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  • poll: How much money do you have in school loans?

    Less than $5,000








    More than $75,000

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    I have a lot since I have a JD from a private school. If I had to do it all over again, I’d get a JD from a public school. I’ve paid down more than 50k and still owe a lot. HOWEVER, I am able to work in a field where I earn more than I would have as a psych major. By The Way, I graduated with a BA and no loans. All my loans are from getting a JD.

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    I have about 80k total. 9k of that is from undergrad– totally worth it. 71 is from law school— totally not worth it. 

    I mean… money-wise in the long run maybe? I definitely make more now and have more earning potential than if I had just an undergrad degree. 

    But I don’t like being a lawyer. And I can’t quit because I can’t afford to pay my loans if I do lol. So for me personally… knowing what I know now, not worth it. 

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    Between federal and my one private loan I have 35k. My parents were able to take PLUS loans out and paid them off within the year of getting them for my first three years for which I am VERY grateful.

    Financially, it will never make sense. I will have to take out at least another couple thousand for my MA and after that I will be lucky to make 35k/year (when the economy tanked, museums were one of the first things to be cut and will be last to be reinstated in state budgets so there are very slim pickings in the job market).

    Socially, it makes a bit more sense. I met DH, some great friends and contacts in my field, was able to take a class from a friend and former coworker of the director of my first choice grad program, and was able to experience another part of the country (even if I can’t wait to get out of here).

    My grad school loans will be far less and make much more sense.


    **edit** I forgot about my last federal loan, which bumps me up to 42k. Ugh.

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    It’s pretty sad your last category is $75k, given how far above it I am.  About $120k left, mostly from grad school.  Originally over $200k – maybe $225k at best guess.  Worth it, it lets me have the career I wanted (law), even though I lost my job a while back.  I could pay off about 75% of that today if I wanted to drain my savings account – 100% if you included my retirement money.

    Fiance has zero.  He had only small loans from college (got a lot of financial aid) which are now paid off and he got paid to go to grad school.

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    I owe $40k; my college was pretty expensive and even though I had a ton of financial aid and grants, I still ended up with that much in loans. I guess it was worth it in terms of gaining life and work/publishing experience, but I don’t have a great job now and feel like I’m wasting my degree. Oh well. Something better will come along.

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    I am debt free! However, at one point I had more than $200k in school debt. I had a ton of grants and scholarship money, but I coudn’t stop going to school. I have a masters in psych and I am almost done with my docterate, but i’m not sure if I’m going to finish, since I don’t want to do it as a career. 

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    I’ll have about 20k when I graduate in a year. I’m not in an extremely lucrative field but as long as I can find a job I should be able to pay them off pretty fast (though saving for a mortgage will probably take priority.) It’s worth it because those are mostly from living expenses* – I was lucky enough to get some good scholarships and grants. At that rate, going to state school wouldn’t have been any cheaper, and I wouldn’t have any chance at my career without a degree.

    *I’ve also worked throughout college, and even took a year off to work full-time. Kinda strange to think about where all that money went …

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    I have around 20k, 17k left. I would have more but thankfully through a combination of scholarships, my own money and my parents paying I only took out loans for 2 years. (I also lived at home so that helped a ton).

    I have a degree in French and linguistics and a post graduate certificate in project management. I don’t think that either of them was worth it. I can’t get a job in my field with just those qualifications and at the moment I am unwilling to go back to school. I got my real estate license instead and it looks like it will be something I enjoy doing for at least a few years ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @Tswife4ever: That’s a very good question. Right now I own a wedding planning company and am not exactly sure what the future holds. My other degrees are in criminal justice and I had planned to do criminal psych, but it started to over take my life and I couldn’t leave the stress of it out of my home. I have talked about perhaps changing my focus to sex and relationship counseling, but I’m sitting on it right now until I’m sure that this is what I actually want to do

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    I will have about $115,000 in student loans (I graduate int 24 days!)

    And FH will have about $285,000 when he graduates next May

    All of our loans are strictly from graduate school, we didn’t take out any loans for undergrad. I am in PA school, he is in medical school.

    So far, for me, it will be/is TOTALLY worth it! I would never have chosen anything else, this is the best decision I have ever made! ๐Ÿ™‚

    …. daunting as it may be ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I voted 25001-35000 because I had about $35000 when I came out of school six years ago.  Today I still owe around $6000, and hoping it’ll be paid off by the end of the year.

    Was it worth it?  I dunno… I don’t currently have a job that requires a degree, but my practicum at my current workplace pretty much set me up with a secure job right away.

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    @Tswife4ever: haha! Sorry. I love my job and my field. It’s just NOT a field you go in to for the money. I know people say that but it really is the truth. But if you love this work you have to do it. (It’s kind of like, “You can’t help who you fall in love with”.) Salaries range from area to area and of course the fields within social work. A licensed social worker typically makes more than someone that’s not licensed. Typically someone with a BSW makes a little less than someone with an MSW. However, for instance, my boss and a co-worker have only a BSW, and my co-worker makes the same amount as me and obviously my boss makes more than me (but she has experience in our field so she is a good boss, even if I have a higher degree than her). If you ever want to talk about social work or your MSW program feel free to contact me!

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    I have about 32K in student loans from grad school for a MS Ed. Was it worth it? I’m still looking for that elusive teaching job to answer that question. Did I have a great time doing it? Sure, but sadly great memories can’t pay student loan bills.

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