How much do you spend a month on groceries?

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    ~$500 a month for 2 adults and a 1 year old. We rarely eat out and the $500 covers all groceries for B/L/D as well as the ~2x/week I buy lunch out (DH’s lunch is included in the grocery bill). We live in NYC but do the majority of our grocery shopping at Trader Joes, Walmart (delivery) and a local fruit/veg market to try and keep costs down.

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    I’d say on average, around $450-500 for me and Darling Husband. We’re going to make an effort soon to start cutting back on that a bit, as we’re looking to buy a house in the spring.

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    futuremrss17 :  I just searched a couple credit card statements and it looks like we spend about $200 a month on groceries. This doesn’t factor in going to Costco and stocking up maybe every 3 months with about $300 of stuff, so it evens out to about $300 per month. We stock up on meat to keep in the freezer and then go out every week to the local farm stand or supermarket for veggies and any other ingredients we might need. I really don’t think $300 is too bad for two adults eating healthy. Sure, you can eat cheap if you eat pasta every night, but meat and fresh veggies are expensive, unfortunately. 

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    Fiance and I have this meal plan where we meal prep for an entire month. The meal plan that we started out with was for a family of four so each meal actually feeds the two of us for two nights and lunches for both days. The first time we prepped, our grocery bill came to $180 for 30 days worth of food. After trying out a ton of different recipes we adapted the plan and now spend closer to $230 a month. 

    We buy produce from Hanks 

    Meat from a local meat processor 

    Extras / sides come from Rulers but we have to be extremely picky about what we buy there. 

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    I’m one the same range 350-400. If I’d stop going to Trader Joe’s I’d probably save at least a 100 but I have a slight obsession lol. Tjs I normally get any frozen food we buy, snacks, and some fruit. Regular market I get meat, cheese, produce.

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    We’re a family of 3 and we spend between $450-500 a month. I need to get our budget back in line, I used to spend under $400 with no issue and it’s gotten out of hand. 

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    futuremrss17 :  i completely understand and it’s the same for us…it’s about 10 minutes away but we pass atleast 3-4 other grocery stores on the way there. after i realized how much i saved, I didn’t feel as bad about it. 

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    Maybe $50-$150 per month for the both of us, but a total of like ~$800 per month on food. We don’t pack lunches and we eat out/take out a lot, mostly due to lack of time and our main social activity with friends being dinner. It’s expensive in our area to take out for 2 people too unless you’re getting fast food, like $25-$30 per meal. I’m trying though, I got an Instapot over the summer to help with cooking more at home. So far I’ve made shredded chicken for tacos once….

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    There are 4 of us, 2 adults and 2 teenagers. I would say we spend $700. And that is mostly organic which really isn’t that big of a price difference here. We buy a lot in bulk and I mean BULK like we are butchering a cow and bought 4 big slabs of pork belly recently to smoke and make bacon. My kids just eat a ton of food lol. We don’t eat out very often, we like to go out to breakfast on Sunday morning about twice a month. 

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    I spend close to $1000/month on eating, including eating out, for just me. I live in a place with high COL. If I only cooked it would probably be more like $500/month for just me. 

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    browneyedgirl24 :  “Every time I see one of these threads I’m shocked at how little some people spend”

    Same here. I don’t know if food is more expensive in our area or if we’re spending too freely or just because we like to cook, but we spend a lot more than most of the Bees in this thread and we’re not rich or fancy people. 

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    Around $200-$250 and we shop at Aldi. When we first moved to the US we spent more like $500 because we didnt know where to shop or what to buy (everything was so much more expensive than we were used to in Europe especially fruit and veg). It was WAY too expensive for us and we had to really cut our spending down. Weve got into a routine now so its easier and make it a habit to buy seasonal veg and stock up when something is on sale. I wouldnt say were a model to follow though, we have to cut back on alot of things we want to buy and eat because of our budget and our eating isnt very varied. 

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    browneyedgirl24 :  I’m impressed with what others report, but surprised, too. Even when it was just the two of us our grocery bill was many multiples of what people here are saying they spend. An admittedly “liberal” budget for a couple under 50 according to your source is 176 per WEEK and that is for food only. If you are picky about buying organic, brands and ingredients, or frequently entertain, it becomes very easy to spend much more than that. 

    Many people buy other things at the grocery store, such as cleaning supplies, paper products and drug items. It can all add up fast. 

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