(Closed) How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

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We suck at groceries, and are usually around $700/month.

But we try to eat a low GI diet, with very few refined/processed foods, and live in an area that is just very expensive for groceries.  ie, a package of bacon is around $8.00 full price, which shocked our out of province relatives last visit.

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I spend about $200 a month or less.. I am actually a couponer 🙂  It takes a lot to get in the swing of things and learn the tricks of the trade but it is so worth it..  With the money I spend I not only get the stuff we need for meals but also contribute to my stockpile.  I basically don’t pay any more than $1.00-1.50 for a box of brand name cereal and I generally save about 50%+ on my grocery bill every time I shop.


I don’t live in your area but google up “ad match for ____” (insert your local store).  If you need more sites PM me and I can send them to you.


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@SapphireSun:  Similar to myself

We spend about 175 a week in an expensive area.

We do not eat grains or most  processed foods (IE cereal, pasta, bread, premade dinners, snacks etc) 

My Darling Husband is very tall and lifts weights and eats a massive quantity of food. So when the only thing we eat is veggies, fruit and meat (not even beans usually) it is very expensive.

Also, if you do a search there are lots of threads on this topic 

EDIT: It used to be even more but then I started buying a lot of my veggies at a local Asian market which has waaaaaaay cheaper prices than any of the grocery stores around me.

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I can spend about 100 dollars a week for 2 people + 1 dog & 1 cat.

I have recently cut it down. I can spend 80 dollars a week for the same household because we need to cut back on our spending.  We live in Oklahoma City, not a “ritzy” area but upperclass around an Airforce base.

My tips is to look for deals, not necessarily coupons and don’t be suckered in by “X for X dollars.” 2 for 5 will make you spend more. You tend to buy more to save pennies.

Store brand are just as good, if not better, than name brand.

Go through your pantries — are you really eating 300 dollars worth of food in two weeks? There is probably food backing up somewhere that you’re not using that you’ve forgotten. I’m not saying you need to eat til your shelves are bare before you go shopping, but I buy what I need.

My husband and I don’t buy a lot of frivilous items.

If you’re buying organic, many organic products are a scam (Just an example here from Penn & Teller) and you’ll be spending more money on something that is just as good quality, taste and quantity as something marked non organic.

Cook once — eat twice. I always cook enough for leftovers that my husband and I snack on or have a full on meal for at least another day.

Cook your own food. Avoid pre-packaged food, it will be a lot more expensive for less. Buy raw ingredients and combine it yourself. Learning to cook and cook efficiently will definitely cut down your grocery bill. Pre-cooked pre-prepared pre-made meals are going to sap away your money so fast.

Edit: My husband is in the Navy and needs to stay fit. We’ve both been working out more and I do not sacrifice quality or quantity of food on 80-100 bucks a week.

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We usually spend 100 every 2 weeks and that’s only groceries for weekend meals and the occasional weekday dinner. SO gets free catering breakfast, lunch and dinner so he just brings home leftovers for us during weekdays.

Have you tried going to ethnic supermarkets? We usually hit up Chinese or Turkish supermarkets for cheap fresh produce and meats.

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We spend about $280 a week on groceries.. 2 adults and 2 kids and 1 furbaby

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We spend a little under $200 a week for just the two of us. I do not use coupons, the grocery store I shop at does not provide them as they claim to already have the lowest prices. Walmart does…but I hate shopping there so thats my own fault.

This includes meals for each night, breakfast items, milk and bread. You know…the basics. We stick to the store brand (sometimes), I do not buy Organic but I do have a thing for quality. I stay away from most things frozen and canned, so thats probably why our costs are so high. That and the prices for gas to run the delivery trucks being so high and other things…

I guess the best way I try to save money is to compare how much you get for the price. I also try to think ahead. For example, if I get a top sirloin for dinner and its very large…I can use whats left for stirfry the following day…

We are lovers of food though, so to us it is worth the sacrifice.

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We spend about $300.00 a month for the 2 of us and the 2 furbabies.  We eat out about 2-3 times a week though.  

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@Irishb:  I heard online that the average grocery bill should be approximately $100 per week per person. So you seem to be doing fairly well! I <3 coupons! Have you considered contacting a coupon clipping service? For a very small fee, (.08 cents a coupon), they’ll clip them and mail them to you before the deals end. Also, stock up on non perishables that are on sale, and by stock up, I mean STOCK UP. Like a years supply of toilet paper! You won’t have to buy it for a whole year! I used to spend $15 a week on that stuff! But by waiting until I had a few coupons saved up, and paired with a great deal, I barely spent anything! CVA had 24 pack of water on sale for $1.99. Thats .08 cents a bottle! We have a ton! I also grab the huge packs of butter, or other things that won’t go bad, so I’m not buying it and having those costs every single week. So when I do go to the grocery store, I’m only grabbing staples…Milk, bread, Meat, Sandwich meat, eggs, etc. There’s also an envelope budgeting system that people swear by! 


Ask friends, family and neighbors for their leftover coupons! Also, have you tried a coupon swap party? Everyone brings their paper, and shares the coupons! 

Our grocery store has buy one get one free deals! Right now, Cheerios, (general mills) are buy one get one free…So If I want cereal that week, I go to GeneralMills.com…I click on coupons, and I print and pair a coupon with that but one get one deal! Saves me even more money! There are also local couponers that will find these deals, blog them, and email them to you. 

MEAL PLANNING! Always decide ahead of time what you’re eatting each day. Have spaghetti more often, or plan for cheaper meals. This saves you those extra trips to the grocery store for one or two random things you forgot. It also stops you from ordering out or going out. Also, plan date nights on off nights. There’s half price pizza night on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Ladies night….Don’t go anywhere unless they’re offering an incentive that saves you $$$! Hope this helps! 





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I spend $80/week for me, Darling Husband, and our two year old. I budget another $100/month for Costco/trader joes/not a regular grocery store.

75% of what I buy is produce and I cook everything we eat. I sort if did coupons for a while, but most of the “deals” were for processed crap that we wouldn’t buy anyway. I usually shop at Safeway or QFC and I live in an immediate Seattle suburb.

My tips are to meal plan, cook from scratch, buy seasonally, use the store ad to plan your lists, and to stock up when something you love is on sale. And if you have Safeway, use the just 4 u program! 

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This post makes me want to sit down and tally up my grocery receipts. I am so frugal when it comes to everything except food. I started eating clean, gluten free and meatless 6 days a week. I eat a lot of fresh food so that means I’m at the grocery store every couple of days, plus I’m addicted to Whole Foods. I try to limit my WF trips to 1-2 a month if I can because it’s so expensive, and I can’t say no to anything I’m remotely interested in lol. Maybe my food bill isn’t that much now that I’m not eating much meat?

If I had to guess though, we’re at about $600-$700 Per month, not including eating out, which is pretty rare anyways. 

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@Irishb:  Unfortunately the $300.00 doesn’t include eating out.  We spend roughly another $300.00 a month actually eating out, so that would be $600.00 a month on food total.  We are working on cutting the down with the eating out.  We were actually just talking about getting back to “meal planning”. We used to save so much money when we planned our meals. 

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