How much is daycare where you live and how do you budget for it?

posted 2 years ago in TTC
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    DrAtkins :  

    We pay $1,000 a month ($242 a week) for our three year old. We are planning on trying for a second one when she’s no longer in daycare. We will know timing based on if she gets into the pre k program at the school where she will attend kindergarten. We have her in a daycare center and that price is average for our area. You might be able to find a lower cost in a different area, but that’s difficult because John don’t want it to be at the expense of the quality of care your child will receive.

    I guess that’s about 2% of my pre tax yearly income, I’m not including my husband’s salary in that.

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    Daycare is $1400* a month for my one-year-old in St Louis, MO. We looked a few daycares that range from around $1,100-1,800 a month and picked one in the middle of the range. The cost goes down as my son gets older to $1,150 by the age of 3. 

    2,600 sounds very expensive to me. Have you explored multiple different daycare centers? 

    *1,400 a month is about 8% of our pre-tax income. 


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    DrAtkins :  another Boston bee here and I FEEL YOU. While we both work in the city, we actually live about 10 miles out in a pricey suburb (we bought a fixer upper before the market went up otherwise we’d never afford it). We just upgraded from infant to toddler room so our monthly (for 5 days/week) cost for a daycare center dropped from $1798 to $1668. The new toddler rate is 12% of our pretax income. $2,600 sounds about right for in the city though and I’ve seen even higher – I considered it because I wanted to bring her near work and nurse on breaks rather than pump but not at that price difference. 

    ETA: our price includes a center that is open 7a-6p, 2 snacks a day with milk. Parents are responsible for bringing formula/breastmilk and lunch. It’s $1/minute if you are late for pickup. It only works because my husband and I work slightly offset schedules (I’m 9-5 so I do dropoff and he’s 7-3 and handles pickup). Parents that work 9-5 in the city are pretty much screwed on pickup times.

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    princessandthepear :  $2,600 is actually mid-level for infant care at a center IN Boston. The suburbs are more reasonable. 

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    Full time at nursery for my son would be £1400. We’re lucky that we have no mortgage or rent (inherited our house) but we live in London which is a high COL area. It’s a big chunk of my pre tax earnings. 

    Im pregnant with #2 and we’ve already decided that I won’t return after maternity leave this time as it will be too expensive and I’d be almost working for free having them both in nursery. When my son turns 3 we get 15 hours of free childcare a week from the government which we will use for preschool

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    Ours is $1450/month in Silicon Valley, which friends/colleagues with kids say is a great deal. It’s across the street from my office and he’ll be going M-F from 8-5:30 starting next Thursday when I go back to work. *sobs* Late pickups are $5 for every 10 min. It includes fresh food and formula, but LO’s still on breastmilk and only just starting solids. Ends up a bit less than 2% of our monthly income. 

    We also don’t have family nearby to help 🙁 I’m SO jealous of people that do.

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    DrAtkins :  Holy. F*cking. Cow.

    No helpful suggestions (going to TTC in 3+ years) just amazement. Good luck, Bee.

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    We pay $225/week for a 3 year old. An infant is $279/week I believe.

    We do have an FSA (I think that’s what it’s called) that gives us $5k pre tax through our work place.

    I would guess it’s around 10% of our combined income.

    ETA: when we have a second child we will probably be living paycheck to paycheck while they are both in daycare. We intentionally waited to TTC so it wouldn’t be too long of a time period, and we specifically put money away for the additional costs. It really sucks though.

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    We live in the Bay Area. We will be TTC in December, so I started looking at daycare prices. Hubby works in one of the tech companies and daycare there is about $3200 a month, with a one year waiting list at the moment!!

    Our rent is currently under 2k a month, because we lucked out. But once we move to a two bedroom, rent will be closer to 3k amonth.

    Guess who’s going to be a stay-at-home mom!!

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    DrAtkins :  HOLY SHIT. I also do not know how people afford that. Full time infant care in my area is approx. $1300/mo. which is our mortgage payment. And I thought that was bad. 

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    For an infant in my area its around $310 a week for a nice center. Roughly $1250 a month. We utilize a dependent care spending account which gives us $5,000 a year pre-tax. You can find cheaper for in-home but we don’t do in-home, my son was always in a center. 

    We don’t have a child in daycare right now, my son is now in 4k and we have to pay for before and afterschool for him. That is about $200 a week (his 4k is only half day). Once he’s in kinder, it will go down to about $100 a week. We plan to TTC the end of this year which will hopefully have us having a baby around the time my son is in kindergarden. 

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    No babies yet but I worked at a daycare that was $55 a day for infants so $1100 a month. Once they are toddlers the price goes down a little bit or if they’re part time it was a flat fee. My friend takes her 18 month old to one that’s $35 day 8-5 and that’s super reasonable. We also live in SoCal. 

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    Why do you have to live IN the city? COL should be at least a little lower in the suburbs. Sacrifices will need to be made one way or another. Have no baby….or move and commute. 


    I have no real advice for daycare cost. But I do live in the NYC suburbs and am pregnant but plan to keep baby with me at home for at least the first few years 

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    We’re just minutes from Philadelphia, and our daycare for a 2 year old is almost $1400/month for 5 days/week ($345/week), which like a PP said, is our mortgage payment. That is actually on the low end here in the burbs – most of the other daycares are around $400/week. A coworker’s daughter pays $500/week for an infant in a more affulent area. We only have 1 but are TTC #2 and I’m still petrified of how that’s going to work since I know it jumps to $600/week for two. With a discount. Brb, crying on the floor.

    No advice really, other than you just have to cut back. We moved out of our condo in an affulent area into a more affordable home and I started budgeting and trying to cut back wherever we good. You have a good idea to start making payments to a savings account to see how it impacts your finances now – wish we had!  You can also try to look into home centers, which tend to be much cheaper, and maybe even a nanny which sounds expensive but I know of a couple whose nanny costs the same as our daycare  (we have nanny-sharing around here too, which I’ve heard is another good way to help save a bit).

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