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  • poll: How does exercise impact your weight?

    I am a long-term regular exerciser and am overweight

    I have started to exercise and am losing weight

    I have started to exercise and am not losing weight

    I am a long-term regular exerciser and am an 'ideal' weight for my height

    I exercise to put on weight (muscle)

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    Height/weight: 5’11”-6’0 / 161 lb

    Amount/type of exercise per week: 4-5 days per week.  Usually run 2-3 days (right now 5-7 miles each, will increase as summer goes on) and work out the other 2-3.  I’ll probably bike one (maybe 2) day a week (20+ miles) with Fiance and then maybe do the elliptical or something on any off day.  I will try to do weights any time I am inside at the gym.  But I just like doing things outside better.  If I lived anywhere with some good mountains/elevation I’d be hiking.

    Are you losing/maintaining/putting on weight (in reality and your goals): Maintaining although I want to lose about 5-7 lbs since I’m at the high end of where I am comfortable. 

    I think it’s about 70% diet/ 30% exercise for me.  I eat well for the most part and I have for years but if I don’t exercise I feel more sluggish and generally more “blah.”  If I don’t exercise as much (let’s say 2-3 days for only 30 min each) I notice within a 2-3 weeks that my muscle mass and tone will decrease.  This doesn’t happen very often to me but maybe once and a while in December.

    If I didn’t work out I would lose weight at first but then start gaining it slowly.  Not a good thing!  I don’t want to lose weight via my muscle mass.

    However for my personal fitness and overall (physical and mental) well-being I would put importance at 40% diet / 60% exercise

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    Height/weight: 5’1/109

    Amount/type of exercise per week: About 5 days a week, work out for 30-75 minutes, combination of strength and cardio (elliptical).  I work out at home with weights, kettlebell, Jillian Michaels DVDs, and tear-out cards from my Self magazines.  I did a booty boot camp Self workout last night and it took over an hour!

    Are you losing/maintaining/putting on weight: It would be cool to get down to my wedding weight of 104, but prior to me beginning to diet and exercise for the wedding, I was hovering around 115 for years.  I care more about having visible muscle tone (which can only be achieved through strength training, diet alone only makes you skinnier!) than actually losing a bunch of weight.  I also want a bigger butt!  Which obviously, diet is not going to help with.

    ETA: I CAN lose weight just by severely cutting calories, but it doesn’t last for long and I quickly gain it back.  I absolutely need a combination of exercise and diet to stay in shape.

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    @phillybride61513:  how do you like ww online? I’m at the same place 5’2 and weight after a 30 lb loss for the wedding, but I haven’t been able to lose any more.  i find its a lot harder when the white dress isn’t looming in your future!

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    Height/weight: 5ft 10in / ~140 lbs

    Amount/type of exercise per week: 5-6 x per week a short 15-30 minute high intensity interval (I generally do a workout from zuzkalight.com.)

    Are you losing/maintaining/putting on weight (in reality and your goals)

    Since I started this workout routine in mid-March (2 months ago) I have been watching what I eat. I only recently started counting calories, but in that whole time I have lost No weight whatsoever.   However, what is MUCH cooler to me, is that I’ve lost almost 2 whole pants sizes. That was my goal in the beginning – I don’t care about the numbers on the scale, I just wanted my clothes to fit better, and I wanted to feel amazing in my wedding dress. And it’s working! I haven’t “bulked up” but my arms are way more toned, and the muscles around my middle are like a corset holding me up straight and strong! My tush is firm and round, and my calves are getting some cool definition again. It’s awesome.

    Regarding my hunger levels, I am hungry – but I don’t think any more so than before I started exercising: I’m just more aware of it now that I’m being very conscious of what goes in my mouth, and I don’t indulge every urge to eat something. 

    So in short, while I haven’t lost any of the “numbers” on the scale, I have lost a LOT of fat. Which is really what everyone wants, right?


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    @Itsnotmeitsyou:  I’m currently on a 12 week program and I haven’t lost a SINGLE pound, but I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my appearance. My legs and arms are really toned and my tummy has flattened. Try not to focus so much on the number on the scale- put your focus in your appearance!

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    Height/weight: 5ft 4in/105lbs

    Amount/type of exercise per week: 1 hour cardio (running, spinning, swimming, elliptical) 6 times/week, strength training (Body Pump, Jillian Michaels DVD, or just weight lifting),  2-3 times/week  

    Are you losing/maintaining/putting on weight (in reality and your goals): Maintaining, my weight has been pretty stable (within 3-4 pounds) for several years even through marathon training and injuries.

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    Height/weight: 5’5″ 121 lbs

    Amount/type of exercise per week: Insanity videos (~40 minutes) 6 days a week plus running 2-3 miles 2-3 days a week.  But just as importantly, I’m also eating veggie-rich, low-carb with one “cheat meal” a week.  Food makes a huge difference.

    Are you losing/maintaining/putting on weight (in reality and your goals):  In reality, I just started exercising again last week after a winter of being lazy… so no real difference yet.  My goal is to lose 8-10 pounds and tone up / build muscle by late August!  

    I find I always stay about the same 5 pound range no matter what I do… blah.  Hoping that bumping up the exercise AND being strict about food will make more of a difference.


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    I’ve always done yoga sometimes, but I started doing it daily last fall for stress relief. At first, I was just doing an average of about 30 minutes per day, and wasn’t expecting any physical results at all. Suprisingly, after a few nmonths, my legs and back started to get much more toned (and Im’m already really athletic). Now, I do more like an hour per day (if I’m not climbing), and it definitely adds muscle tone. 

    I’ve been mostly doing yoga at home, and I watch videos from myyogaonline.com. I really like the site, and there are also a few other websites that are really similar. I’m currently on an extended work trip, so I joined a local studio (mostly to get out of the house). While there are some things I like about going to a studio (getting adjustments, the energy of all of the people in the room), I really like doing it at home, too, because there’s no scene, I can do it in my underwear/pajamas, it’s less of a time commitment, and the classes are actually really amazing. Just make sure that you’re doing classes that are actually hard for you if you want to increase your muscle tone.

    That was probably way more info than you wanted, but good luck!

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    @Itsnotmeitsyou:  i always eat healthfully unless i’m on vacation. if i stop exercising, i gain 5 pounds. always. and i lose all my muscle tone within a few months. i look like a blob. so, i’ve been excersing regularly for the last few years and it makes a HUGE difference for me. diet, not so much.

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    What you eat has much more bearing on your weight. If you eat crap and load up on calories, it won’t matter if you run 3 miles a day – you won’t burn it off.

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    I abhor (traditional) exercise. Each time I have lost a significant amount of weight it has been done through diet alone

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