(Closed) How much does your SO have to make for you to stop working?

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  • poll: How much does your SO have to make for you to stop working?

    $40,000 or less

    $41,000 to 60,000

    $61,000 to 80,000

    $81,000 to 100,000

    $101,000 to 120,000

    $121,000 to 140,000

    $141,000 to 160,000

    $161,000 to 180,000

    $181,000 and greater

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    Well, considering that we made less than $20,000 between the two of us this past year….$40,000 sounds great :-).

    Realistically, though, probably the $41,000-$60,000 would be more ideal for when we have kids, but we live frugally and I have no doubt that we could do it on $40,000 or less

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    I’m not working now, havent been for over a year and he only makes $26K a year. It’s so tight though and were both trying to find jobs right now. If he could make $40K a year though I’d stop working for good.

    We live a pretty simple life and we only splurge on vacations which I am a wiz with finding amazing deals so even they don’t break the bank, it’s usually a quarter of the tax return.

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    The Fiance and I think of it from a tax perspective. At a certain point in time it just won’t make sense as the marginal tax rate increases so much once you get to a certain bracket. It would be nice to work on our own RE projects that would get us passive income at a more favorable tax rate.We’re both accountants so we’ve discussed this at length.

    I suppose even if I didn’t work in accounting, a pilates instructor would be an awesome job. So its still work, but doing something I like.

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    Right now DH makes about 80K a year, and we live comfortably, but we also live within our means, which means we don’t just go out and buy whatever we want with out any regard to how much it costs, our budget, bills etc. If he wants something or I want something that costs a few hundred dollars, we buy it. If it’s something that costs a few thousand, we save for it. Simple as that. Neither of us has much debt (3k for me and 10k for him, both low interest school loans). We live in a townhouse, not a mansion. I drive a Hyundai, not an Escalade. 

    I don’t work, but I’m in school for x-ray/MRI tech and we just went over how much I’ll make per year, average, in today’s class. Added to his annual salary, we’ll live very comfortably once I grad and find work.

    It’s nice to know that if I need to quit, we can live on his salary alone until something else comes along for me.  



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    @Miss Orchard:  My thoughts exactly.  My husband and I (together) made about $130k this past year, and we live comfortably.  Definitely not comfortably enough for me to stop working, though.  

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    I voted in the 101-120, but honestly, I don’t know. I know we could make it work at the 101 range, but more would be more comfortable I guess. We’re not lavish people. I’d like to take a solid hiatus from work when we have kids, and he would need to make a good income, which he’s on track to do by the time we’re planning on having children.

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    Ideally I would say over $100k, but it depends on our circumstances. We make over $100k combined now and live pretty comfortably (no kids or house). If we had to make it work, I’m sure we could get by just fine on much less, though.

    DH is actually tossing around the idea of going to med school, in which case I may become the primary breadwinner in a couple years. Of course, his future earning potential could be much more, but I’m not sure how it would work out during that time I was the only one working. Especially if we have kids during that time, it would be a huge change! I know we could make do on half of what we make now, but it would probably take some major lifestyle changes.

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    I think it depends on where you live as well, some living expenses are more expensive than other places. Living in NY I can tell you it would have to be in the 100’s… We make a combined income now of about $150… So in order for me to stay home his income would have to double

     🙁 lol

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    I do not believe that money is a means to and end.  That being said, I have not had a job for about a year now.  I have looked, and applied at a few that I feel I would be happy at, but in our eyes, it’s not worth selling my soul doing something I hate to make a petty amount of money.  

    My Fiance works for his father’s company, and will one day own it with his brother.  I know his parents hurt for nothing, and while his mother did work at the begining, she’s long stopped now.  I much rather be at home to raise my children than work under a glass ceiling.

    As long as we are happy, and live inside our means. that’s all that matters to me.  I don’t need a fancy car or million dollar home to make me happy.

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    I would always work unless we had kids -I’d get bored – then I would take a year or so off to nest with the baby, and go back to work part-time once they start going to nursery/school. 

    But we would never have kids unless we could afford it. We would be okay if we had them unplanned now, but I would rather wait a little longer so we have more in the savings. 

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    Wow, to those who voted < 60 or even under 40, are you also saving for retirement savings aside from general savings?  I just cant fathom being able to live on that and save for retirement and vacations.

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    I would always work- even if it was just part time, contract or even volunteer work…. I always need something to do and I like having my own money.

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    I voted $181+ but that would be for me to stop working all together. We currently make a little more than $100k combined and are able to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle. We live in Upstate, NY where cost of living isn’t astronomical but taxes are a nightmare (thanks NYC!).

    DH is in the process of getting a new job. The positions that are on the table all have salaries either around what we currently make combined or more. After he accepts one of those, I will eventually quit my job though I’m going to be starting my own event planning company so it’s not like we’ll never have additional income. He’ll be supporting us solo for a while but eventually I’ll be back to contributing. When we reproduce, I’ll be staying home. If that were to happen before he gets the new job (which it won’t) then we would still be fine living off of his current income alone. We’d probably have to make some small sacrifices but we’d be able to swing it.

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    Before I met and married DH, I had a lengthy and successful career.  Most recently, I worked in a corporate enviroment in a major city in another state and, with annual bonuses, made more than $90K a year.  After almost a year of transition during which I lived in and worked from both states so that I could wrap up my job and sell my house, I eventually had to quit my very lucrative job to relocate to be with DH and my stepchildren full time. 

    DH is a pastor and makes significantly less money than I did. Although the original plan was for me to do some part-time consulting work on behalf of my former employer at an even higher rate from my new home, that arrangement only lasted for about four months due to a drastically changing business climate associated with my former employer’s line of business. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any type of similar employment in my new area.

    Part of me truly is enjoying not working, but, of course, I do sometimes miss receiving those big paychecks, lol.  🙂

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    @pinkshoes:  I think it depends on your standard of living. It’s definitely doable. My mom stayed at home with us all growing up and my dad only made about $55,000 a year (and there were seven of us kids). We had a vacation every year and my dad has a retirement account. But we also drove old cars, wore hand-me-down clothes, and rarely went out to eat or to the movies. It was tight, but definitely doable. 

    For my husband and I now, we get almost all our clothes from the thrift store, have second-hand furniture, take public transportation (though our goal is to have a car by this summer), make meals from scratch, don’t eat out much (maybe once a month). We aren’t saving for retirement yet (but once my husband gets a job in his field, hopefully we can begin to), but we do get vacations once or twice a year. Usually we use a portion of our tax returns to pay for those and travel by train or bus rather than plane. All that meant that the two of us were able to live on less than $13,000 last year (not counting tax returns or scholarships for school). We even ended the year with some money in savings. 

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