(Closed) How much do you like your job?

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  • poll: how much do you like your job?
    I love it! I am actually excited to go do it every day. : (17 votes)
    16 %
    I like it okay... probably better than I'd like any other job but I'd still rather stay in bed. : (32 votes)
    30 %
    Meh. It's fine. I might like something else better, but not enough to switch jobs. : (13 votes)
    12 %
    I don't like it, I plan to switch careers at some point. : (22 votes)
    21 %
    I hate it! Every day SUCKS. : (21 votes)
    20 %
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    For me, it’s a tough question to answer. As a part-time worker, this is the best I can get. I work as a caregiver in R’s parents’ nursing home, so my hours are flexible, and my pay is good. I get to know the patients, and can develop relationships with them. I have built in job safety. But it’s not my chosen career, and there is still an ick factor… I am not inherently a care type of person. I can’t wait to get an “actual” career job based in Psychology. 

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    Hmm, i’d be in-between “i love it!” and “i like it!”.

    I love being a graphic designer and could not see myself doing anything else. Its fun, you work in laid back atmosphere where if you don’t have a sense of humor and laugh all day you are not doing your job and get paid to create fun paper products and websites.

    ….. dealing with account managers, clients, programmers and printers can be a huge pain though. But the pros outweigh the cons most definitely.

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    Hmm…It’s not what I ever wanted to do, I decided what I wanted to do but it was way too late. I work in HR and like my job most of the time. I like working with people and even though it’s a desk job it’s not isolating at all. But overall I never dread going to work.

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    I went to college for marketing/pr. I decided to accept a job at my sorority’s NHQ and that ruined me. You were the extension specialist at a sorority? Suddenly no one notices my marketing internship in NYC or the pr internship in NC… just that I worked at a sorority. I got laid off, then fell into this job, a consulting company for non profits. I get treated like I’m an idiot by the rich owner (thankfully is never here) and the CEO is rude, like he reads the mail at my desk, then rips up junk mail and puts it out in his hand (aka silently saying “take this and throw it out.”) Also financially I know we are NOT doing well. Not to mention the CEO is an idiot who constantly misses appts and has me reschedule for him. I’ll get stupid messages too like “can u put joe on my calendar?” To which I say 1- Joe WHO 2- for what 3- how long 4- phone or in person ETC ETC. he’s horrible.

    I actually had 2 interviews with another company last week and they today told me i was a top candidate and that they wanted my approval for a background check (since it deals with money.) So my fingers are crossed!

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    i LOVE my job…that being said I voted for the second one, because most days if I had the choice I would be in bed still!

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    Here’s my take. I feel really fortunate to have the job I have. But I work for the weekends, the vacations, and the extracurriculars. (Or rather: I work for the money to pay for those things.) I’m not really one who derives passion from work. I don’t feel passion for my schoolwork, either – it’s a necessary (and interesting) evil to get me where i want to be professionally – and again, I want to be *there* professionally so that I can enjoy more of the non-work stuff that really makes me tick. Catch my drift? I am fortunate to have a job that gives me some creativity.  I work with others, but not all the time. I have say in things. I attend some meetings and not others. I have an office, not a cube, and I have a great supervisor and peers. So it’s totally cool. Will I probably change jobs in the future? Yes, but mostly because I’ll have my Ph.D., and I’d like to get in to TEACHING OTHERS to do my job, rather than actually doing my job. Why? Mostly for the flexibility of schedule and the ability to sometimes work from home. Professors generally only need to be on campus for office hours, meetings and classes. Saying goodbye to the strict 8-5 is a fair trade (imo) for the recognization that I will have some days where I work 18 hours, others where I work 0. I’m excited for that flexibility, and the things it’ll allow me (and Mr. MJ) to do differently at home/in regards to recreation, travel and family.



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    It’s wierd. I like being in the daycare industry. I’m comfortable here been doing it for years but my heart is in the medical field in which I have one degree and working on another one. So I plan to to pursue another job. Plus, working with my mom, who’s my partner is starting to drive me bonkers!!

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    I’m actually one of the few that LOVES my job.  Granted, if given the choice, I’d much rather make a living doing something awesome…like being a suntan lotion and hammock tester, but if I can’t do that, then I’m going to be happy doing what I do now. lol

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    I always told myself if I could find something I’d love I’d switch in a heartbeat but that for the time being, i was content with what i wanted and my job paid my bills and supplied me a very comfortable lifestyle. But, now I’ve found things I’m MORE interested in doing and I’m switching in August. It’ll be a lateral pay move and I’m ok with that. So i’m going back for a 2nd bachelors in an accelerated program; i’ll be employable within 12 months. Yay! Eventually I’d like a masters though.

    Right now I have a good thing going. Great health care (free!), flex time (80 hours over 2 weeks), not stressful, autonomous, etc. But i live in a cube with zero human interaction. It’s slowly killing me, turning me into a pessimist, and in general, draining me of my personality. I feel myself withdrawing and I don’t like the change I feel within myself. It’s too predictable, also. I need more dynamic in my life!

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    I’m in a strange situation: pretty much everyday in my job sucks, but I like my career. It is just that being a young attorney means that I am either doing work that a chimp could do, or I am doing work that I have no idea how to do. Basically, everyday I am either bored or incompetent. And though I like my colleagues, I spend the vast majority of my 10+ hour day just sitting in my office by myself, as it isn’t a very social place.


    I am hoping I can last a few years of paying my dues. I think (hope) I will like the job more when I am more competent/confident and have more responsibilities.

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    Hate hate hate hate hate it. I work with idiots. I do things I could have done as a friggin 6th grader. I make no money. The company disrespects it’s employees in a lot of ways. I’m just beyond over it but, as is the way of my life, when it was a good time for me to leave the job there were no jobs available (i’m in publishing) and now that it is a bad time to leave (need time off for wedding, honeymoon, etc.) there are publishing jobs opening up again. FML.

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    Can’t stand it.  I work for a religious school, and it’s not my religion, which is normally fine.  I’ve worked for similar institutions before.  But this particular school can’t seem to get past it’s religious affiliation–they say they have no problem hiring people of other religions, but then they spend all their time on conversion.  Seriously.  Our bi-weekly faculty/staff meetings are discussions on this religion and conversion opportunities.  I get letters in my mailbox from the President asking if I want to meet to talk about my religion.  On top of that, they seem to have no issue with employing incompetent people, because they like to reward loyalty.  So once someone’s been there for a while, they could be total crap at their jobs and NOTHING will happen.  Believe me, I work with one such employee.  It’s the worst place I’ve ever worked…I spend every day on the edge of a break down.  Luckily, I just got into a PhD program (YAY!), and I’m out of there in about two and a half months.  Just in time to take the two weeks before the wedding off, and then start as a research assistant when I get back from the honeymoon.  😀

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    I hate my job. It can only be described as “soul-killing.” There is not one thing I enjoy about it and I can’t wait to move on. Unfortunately, I work for my husband’s father, who is counting on me to work my ass off, yet be way underpaid to help him get through the recession. There’s no way I could up and quit. It would take at least 2 months to train anyone in my position, as I already do about 4 people’s work, none of which has anything to do with the other. It’s sad when the idea of getting the flu sounds like a vacation. Sometimes I think “if I could just get in a car accident on the way to work, I wouldn’t have to go.” Yeah, pretty bad. 

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