How much does your dog cost you per month?

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  • poll: How much do you spend per month on your dog (on average)?
    Less than $50 : (21 votes)
    19 %
    $50 - 75 : (24 votes)
    22 %
    $76 - 100 : (22 votes)
    20 %
    $101 - 125 : (12 votes)
    11 %
    $126 - 150 : (8 votes)
    7 %
    $151 - 175 : (6 votes)
    6 %
    $176 - 200 : (4 votes)
    4 %
    $201 - 225 : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Over $226 : (11 votes)
    10 %
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    I have a 12lb chihuahua mix so he dosn’t go through food fast. I buy him a fairly expensive type of food: blue diamond grain free ($30/bag) but it lasts him a few months. I also mix in canned food so one $.70 can lasts almost a week. He goes through treats slowly since he just gets a few a day. He gets a greenie every Saturday.

    We probably spend a little under $10/year for poop bags.

    He used to go through toys fast but seems to be slowing down on destroying everything.

    He doesn’t need to be groomed since he sheds. I bought a $5 clipper and clip his nails for him and give him baths once in a while.

    Flea/tick medication and heartguard medication which are both applied monthly and are somewhat pricy.

    Most expensive cost was boarding him when we went on vacation ($45/day).

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    We spend too much money on our dog but he’s our child.  Walter is a bordoodle (border collie/poodle) that is a year old now and weighs around 45 pounds.  Super high energy and super mischievous.  He goes to daycare during the week and that is $25/day.  I work 12 hour shifts and my husband travels for work so crating him during the day isn’t an option.  Since he is part poodle, we have to get him bathed and groomed regularly which runs $45-$65 but he doesn’t shed which is fantastic.  Between daycare, grooming, food, treats, meds, etc… we spend around $650/month on average.

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    I would say average 50-75 a month. We have a 7 year old lab. Groom ourselves most of the time since she’s fairly low maintenance. We don’t give her many treats. 

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    We have three (two dachshunds ~14 lbs and a coonhound ~65 lbs), but their costs are basically the same. 

    We pay $50 something each for their Banfield Wellness Plans, which includes their monthly flea/heartworm treatment (tick treatment not necessary here), it also includes all vet visits, vaccines and preventative care, plus dental cleaning and some diagnostic tests. Since our dogs are healthy with no chronic issues, we don’t usually have additional vet costs beyond what is covered by the plan.

    We buy food every 3 weeks or so, for about $45 per bag. It’s quality kibble, Merrick or similar, but we get it from an overstock dog food store, so we save about $20 per bag. Treats might be another $10-$20 per month. We don’t really buy toys, certainly not monthly. None of our dogs get groomed, they’re all short haired so it’s not really necessary, I do baths, nails, anal glands myself and save the $20. We also don’t do any hired walking or daycare regularly.

    I selected $76-$100 per dog as an average, It’s probably on the lower end of that.

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    My dog is about 40 pounds with super short hair, so grooming isn’t an expense. I spend about  $60 per bag of food, which I think lasts about 2 months. Heartworm medicine is $50 for 6 months. Flea medicine is expensive but I don’t need it for more than half the year; I’d say I spend $130 a year on it. Plus I’d estimate around  $300 annually for vet bills and random expenses, and roughly $500 on daycare or petsitting when we’re out of town. 

    So if my math is correct, that’s around $1500 a year. Many months I don’t spend more than $30-$60. But if I’m going on vacation and pay for doggy daycare, and just bought new food, heartworm medicine, flea medicine, and he had a vet bill, it could easily become $500+ in one month. And then the following month could be no money at all.

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    We have two dogs, a rough coat collie & a chocolate lab. Our lab goes through food like nobody’s business, but he is still a puppy so he gets 4 cups a day. We buy a $45 pound of dog food every two weeks or so. Heartworm is around $10-12 a month each. Flea prevention is also around $50 per month. Plus we regularly buy them treats & toys so maybe $250 a month for 2 dogs. We are about to start doggie day care some for our lab though which is around $25 a day and we want to do it maybe once a week or so. Obviously like you mentioned this can vary greatly. Our dogs are our fur babies so we like to spoil them. WHen you first get a dog it can get very expensive buying things you need for them, especially puppies. We put in over $500 each for both of our puppies for things they needed, crates, beds, vetting, etc. Boarding during our vacations also was a huge expense, and we recently spent $140 or so to neuter our boy. Honestly, puppies are cute and all, but they are much more expensive than adopting a dog that already has been vetted & spayed/neutered. Plus potty training is no fun.

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    Funny enough, I just added this up today and just medical wise, our dog costs us over $2000 a year without food/treats. LOL. But we love her and she’s our little baby. She has Addison’s disease so we are always so grateful we are in the position to pay this amount for her.

