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  • Wedding: September 2017

I have a vintage sapphire and diamond ring. We did a lot of ring shopping/looking around, and went to a reputable antiques dealer in our city (Toronto) to discuss price points and specs. We eventually purchased a ring from her store on our second visit (my Fiance made the final decision! 🙂 ). It was well worth it!  We had been to the big chain stores (People’s), another little antique shop and some other places to look for rings before making a final decision.

I didn’t do a lot of internet research, but I did look at things like sapphire hardness and care and cleaning so I would be prepared. 



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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2016

We didn’t do much.  We learned what the 4 c’s were, but that was about it.  I wish we had done more, because my diamond has a pretty low clarity, but is really high in cut and color.   If we had known more about clarity, I think we would have spent a bit extra to get a better one, but it’s ok.  My diamond is still beautiful!!

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  • Wedding: March 2018

My fiance proposed to me with a placeholder ring, and let me choose my own ering.  I did a lot of research before buying a ring online from James Allen.  I knew the 4 Cs backward and forward, and I knew what the ideal proportions and qualities were for a round diamond (table size, length-to-width ratio, depth, crown angle, etc.).  We also went to a bunch of jewelers so that we could see what the 4 Cs looked like in person.  It’s such a big purchase, and it’s FOREVER so I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was getting (and getting the most bang for the buck!).  I looked up the lab reputations, and decided that I wanted a GIA certified diamond.  We set a budget so I knew what we could afford in that price range, and had to choose what was most important to me and what I was willing to give up to stay in the budget.  Obviously, I realize that not everyone does this much research, but overall, I couldn’t be happier with the diamond and the setting I chose, and am so happy that I was so well informed before taking the plunge!  


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Bumble bee

MissMul :  I did tons of research before settling on a stone. My boyfriend had me going to jewelry stores every weekend and trying on diamonds despite telling him how much I DID NOT want a diamond. 

After that, I started doing my own research looking for the perfect emerald cut “something else” stone. I presented him with a morganite and but he wasn’t happy with the price nor the properties so I tried to find something that was more expensive, because that’s what mattered to him, as well as something that suit my taste. 

I knew I that if I didn’t want a diamond, I didn’t want something that was going to pretend to be a diamond so moissanite and white sapphires and other diamond simulants were out. Don’t get me wrong, I swoon over moissanite emeralds but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I genuinely wanted something different. I started looking into sapphires to see which ones were the best for me, their origin, their prices.

After scouring the internet and calling Sri Lanka (yes bees, i had a looooong conversation with a man from Sri Lanka) I was sooo sad to hear that sapphires are NEVER given a step cut and that if I wanted an octagonalI shape, I would have to settle for a mixed step/radiant cut. I was literally about to give up and settle for the diamond when I found her! Princess Peach was in NY! I even told me the man from Sri Lanka and he told me that she was probably the only one I would ever be able to find and that I should get her. She arrived the following week and I couldn’t be any happier!!!

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  • Wedding: June 2018 - Omaha, NE

I studied all things ring for literal months lol

I started with diamonds because I didn’t know moissanite existed, but once I discovered moissanite I did a ton of research on it and all the different kinds. I sought out pictures of different shapes, sizes, and settings and made my decision from there. I narrowed it down to 2 settings with different stone shapes and let my Fiance pick from there!

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Blushing bee

Nothing much actually. We basically looked for one that fits comfortably with FI’s budget. We then compare between two or three same sizes of stones and setting and settled for the ‘best’ one. 

I was more particular with the setting design 🙂

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  • Wedding: September 2017 - Pearson Convention Centre

No research my fiancee surprised me with my engament ring

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  • Wedding: August 2019

More than I thought I’d do, to be honest! But for me, it was less about diamond specs and more about trying to find everything I wanted at a reasonable price, which was a bigger challenge than I’d imagined, especially considering I’d originally wanted a moissanite and then switched to diamond after doing some shopping. I felt like I was going crazy for a while trying to make it all work! Thankfully, my gorgeous (and affordable) ring is being made right now, and hopefully it’ll be mine very soon! 

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Bee Keeper

I think bees generally are more into stuff like this then then general population. I know most of my friends have no idea of any of the c’s of their diamond rings other than perhaps the carat. 

My husband bought my ring but yes spent about 2 months learning loads and watching you tube vids and we tried on lots too. 

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  • Wedding: October 2017

I always been fasinated my gems and jewlry so I did a decent amount of reseach on the 4C’s, the ratio of ovals (since that was the cut I wanted), ideal dimension, ect. This was mostly because I wanted to be eduacted and found it interesting. My Fiance did some research on his own, mostly to determine how much he would want to spend and what characteristics he would be willing to compromise on. Our jewler has a great reputation, educated us as we shopped, and helped us to select a stone that was a good value so the amount of research that we did was probably not necessary, but it did make us feel very confident in our decision. At the end of the day, it really came down to if I thought the stone was beautiful and my Fiance thought it was reasonably priced. I haven’t thought about the specs since it been on my finger. 

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  • Wedding: July 2018

Well, I’m leaving the details (4 C’s, etc.) to my SO since he has more experience with those things having bought diamonds/jewelry before. We’ve done research on diamond alternatives, but personally I’m not interested in having something that is pretending to be a diamond (just my opinion!). So we discussed different colored diamonds (I really like gray diamonds but they’re a little difficult to find), what stone shapes I like, pave bands, halo vs. no halo and ultimately came to the conclusion that a lot of it will depend on his budget when he meets with the jeweler and what the jeweler can offer. For example, I told him a larger center stone doesn’t necessarily need a halo, so I’m fine with or without one but ultimately it will be his call on what looks best. 

We’ve had these conversations on and off for a few months. 

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Busy bee

I’m embarrassed to say, hardly any research. For such a big monetary expenditure and something I wear everyday, it is horrifying that we literally knew basics about the 4 c’s. I think I research face lotions more thoroughly. I was in shock that getting married was so important to Darling Husband (second marriage for us), and I had a stunning eRing from my previous marriage that really didn’t mean anything so we kind of winged it. I knew I did not want a round brilliant because that’s what I had before. He knew that he wanted to “take my breath away” with the diamond (I guess I had mentioned that off hand once in jest) so we picked among the offerings they had in his price range – larger side of carats so they only had about 4 options. Luckily, we did great, we didn’t get ripped off and I smile when I look at my ring. But we definitely should have researched more. Meh, I wouldn’t change my stone or how we did it because I probably would have turned into my typical over researching, control freak and sucked the fun out of it.  This way was just fun.

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  • Wedding: October 2016

Hardly any — not enough, to be honest. We chose my ring online from an Etsy seller (stone+setting together) and never even tried any on in person. I’ve since become a lot more interested (read: obsessed) with rings and have chosen several alternate sets since, although I do love my beautiful e-ring and wear it most frequently.

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  • Wedding: September 2015

My Darling Husband paid more to go with a luxury vendor largely so that the stone selection was done for him. He just picked with his eye and he couldnt have gone wrong. If your guy is looking at the wild west of buying online, a mass retailer, or in a diamond district I would *definitely* learn about the 4cs (and HCA score if Ring Bearer or ideal porportion for other cuts) and figure out what you prioritize in them that works realistically in the budget. Everything looks amazing in jewelry store lights, you dont want to spend all the money and end up with a dud!

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