(Closed) How much do you think is acceptable for a second hand dress?

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  • poll: What percentage do you think is acceptable?
    70-90% of original price : (3 votes)
    5 %
    55-65% of original price : (23 votes)
    36 %
    50% of original price : (30 votes)
    47 %
    30-40% of original price : (7 votes)
    11 %
    20% of original price or other : (1 votes)
    2 %
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    I sold one for 20% off on the 3rd day I had it posted. 

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    WOW! I am super surprised with the results. I went with a new dress because I didn’t want to pay someone for so much of their original cost. Just seemed weird that in the end I could wear a really expensive dress for hardly any money if I resold it like that. Not cool in my book.


    But a lot of people have success doing it.

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    Depends a lot on the dress – top end designer dresses re-sell for a much higher percentage. Also the condition of the dress – is it being resold NWT, worn just for a ceremony, worn through a reception, etc? (The longer it’s worn the higher the chances of wear and tear/damage). Is it cleaned, altered, etc.?

    When I looked at used dresses, a lot of the “original” prices that seemed to be listed included whatever they paid for alterations. That was a big turnoff for me. If you buy an $800 dress, spend $400 on alterations and then list it as a $1200 dress selling for $700… 99% of the time I’ll still need my own alterations, so why wouldn’t I just spend the extra $100 to get it new?

    Another reason for the mark-down is that once a dress is altered, it’s much harder to find the right fit/size – I’m a little on the tall side and when looking at used dresses I had to rule out (I’d estimate) 60-70% because they would have been too short. Buying a dress new in the store, it doesn’t matter what size you are; just order it in your size, your length, etc. But buying used? Your desired dress and what’s for sale in your size rarely line up. Fewer potential buyers = lower cost.

    ETA: The ads that made me laugh were the ones that said things like, “It’s already altered so you’ll save money on alteration costs!” ….as if we all have your exact body shape, Random Dress Seller!

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    @ddw: Amen.

    Agree with all this.

    For a used dress that has been worn, 50% unless it is a seriously expensive designer. Then, as DDW said, I understand the higher percentage. But do not include alterations! For a NWT, I could see pricing it at 75% because generally it is basically a brand new dress. If it has been altered but not worn, may as well call it used.

    Also, I am starting to see more and more people claiming really high retail prices that I don’t think match up. Bestbridalprices is my go to resource for mid-range price comparisons, so if you list the retail value as $2000, it may be true that you paid that much, but it’s still available new at $1500 and you should have done your own research before you paid it. So you better go lower than your competitor, which is new.

    I think this high re-sale mark up is especially true with used linens.

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    @ellabee:  I agree. 

    I personally do not think second hand dresses should cost very much.  I just don’t.  I think it should never cost more than 50 % of what THEY PAID.  (Not the retail price)  I think it should cost 20%.  I am just not into it.

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    I agree.  It really bugs me to see people trying to sell their dress at 80% of the value… come on!  I’m planning on selling mine after and will be selling it for half of what I paid.  I think that is fair, and I find it obnoxious when I see 4k dresses being sold for $3200 (or something along those lines)  That means the person gets to wear a brand new 4k dress, have it altered, and pay less than $1000??  Not cool. 

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    @SerenaSF: higher end dresses are also in higher demand though, so they may get re-sold more than once. With a cheaper dress (one where the cost of dry cleaning will outweigh your profit margin, for example) that won’t be as likely.

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    I say 50% but I got mine close to 25% when she went down a bit after I tried to bargain.

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    I think it should depend on demand. If someone tries to sell their dress for 90% of what they paid and someone buys it, than it sold for the right price. If they have it up for 90% of the price for months and no one is biting, than they should probably put down the price until it sells.

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    I think a lot of women forget that, to everyone else who did NOT wear it on their wedding day yet, it’s still just a dress. To them, it’s the most wonderful, important dress ever in the world, and they might think that makes it worth $3000 when in reality, it’s only worth about $1000 now. Most are really too partial to be able to fairly assess the dress’s real value. That, and they’re greedy and want to get a lot of money back out of it, I guess forgetting that when THEY were dress shopping, there’s no way they’d have paid someone the price of a new dress for a used dress.

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    Depends on the condition of the dress, and how much alterations have been done on it, as well as the style and designer of the dress. A second hand monique lhuillier gown could sell for 70% of the original price whilst a second hand davids bridal gown would only seel for 40% of the original price. Certain designer gowns retain a higher value regardless of how old they are

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    @FutureMrsMoore I totally agree with you! I was looking at buying a used dress that was less than 12% off the original price. I tried to negotiate with the bride, but she wasn’t willing to reduce the price. In the end, I decided it was much better to pay the 12% difference and just buy the dress used. I mean, there’s always the possibility that the seller is a scammer or isn’t being completely honest about the dress. The security of buying the dress brand new from the designer itself was well-worth that 12% difference to me. 

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    I really think it depends on the individual dress.

    The condition of it, if there’s any stains, tears, rips, etc.

    If it’s been professionally cleaned.

    If it’s a big designer brand, the demand for it, etc.

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    I agree with previous posters. It depends on the conditions, the original value, the alterations done, the demand, and of course on the value to the c ustomer.

    I think some people who put high prices don’t really want to sell their dresses at all. I think they say to themselves, “Well, if I can get X amount I’ll sell, but less than that and I’ll just keep it.”

    It is hard sometimes though because dresses sell for  such different prices in different places and at different times. The original sticker price for mine was like $600, it was marked down to $500 so which do you quote as the original price?

    Also, for some people alterations take away from the dress and for others they add to it. Do you pay more or less for a dress with an altered sweetheart neckline or with added sleeves? It depends on if you want it like that! But should that raise the price or lower it?

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