How much does your husband/significant other help when you're sick?

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sandra12345 :  What a sweet guy you have! He’s a keeper.

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Darling Husband always helps out a lot, but he is so sweet when I’m sick. I had a bad cold last week and came home early from work to find my “nest” set up on the couch (pillows, blankets, iPad, tissues, cough syrup all waiting for me) and he kept me supplied with soup, tea, ginger ale, and crackers. 

He prefers to be left mostly alone when sick, but I do check on him and make sure he has everything he needs regularly, as well as cooking soups or other sick-friendly foods to tempt him.

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I’m a bit bullheaded so I usually don’t want to deviate from my normal routine even when i’m sick which causes my husband to bitch at me to take the time to be sick. He’ll bring me ice cream home and food and things like that.

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I don’t live together yet, but if I were sick, my SO would bring soup, which was from my recipe. 🙂 I taught him well. He would take care of as much stuff as he can around my house, and drive me to the doctor’s office. He has 30 days of vacation a year, he can easily take time off to help me when I am sick. I wish I have more paid time off, but I don’t. 🙁


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My SO is veyr helpful when I am sick..


When he is sick hes a psycho! He “Wants” me to help him,cuddle him, feed him and all of which I try to do!! But he says I “offer too much advise” when hes sick and we just end up arguing over how to care for him. Resulting in him caring for himself… We laugh about it.

Men are such babies.

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sandra12345 :  my husband and I take care of each other when we don’t feel well. Just this morning I rubbed out a charlie horse from his calf. It was part of the vows…

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My husband is naturally thoughtful,, so when I’m not feeling well he amps it up checking with me, do I need to go to the dr,  what kind of food I want.   It just comes naturally to hm.

Last winter I had to go to the hospital because I was puking my guts out, I mean it was gross.  He sat on the bed, held my hair back, cleaned me off and fed me ice chips.

He’s not an I Love You guy,but actions like that speak louder and anything he could say

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This is where my husband could definitely improve. He is supportive in that if I need to leave work and I’m concerned about money, he will make me feel better and asure me we will cut back where needed to pay bills. That is really nice because I will push myself too far. He will do things that I specfically ask him to do, but he won’t take it upon himself to see the laundry needs done or go to the grocery store. He is like that all the time, says he just doesn’t think about it. Seriously? 

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sandra12345 :  When one or other other of us is sick, the other will pick up the slack on any necessary chores and will go to the store to get medicine if needed.  That’s usually pretty much it.  We don’t have kids or pets so it’s not really a big deal for us.

That said, there was a period of time a couple of years ago that I was very badly injured (completely unable to walk or stand for a few months) and my husband had to go above and beyond for that.  I wasn’t able to do a thing, so he was totally on his own to cook, clean, etc.  He’d have to leave me food in the fridge on the correct shelf so I could reach it while he was at work, get my perscriptions filled, and basically do everything for me.  There was even one time where I had to call him to come home from work to help me and he had to take off work several times to take me to medical appointments.   It was really tough on both of us.

Luckily in that case my  mom ended up coming to town to help for 10 days, so she took over the cooking and cleaning and took care of both of us.  It helped a lot, and also gave him some company that wasn’t a depressed invalid.

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My Darling Husband is sweet and thoughtful when I’m sick but it’s too much of a good thing. He’s a hoverer Are you okay? Is there anything else I can get you? Do you need to go to the dr/hospital??? and I actually DON’T like to be pampered when I’m sick- I like to be left alone. So while I appreciate him bringing me a cup of tea or running to the pharmacy, I really just want to be left in peace curled into a self-pitying cocoon of blankets and kleenex and Vicks Vaporub in front of Netflix and left to my phlegmy, cranky, disgusting self. 

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iʻm sick right now and he was a god-send. finding me vitamin c and throat losangers (sp?), getting me water, tissues, mowing the lawn, getting food, just watching tv with me w/o complaint.

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sandra12345 :  my husband 100% caters to me. He has never been sick since we’ve been together 3 and a half years.  Literally ever! We joke that he has an immune system of steel. I’ve had the flu and several different colds and he never gets sick.  It’s amazing. But if he ever does I will cater to him the same way he does for me. 

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