(Closed) How Much Do You Spend On Your Pets Yearly?

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  • poll: How much do you spend on your pet yearly?
    less than $100 : (0 votes)
    $100 - $299 : (3 votes)
    7 %
    $300 - $599 : (4 votes)
    10 %
    $600 - $899 : (9 votes)
    21 %
    $900 - $1199 : (7 votes)
    17 %
    $1200 - $1499 : (6 votes)
    14 %
    $1500 - $1999 : (2 votes)
    5 %
    over $2000 : (11 votes)
    26 %
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    I’m interested to see this too- subscribing

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    I’m thinking maybe $300-599 usually, but one of our cats had to have his stomach pumped a few weeks ago, so this year we’re going to be closer to the $600-899 range, I think. Our cats prefer to play with boxes and pieces of paper, so we don’t really have to buy toys. A friend of mine grows catnip, so we don’t have to buy it. Food and litter are basically our only expenses.

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    We had a very sick cat last year, so our expenditures were much higher. He passed in May and while I miss him, I can relate to having more cash. Plus, it’s nice being down to two cats.

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    I chose the just-under $1200 range after doing some quick math but I thought for sure it would be way more than that! But that includes our small dog’s monthly insurance, monthly nail grinds, quarterly grooming appointments, food, treats, chew toys, fees we’ve paid to have him travel with us, etc. Our cat costs almost nothing. Like under $200 for a whole year.

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    I voted $1200-$1499. We have two cats and I spoil them- a lot.

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    Food for two cats is about $1,000-$1,200 per year.  They eat about a can a day of soft cat food (Wellness brand) and a some hard food throughout the day.  Cat food is about $1.25-$1.69 per 5.5 ounce can.  Vet visits are usually just a few hundred.  Then I spoil them with treats and toys.  I think they may need teeth cleaning in a few years. 

    Earlier this year, we spent over $2k in three months to treat a sick cat.  5 vets visits including an emergency vet visit on a Sunday night to figure out what was wrong with her.  This was within a span of less than two weeks.  We loved her so much.

    I’m extremely allergic to cats but decided to let bf have them anyways.  My allergy prescription was over $100 per month at one point.  The meds have all stopped working so now I’m getting expensive allergy shots.  Does that expense count as part of pet ownership?

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    My reply is in the thread that yrret107 linked to but I’ll post it here for you as well.

    We have a lab mix and here’s our breakdown:

    $250 per year on vaccinations and heartworm/flea/tick meds (just had this appointment a couple weeks ago and we buy these meds a year at a time)

    $45 every 3-4 weeks on her food (so about $675 a year – we buy Blue Buffalo food though so there are certainly less expensive food options out there)

    $20 every 2 months on her acid reflux meds (so about $120 a year and obviously most dogs don’t need this).

    $125 at the kennel every time we go out of town for the weekend (~$40/day – This total cost will vary depending on how much you travel)

    ~$100-$150 in toys and treats each year (but she destroys toys so we go through them more quickly than most)

    $11 for each nail trim/grind (about once a month so about $132 a year – we could do this at home but she HATES it so we’d rather not fight with her – we’ll let the pros handle it)

    We adopted our dog from a shelter when she was about 1.5 so she already had all of her initial puppy shots, spay/neuter, microchip, etc.  Since she is a lab she doesn’t need lots of grooming (we just bath her at home in the bath tub when needed) but some breeds would require trims and such with some frequency.

    So in total, we spend a little over $1300 + kenneling (which is a variable cost) a year probably on our dog.  Obviously if you have an emergency or major health issue come up, that will increase.

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    I’ll be honest…  I haven’t really kept track.  But I’ve also only had pets while on my own for a little over a year, and I went from having one cat to three by accident.  I’m kind of scared to find out how much I spend on my furbabies.  It’s even worse because I pick up random strays and take care of them until they find their owners, too.  I’ve probably spent $250 on random strays in the past year alone.  And that doesn’t include the random stray that never left.  Ugh.

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    a  lot

    hmm dog

    1 EVO bag of food per month on average = 35 * 12 = 420 (good thing she is small, they arent large bags!)

    treats/toys = $50 (she likes stuffed animals best and we get those free. One bone lasts for months!

    Flying (she flies with us) = 400 (100 per trip, 2 round trips)

    Vet – $300 just randomly picking a number here

    tick/flea – 120

    Other (leashes, etc) – $50

    Total ~ $1,300

    We havent had to board her yet, but we think we might have to at some point 🙁

    EDIT: we have two cats too that are a lot cheaper. Maybe 400 for both? assuming we are really good about the vets

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    Too darn much.

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    On dog food alone I spend about $100/month.  I buy natural food for her though, as she used to get REALLY sick when we were feeding her Pedigree.  She got so sick one time she was throwing up blood 🙁 it was really sad and scary (and the emergency vet bills were outrageous).  She is so much better now! So, I don’t mind at all that her food is closer to $2 a can as opposed to 0.50/can.

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    I have two dogs–and spend about $2k per year on each of them. The both come with their own set of health problems, and they used to be competetive. So–between grooming, massage, physical therapy, kenneling, food, vet bills, meds, etc. We are well over $2k per year per dog.

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    We have two pomerians and with LTD food (not cheap at all), toys, medicine, vet appointments/shots/illness, grooming etc we definitely spend at least $2,000 if not more per year. The grooming alone is a minimum of $1,200 (total).

    I agree with missmouse29 too darn much, but it is worth every penny to have them happy and healthy (and looking/smelling great).


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