(Closed) How much do/will you pay for a babysitter?

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One thing that I will say, is that most babysitting is under the table (not reported to the IRS) so it’s actually more than you would get for the “same” salary in a traditional job.

However, but went I babysat 10-20 years ago, I don’t think I ever made as low as $4 an hour. Even just sitting in the living room while the kid slept, I made $5 an hour. I did a lot of work with kids with autim and in college I made about $12 an hour. 

I also think there are different price points for different expectations: number of kids, if anything else is expected (cooking, cleaning, etc.), disabilities, holidays, frequency, etc.

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I had a couple start me at $10/hr at 14 yo, but they kept asking me back and paying me significantly less every time until it fell below my wage at the coffee shop I worked at… so I stopped taking jobs from them.

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Good luck finding a babysitter for anywhere around that rate here. At that pay you might be able to get someone to watch the kids by webcam from home and call 911 if things get out of hand. 

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It really depends on kids age and length of time I’ll be gone. I’d always pay at least minimum wage to someone, but if my kid is younger and requires more care I’d pay more or if I was going to be gone for longer than a few hours I’d pay more too

But if my kid is old enough to basically take care of themselves and I just need someone to hang out with them and keep them from burning the house down, probably only minimum wage. 

Edited to add: When I was around 12 I used to babysit for a woman who had this mentality, and I would watch her infant son for HOURS and she would only give me like $20. 

Then I got a job house sitting for a friend of my moms, and she paid me $100 for a week of occasionally stopping by the house to check on things, feed the cat and maybe turn lights on or off so it looked like someone was home. I was blown away and suddenly realized how much I was being short changed at my babysitting job

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cls9q:  it’s just a silly article from a silly source. People write articles all the time just to get a rise out of people. No need to get worked up about it!

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When I was about 14 I think i made $5/hr. I was cool with that because I didn’t know anything about min wage. There was someone at my mons job though that would pay be $20 to clean his car.  Wash the outside, vacuumed, Armour All, etc. it took about 2hrs. So that was more than min wage at the time. Which was $7.

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I could see paying $5/hr to a young teen who is just chilling at my house while my young child slept. But if someone is entertaining, cooking, cleaning, etc. then I think $10/hr is very reasonable for someone in high school or university.

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cls9q:  I think it depends on how long you’re watching them. When I babysat and the kids were already in bed when I got there , I usually would only charge $6/7 an hour. If I’m watching them throughout the day it was usually $10 an hour, if there were more than three kids, the parents usually automatically added more on.

$4 an hour might have been fine a decade or two ago, but kids could get a paper route or something and make more money than that for one day a week!

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The only time it was $4 an hour was if there were multiple kids and I was working out a base rate… $4 for the first kid, $3 for the second, $2 for the third.  Or if they were legitimately sleeping so I could do homework or read, then I would do less per hour.

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I don’t have kids, but I wouldn’t even leave my dog with someone who accepted $4/hr as a wage.

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The writer of the article uses the following definitions to distinguish between what she considers babysitting vs. nannying:

  • Babysitter = One-time thing. Simple, occasional, as-needed, basic. (Date night, need to run to the store, girls night, whatever it is). You pick them up, they watch your kids, you drop them off at home.
  • Nanny = A more advanced, frequent caregiver. They are typically college aged or older, they come regularly (or semi-regularly), drive themselves, and do additional chores (drive your kids to and from activities, do your laundry, grocery shop for you, tutor your kids, etc.). <br /> <br /> Do not confuse the two! A nanny would start anywhere from $10-$15+. In this situation I am talking about a babysitter, not a nanny.

Looking at things in this light, I think she’s pretty spot on.  I wouldn’t pay my neighbor’s 8th grader, to whom I would provide transportation to and from my house, to watch my kid for 3 or 4 hours on date night, the same way I’d pay a college student who I may ask to do additional tasks (like making dinner for the kid or picking him up from soccer practice),and who can provide their own transportation. 

Thus, my neighbor’s 8th grader might get $5 or $6 an hour.  While the college kid would likely get more than double that.

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