(Closed) How much do you spend per month on appearance related items?

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    californiabride2013:  Here’s my breakdown:

    Maybe $40 per year in cosmetics

    About $300 per year in clothing

    About $210 per year in hair cut/color (box color every 2nd time, salon the other times)


    $550/year, so I rounded up to $600/year and voted $50/month


    I always feel guilty spending money on myself, but I know that my figure is way lower than many other women who, say, get their nails done at least once a month ($20), get their hair cut and/or colored once a month ($60), and buy a lot of makeup/clothes. 

    I really shouldn’t feel so bad, because I do need some new clothes, but right now we don’t have the cash.

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    californiabride2013:  I said $100. But that’s a high month. I get a great deal on a Mani/spa pedi once a month, box color my hair every 8 weeks or so and I do all my own facials and I buy cheap shampoo and conditioner. I use ELF brand make up, and since its cheap I own a lot. I buy cheap razors and lotion. The only time I splurge for hair care is for my dd. She has crazy spiral curly hair, and I see a huge difference if she uses my cheap stuff. At 13 she gets the salon stuff, and mom gets the 2 for 1 deal lol

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    I said a hundred but it varies. I get my hair dyed maybe every 3 months with a box dye in the middle. Never get my nails done. And I don’t wear much makeup – switched to pure jojoba oil and castile soap for my face, mineral power, mascara and lipstick (sometimes). The hundred is probably mostly clothes but again it depends on the month. I usually buy a few new things at the beginning of every season. If I need new shoes or a new coat then its more.

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    The poll doesnt’ go low enough for me.  I get a haircut once, maybe twice a year for $50/cut.  I’ve never colored my hair, I don’t get mani/pedis, though I’ve bought a bunch of nail polish this year.. and by a bunch, I mean maybe 10 bottles, so $50 for the year.  I don’t wear make up except for some eye liner, MAYBE $30 a year on make up. So.. $200 tops per year?

    ETA: Crap, clothes too?  Probably about $100/month avg on clothes, including jackets and shoes.

    No guilt.  I only buy things when they are a really good deal.  DH encourages me to buy clothing I like/want because I really don’t have that much.

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    • I get my eyebrows/upper lip waxed every 6 weeks and that’s $24.
    • I rarely get manis/pedis because I have a TON of nail polish so I do it myself.
    • I do my own hair mostly because it’s super curly and most people do not know how to blow dry it. I do buy expensive hair products every 3 months and it’s around $60
    • I will likely start getting a bikini or brazilian on amonthly basis 6 months before the wedding
    • Clothes it’s hard to determine. Some months I will spend $20, sometimes $0, some $200 or more. I think it depends on the season too, as I prefer summery clothes.
    • I buy mascara every month. Other makeup, it depends on what I run out of. I have been using my UD Naked 1 palette for over two years. I just got a new one to change things up.

    I do not feel bad buying clothes or makeup because I balance it off well by doing my own hair and nails. Also, I try to budget at least $100 for my own beauty and clothes stuff every month so so metimes, I have money “left over” from other months. Fiance doesn’t seem to mind it either.

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    californiabride2013:  I don’t feel guilty at all for spending the cash. 


    – $65 for a pedicure and a shellac manicure (I don’t manicures back to back.) 

    – $25 for hair products (shampoo, conditioner, gel/mousse, leave in treatment.) 

    Ever 2 months: 

    – $150 (with tip!) for full head of highlights/low lights and a trim/cut and blow out.  It used to be $250 before taxes and tip at the salon.  But I got annoyed with my stylist not listening to what I wanted.  So I left.  I went to the Aveda Institute as a stop gap because we’re moving and I figured I’d just find a new salon in our new city.  Turns out I love the institute.  The stylists are all in training, so they listen really well to what you ask for and everything is confirmed with the educator before they start (or do much, really.)  It’s also stupid cheap (because I’m pretty sure the stylists aren’t being paid as its ‘school’ so I tip way more than I usually would.  I’m still saving a ton of money and I think they deserve something for their hard work – win-win if you ask me!) I’ll probably stick with it even after we move and just drive in once every couple of months. 


    – maybe $200 – $250 for make up?  I don’t wear it everyday.  I typically wear the Naked 3 eyeshadows, I love Arbonne’s mascara, that’s about it.  I tend to throw things out because they’ve been open way too long.  I never manage to completely finish something. 

    Massages are covered completely through my insurance plan.  So I don’t pay out of pocket for them.  But it’s $750 a year (it’s 1 45 minute massage a month.) 

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    Probably $10 per month. 

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    Beauty related appearance.. maybe $100 and that includes makeup, skin/face cleanser, hair products, perfume, razors/nair ect.

    I do go through a lot of foundation and face powder [and more in the summer!] as I work in leisure and it’s important to have a fresh face and hair done. Because it’s very humid [almost always 100% humidity] i have to reapply often and use extra hair care products.

