(Closed) How much does it cost to furnish a home from scratch?

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This is interesting! Commenting just to find it easier if/when we ever buy a house 😉

PS – that number seems really high; I’m guessing it includes things like appliances and tvs? Or is it just furniture?

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Bumble bee

My Aunt and Uncle just completely furnished their new condo from scratch. I’m not sure how much cost was, but it I doubt it was 25% of the condo. 

They made sure they did their research and caught sales, and at the same time made sure it was top quality. Seemed like she bought quite a bit from Ikea. Think about whats most important to you and what you would like to splurge on. They decided to splurge a bit on a top quality Simmons mattress, but they know it’ll last them the rest of their lives. 

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I had an empty house for like 2 years. my friends hella made fun of me. I bought the 52″ tv and that was it. everything else was gifts of old furniture people didnt want anymore but was still new. now i have hella STUFF in my house cause everyone knew I had nothing and gave me EVERYTHING. but i lived in an empty box fopr a long time.

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It obviously can be as expensive as 25% of your home, but that seems rather over the top. Especially with home prices the way they are where I live. 

Your ideal home has the same amount of rooms and spaces that we have. We’ve lived here for 3 years now and still haven’t completed 1 of the bedrooms, and haven’t ideally furnished the living room. So for what we have furnished…I would roughly estimate it at 14k. I would definitely recommend holding out to buy your ideal furniture. We “settled” on a lot of things and have already or want to upgrade/replace a lot of pieces already. 

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We just bought our home, but we still have a mix of furniture from our old town house (most that I would like to replace eventually), new furniture, and of course places that we need new furniture.

I promise that it won’t cost THAT much to buy our furniture though! Pretty much all of our new stuff is from antique stores and has been refubished. That’s my style anyway, so that’s where I prefer to shop.

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I really have to agree with @artbee:. It completely depends on your style. I LOVE the country cottage look so furnishing my place has been done well under 10k. I shop estate sales, auctions, thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops and upcycle a ton of stuff. Most of my wedding decor will be incorporated into my home after my wedding which is why I chose it. I have a stack of projects waiting on me right now taller than I but I love the hunt and I love taking something no one else wants and making something fabulous out of it. The cost will completely depend on your taste and how much time you have.

Project for next year is my daughter’s dream room found on this board:

http://pinterest.com/zipporahf/for-the-home/  The bed will definitely be challenging but will really be the over the top punch her room needs 🙂

care to share your pinterest board?

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Busy bee
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We are building our house and it’s going to be done in December so we have been working on the furnishing aspect for the past few months. I’m like you and really want to get rid of a lot of the furniture we have and get new stuff. I really, really doubt that it’s going to be 25% of our house value. I’m sure that for some it could be but we are on a tight budget. What we’ve been doing is converting what we can of the stuff we already have to work in the new space. Either by placing it with new furniture or changing it with paint or fabric to make it look new. Another thing we are doing it building furniture when we can. Things like coffee tables, end tables, a liquor cabinet, we found would be less to build than to buy. Also we are looking at outlets, hitting up sales, going to antique stores, Ikea, etc. looking for deals and mixing and match everything. The nice thing about us building has been that it’s broken up some of our purchases over a few months and we have the space now to store what we buy.

If I had to estimate how much it will cost to do all this and furnish the new house I think it will be around $5,000 total for a 4 bed 2.5 bath house.

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Honey bee

Oh boy, I’ve never even thought of it to be honest. We had a huge apartment before buying our home, so we were lucky that we could start buying things a few years in advance. Our house isn’t nearly where we want it to be in terms of furnishing, and I don’t know if it ever will be since our style keeps changing.

On our living room, we probably spent about $6,000. This included a couch, chair and a huge ottoman. Coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps, corner tv hutch, curtains & window treatments, pictures & decorations

EDIT: I also cant imagine buying tons of furniture right off the bat. It was really helpful to live in our house for a few months before deciding on major purchases or furniture pieces. Sometimes once youve  been in the house for a while, your ideas totally change.

