’m both online & off-line. He’s spoiled me rotten, I know. 😂 

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