    Clothing/shoes wise, I really don’t spend a lot of money. I only buy new shirts when I find something I really love, which isn’t often. And I get new jeans when my old ones have holes [usually from thigh rub!].

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    $0, unless my shampoo runs out or something. And I don’t buy clothes every month. On the months that I do, I spend less than $50. And my shampoo is $3. Personally, I’m not sure why one would need to spend money on their appearance every month. Unless you pay for other people to do things to you (which I think is unnecessary and a waste of money), you probably would only spend money on appearance-related items every few months because things like shampoo, nail polish and cleanser don’t run out every month.

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    As of right now I’m averaging about $200 per month. I’m thinking perhaps right now it might be a bit of a fluke however as I’ve recently cleaned out about 60% of my closet, most of it working clothes, and I’m starting from the ground up in rebuilding it, including shoes, jewelry, hair accesories, etc.. Plus, I’m also hunting like crazy for the perfect outfit to wear for engagement photos next month. Add on my newest addiction to Modcloth and the fact that my SO and I just happen to be fashion enthusiasts and he’s a terrible partner when it comes to saving money…it all adds up.

    That being said, I don’t actually spend a lot on hair, make-up, nails, etc. I very rarely get my hair trimmed as I’m attempting to grow it out, and I never tan or get massages or things like that. Perhaps every couple of months I’ll get a pedicure, but rarely a manicure. My make-up lasts me a long while so I maybe buy new stuff every three months, same for shampoo and things. I’m thinking once I slow down a bit on my wardrobe I’ll be able to focus more on hair, nicer make-up and nails.

    Edit: Also, for the most part I don’t feel guilty. I spend my own money while still keeping my other responsibilities and check. And if I’m completely honest, my appearance if very important to me and has a heavy hand in how I feel about myself. I realize that through high school and college when I didn’t put as much money into my clothes or hair and things, it only added to my low self esteem. And though I’m still working on building my confidence, I find that when I’ve taken the time on my looks, I do feel at least a little better about myself. Fashion is a big factor in how I express myself, so I find that it’s worth it to splurge for the more expensive things (within reason of course).

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    I don’t spend much as of right now.  However, I did have weightl loss surgery so I am going to say i will probably average about $150 per month.  I told my love the more I lose the “louder” i get.  He loves it and supports my needs and encourages me to not look sloppy.  Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about my pants falling down but I have 3 capris that I can still wear.  Out temperatures are pretty HOT to mid 90s. 


    ETA:  I do use salon products on my hair and I always have – close to 30 years now.  I do use Mary Kay Clear Proof daily.  I do my own pedi.  I don’t do manis at all.  I buy expensive make up but don’t wear it daily.  Sephora and Mac are my go to shops.  I actually get my hair done at a beauty school.  I haven’t colored my hair since Jan 2013 in order to grow my hair out healthy for our wedding.  That has now backfired since I am losing so much hair because of the weight loss surgery.  I have cut my hair to a shoulder length A-Line Bob.  Next week I will go and get a shorter cut.  I do wear my Light Blue perfume daily.  Maybe I should have voted higher.  OPPPS.   I have no shame.

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    Originally, I put $25 because I’m incredibly low-maintenance when it comes to my appearance. I don’t color my hair and I trim it myself when necessary (or I go to the cosmetology school where I live and pay like $15). I don’t wear makeup and don’t get my nails done, eyebrows waxed, etc…

    But then I noticed that we were supposed to include clothing, so I pulled up my credit card account (I never use cash, so it’s easy to see exactly how much I spend on things– and it’s super easy because you can break spending into categories such as “department stores” and “services” etc.) to see where I fall here. In the past 12 months, I have spent approximately $600 on clothing and $50 on shoes….but about half of this is attributable to the fact that I started a new job and upgraded my professional wardrobe last fall. Realistically, I think the $25/month really is accurate for me.

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    – I only get my hair trimmed every 2-3 months and that’s only $25-40 for a trim or haircut to fix up my layers.

    – Got my hair professionally bleached and colored a couple months ago, but now I upkeep the maintenance myself so about $30 on hair supplies every 5 weeks (or longer if I’m lazy about it).

    – Used to get gel manicure and regular pedicure every two weeks, $50 each time (stopping this month- I’m just going to do my own).

    – I love makeup so I treat myself to some luxury items here and there. $50 Tom Ford lipstick this month. My collection is pretty big so now I just get a few pieces here and there, $0-$50 per month.

    – No professional waxing, I shave at home. No tanning.

    – Shoes and clothes is entirely too much so I’m not even going to say! 😛

    So anywhere from $0-$100ish on beauty, clothes/shoes is a different story.

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    californiabride2013:  Less than $50. I do a lot of stuff at home. I box color my hair MAYBE once a year. I replace my makeup probably twice a year but I buy pretty cheap stuff.

    I guess I get a couple new outfits each season. I don’t get massages or my nails done (unless I’m in a wedding or it’s MY wedding), my sister cuts my hair. My shampoo is a little pricey but Fiance and I use the same one so we buy it more often.

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