(Closed) How much does Mirena hurt when going in?? What to expect?? **never had kids**

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Busy bee
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Hurt a bit but I didn’t take any Tylenol before or even needed any after. Best thing I ever did! My periods are really heavy and long and I don’t even get it anymore and no side effects. I had it inserted on my lunch hour and came back to work.

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The insertion itself didnt hurt too much for me, was more of an uncomfortable pinch when they put it in place – I spent the rest of the day with painful cramps however but they had pretty much cleared up the next day. The whole experience of having a mirena made me forget the insertion pain – i had it for a year and went from bleeding for 2-4 weeks at a time pre-mirena to minor spotting 2 times, I loved it while I had it!

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I’m 23 as well and I don’t have any kids. My doctor didn’t hestiate either since BC pills were triggering my migraines. I think the worst part for myself was the cramps I got after insertion. My advice to you would be to have it inserted on a day where you have no plans. If you work, take the day off. I think I would have felt much better had I been able to go home and lay down for the rest of the day. But, overall it was so worth it! 9 months later and I do not get my period at all 🙂

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Hi there!


I had my mirena inserted when I was 20 years old and without children. My doctor gave me these dissolvable tablets to insert into the vagina in order to help the cervix dilate and make the process easier. He also gave me like 6 pain pills.. he advised me to take one about an hour before the procedure to help make me more comfortable and relaxed. the insertion was not bad at all.. there was a pinch and burning that only lasted seconds. I had very little cramping with the following days.


The mirena has been amazing!! Really though, I have NO periods and my sex life is way better as you can be spontaneous and not have to worry about getting pregnant. It was a piece of cake.. you will be fine!

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Busy bee
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My doctor didn’t give me anything for pain or to dialate my cervix.  It hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out.  I had to sit down in the waiting room from the light headedness. 

I then went home and put a heating pad on my belly to manage the pain.  I didn’t get out of bed the rest of the day. 

Everyone is different.  If your doctor is giving you pain meds, that’s a great thing!!

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My doctor wouldn’t give it to me because I DON’T have kids.. apparently your body can push it out…


Instead I have the implanon… it’s great! no periods & good for 3 years!

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I have the copper, but same thing insertion wise… it hurt, I’ll admit it. It was a pinch and kind of made the nerves in my pelvic area stand on end, and then I had to lay there a bit and they brought me some apple juice and a horse sized ibuprofen (they didn’t tell me to take any before hand unfortunately) because i felt a little like i was going to pass out. It didn’t actually hurt anymore after it was in but I sometimes feel kind of light headed when I feel pain hence the laying around for a few minutes. Once I got up and went to leave the only thing I felt was some cramping like a period and spotting, the rest was a piece of cake. TOTALLY worth it for years of garaunteed birth control!!

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@peanuthead:  I felt the exact same way.  When he inserted it absolutely took my breath. 

It felt like the sharpest most instense menstrual cramp ever but it only lasted a second.  I took ibuprofen beforehand but it didn’t hurt at all after it was inserted.  I’ve had my for almost 2 years and never had any problems.  I barely spot when I have my period. 

Some women who havne’t had kids (I haven’t) can use Mirena because it won’t fit.  He measured me to make sure it would fit okay.  It also hurt when he measured but again it was very brief. 

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Sugar bee

I do not have kids, and will be having kids probably within the next five years…was on the pill for 3 years before I got the Mirena. I did not take anything before hand and it just felt like a bad cramp (on the pill, I would have super heavy periods, and seriously felt like someone was punching me in the uterus multiple times for a week straight every month)….I did it after class one day and went about my day. I had spotting twice, and have not had my period since then. LOVE it!!!

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Blushing bee
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No kids for me either. Had Mirena placed because I was quitting work to go into the nursing program and didn’t wanna risk getting preggers or having to pay for BC with no insurance from work. Plus BC makes me crazy :). NOT TO SCARE YOU, just to warn you, but I didn’t get any medications beforehand and I can tell you I almost passed out from the pain. My lovely doctor said during the procedure, without giving me a heads up of what level of discomfort to expect, that I was lucky I had a high pain tolerance. At which point I almost punched her in the face. Can’t tell you exactly how long the pain lasted, because I passed out when I got home for 3 hours. But it definitely lasted at least 2 hours, because it took us an hour and a half to get home from the hospital.

HOWEVER…since then I can tell you it’s been great. My menstrual cycles are either non existent, or crazy light. I would definitely do it again, after receiving meds.

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Busy bee
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I got an IUD a couple years ago, with no pain medication beforehand. When she put it in, I felt pain and pressure for about five seconds, and then just tenderness. I took 2 or 3 ibuprofen tabs after that and I was fine. 


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I have the copper IUD, as I wanted to get off the birth control pill and start getting ready for kids.  It can come out when you would like it to.

To be honest, it was THE most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life.  I took a couple pills before for pain, but it literally took my breath away, made me shake, and cry.

That being said, when it was over it was over.  The pain I had after were your menstrual cramps I had when I wasn’t on the pill.  Totally controllable with medication. 

It was worth it.  Although my period is heavier on the copper IUD, I much prefer it to taking the pill.

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Like others said, it felt like a VERY strong cramp, but only for a second.  DH was in the room with us, but she pulled the curtain during the insertion so he didn’t see anything.  I wish I could have squeezed his hand.  I don’t think I made a peep, but I’m glad he couldn’t see my face, as that showed my pain.  But it was over very quickly.  He was surprised by how quick the whole thing was (no longer than a simple pap smear).  The rest of the day, I felt mild cramping come and go.  Honestly, I would have preferred to have mild cramping all day, as I noticed it the most when it would start up again, but again, it was very mild. 

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i have the paraguard, not the mirena, but my insertion was SERIOUSLY painful. like crying, bloated, major cramps. it was worst the first day & then way better on the 2nd (just a weird bloated feeling in my abdomen & soreness) & then after that was totally gone. my friend who has her mirena said her pain was similar to what she felt when she was going through pre labor pains with her daughter!!

that being said though, i think it was worsened by going to work right after. in retrospect, i wouldve gone home & stolen a vicoden from someone!


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