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Busy bee
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The number doesn’t seem that far off. It is really high for a first time home owner. I’ve been a home owner for over 7 Years (we are in our second home) and I can tell you for my first home we spent around 5000 on kitchenaid stainless steel appliance. Our second home was around 10000 as did things a little more custom. In our first home we spent around 4000 on kitchen upgrades through our builder. ( upgrading the kitchen cabinets to maple, adding a pantry, valance lighting, backsplash. In our second house more like 15000 as we added alot extras to make our kitchen custom. Things like granite, pot and pan draws, crown moulding, taller uppers, some glass etc. Not all that is needed though. Our first house our kitchen we was still really nice but didnt do all the extras as they add up really quick. It all depends on how upgraded you want it.what is your vision? One thing to not forget about is blinds or shutters. Depending on the size of your house( the more the square footage the more windows you will have). If you want shutters your looking around 4000 for a 2000 sqft home. A lArger home would be more. We also just purchased bedroom set for 7000. I also spent a similar amount on a dining room furniture. Saying that you could go to a big box store(the brick) and purchase a lesser quality furniture for probably 2000 -3000. I suggest buying your home and priortizing what you really need as it is really unrealistic to think you should have it fully furnished with brand new furniture. We had our dining room empty for 2 years and we made due with my old bedroom furniture for 7 years. I would concentrate on only saving for items like Appliances, kitchen table, sofa and blinds as those are the things you will need right away. would need right away. You could wait to replace your current furniture and make use of it for a while. Plus it’s nice to be in your home for a bit to actually see what you need and actual sizes of pieces so it is commensurate for your room. Happy home buying and remember Rome wasn’t built over night!

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That calculation seems way off. The housing market here is really weird, a house that size in the east end would cost around 300k (so 75k for furniture) and a house of the same size would be around 600k (so 150k for furniture????) in the west end. That’s totally unrealistic and why should someone spend double the amount for the same furniture?

It completely depends on where you are getting the furniture from too. I’m sure if I bought everything at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn it would come tok 60k but I don’t want to pay their high prices.

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It definitey depends on your style and where you shop.  I like very modern looks (clean lines, minimalist) with neutral/earthy colors.  I just bought a house in July, and I only had a bedroom set and a couch.  I probably spent about $7k decorating the rest.  So I bought things for the office, coffee table, end tables, console table, kitchen set, bookcase, window treatments, and prints for the walls.  My house is only about 1000 sqft though, so not too much to decorate.  I definitely prioritized what was important and would get a lot of use.  I live alone and always eat on the couch while watching tv, so I didn’t spend a lot of money on a kitchen set.  In fact, I got it from Walmart.  It fits my style and looks nice, but it was cheap.  If I used it everyday, it probably wouldn’t last long.  My parents bought a big house a few years ago, and they just recently finished decorating.  They just used some stuff they already had and shopped around for sales and things until they had everything they wanted.  Sometimes they would get something cheap at Ikea or Walmart to hold them over for a few months to a year until they found the perfect piece.  Decorating is more of a process than I ever would have thought!

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I think we all know from planning a wedding that everything can be done for less money than “the average”.  The costs you’re finding online suggest fully furnshing your home with brand new, high quality pieces. In reality, you’re probably going to be slowly adding quality peices to your home during the first few years you live there, and of course there’s nothing wrong with buying slightly used or lower quality peices that will only last until you can save up enough to replace them. Don’t freak out about everything being filled and perfect the day you move in. Part of the fun of having your own place is taking the time to decorate it as you build memories there.

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25%?!  Thats crazy, that would mean it’d take me over 100k to furnish my house?  It’s been over a year and I’m STILL trying to get it furnished.   It’s 3200 finished sf including the finished basment.  But so far…

For my living room: sofa/loveseat 2k, rug 180, coffee table 350, tv stand 400, side table 150, curtains 80, curtain rods 45 (love TJ Maxx!), wall metal art 30, canvas art 160, few picture frames 50…. so…about 3500 for living room.  If you include the tv, 4700

I’ve got a second living room that isnt furnished except for a computer desk 100

Small table for kitchen: 200 chars 200

I havent dont the dining room yet, but the set I’m looking at is 800 and 400 for the buffet

Bedroom: we built the bed for about 400 in material, night stands 300/each, dresser I’m looknig at is 800, curtain rod 20 curtain 12, bench 130….about 2k

Probably 1k for each of the other 3 bedrooms.

So basic house furnishing with some serious bargain shopping total: about 12k?  Not including much decorations yet.

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