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    i have a 50 lb mutt (pit/lab type mix)

    we pay $38/month for her pet insurance, about $20 a month for her heartworm & flea pill ($110+tax for 6 months), about $35/month on dog food (one bag every 1.5 months roughly: $50 per bag), and roughly another $5/month on treats (dental plus freeze dried duck hearts)

    so about $100 total. 

    that said–keep in mind there’s more than just average costs.  There are vaccines & vet visits (once every so often–after a few years they’ll refuse to re-up their flea med prescription without you coming in); occasional dental cleanings; you’ll need to get a sitter if you travel; and if you’re unlucky there can be major surgeries and physical therapy (there was in our case)–even with insurance the co-pays aren’t insignificant. 

    I’d say, if we divide her “big” costs over the year (not including her surgeries and stuff, which would really change the numbers) she probably comes up closer to $125/month.

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    I have a 10 month old Labrador/Great Pyrenees mix that currently weighs about 85 pounds (and still growing!) we probably spend too much on him, but he’s my baby! He goes though food pretty quickly, since he eats about 6 cups a day, so we have to buy food at LEAST once a month. I know that I spend too much on treats and toys, but since we never have to get him groomed (major shedder), I’ve convinced myself that it evens out. All in all, between food, treats, toys, medicine, and other miscellaneous items, I’d say we spend about $75-100 a month. 

    Now, if you factor in all the things he’s destroyed around the house that will need to be replaced before we move, we can go ahead and add an extra $2000 to that. 😒🙄 

    Still love him though! 

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    I have 2 dogs. Roxy is a 1 yr old labrador retreiver, and Lily is a 5 year old Pomernian. 

    We feed Roxy Nutro Essentials Dry Dog food. $45 per bag 30 lbs bag. 

    We feed Lily Castor and Pollox Organix Canned Food (With some of Roxy’s dry mixed in) A case of 12 cans is $20-$30 depending on the flavor.   

    I have an auto ship for this order every 2 weeks form So approx $150 a month for their food. +$100 a year for them to go get shots and check up at the vet, heartworm and flea/tick protection. Add in the random toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, etc… I groom Lily myself, and Roxt just needs baths and furminator every few weeks, so no grooming expenses there. 

    Honestly I love my pups, and every $ is totally worth it to me! 

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    peacebethejourney :  Yes!  The house destruction bill is the worst part!  Walter has torn up carpet in almost every room of the house.  We’ve started shopping around but 2400 sq ft of flooring adds up pretty quickly.  Ugh! 

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    We have two huskies. Our healthy one doesn’t cost us that much. It’s about 500 dollars for yearly shots and a year of flea and heatworm protection. That’s about 42 dollars a month. She probably goes through almost a bag of dog food herself a month (super rough estimate). That’s 45 dollars as we feed them Taste of the Wild (a super great dog food I highly recommend). We don’t buy them too many treats, probably 10-20 dollars worth each a month. They get a treat every morning before we head to work and a special treat on the weekends. We go to a dog bakery to get them though (they’re spoiled lol). Toys I buy in bulk when they are clearance or on sale so we have a stockpile! So for her it’s probably a little over 100 a month for her. We bath them and brush them and do their nails ourselves as well.

    Our other dog is a tripod. We knew rescuing him that he was going to be more expensive. This year, we had to do an MRI and tumor removal surgery on him. We also started physical therapy since he wasn’t walking as well as he should. He’s gotten much better and PT is down to once a week. That said, we’ve probably spent 5k on him this year easy. Next year will be much less expensive though as he is doing better. PT will probably go down to every other week in the spring (it’s $45 a session). If you have a healthy dog, you can easily spend 100 or less per month on them. If they have issues it can be much more. He was more like a 400/month dog this year. But even if you can’t afford all that extra stuff, if you rescue a dog even just doing what you can do is much better than them being put down. Our tripod was recsued from someone who kept him in a crate literally all day. He’s such a good boy and he definitely didn’t deserve that kind of abuse.

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    We spend about 100 a month in top quality food per month. Less in the winter. 

    80 dollars for grooming and tip once per month (she’s a long haired mutt with a coat that mats if It gets long.) 

    She’s quite spoiled with bully sticks and raw bones, about 65 dollars a month but in the winter it’s more, because she can’t come to the barn and exercise when it’s so muddy. Twice a year she gets a 60 dollar seresto collar. 

    I don’t yearly vax, so yearly she gets a blood drawn titer test, about 150. 

    Monthly I’d average her at about $280. A steal for such a good working dog. As a dog trainer, she earns me a lot of clients because she’s so well behaved. I’d pay whatever she required without hesitation. 

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    submart :  

    I have 3 dogs.

    S- hardly spend much on him. Just food, heartworm, flea/tick and the occasional toy.

    R- besides the same as dog S, this one has medical issues. His meds alone are around $100/mo. His specialized food that he shares with his sister is $70/month.

    N – shares special food with R, $70/month. Daycare is NECESSARY for her because she’s NUTS. That varies, but maybe $200+/month. Hoping the dog park will suffice in the spring!

    They all get various shots, mostly just rabies for S & R. N gets them all because of daycare.

    I really just think it can vary. Plan for food and toys. But have some back up cash for vet visits (they are NEVER cheap), illness, and surprises. Shortly after we got Puppy N she got spayed, which we knew about, but also needed teeth removed. Yikes!!!

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