How much is daycare where you live and how do you budget for it?

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    Don’t hate me. 🙂 We are in the midwest, small town, and only pay about $100/week for an in-home daycare. She charges only $2/hour which is cheap even for the area and we love her. So for 2, its about $900 a month.

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    Boston-area here. Our daycare is $1850 a month in the ‘burbs (mortgage is just under $2800). We live in a good town within a 25 minute drive of my work in Boston proper when there’s no traffic, but commuting takes 45 minutes to an hour each way during rush hour, when I actually commute in, so that means keeping our son in daycare roughly 10 hours/day. The daycares near my work are close to $3-5k a month. It’s all pretty outrageous, but luckily it’s most expensive for the first 3 years of a kiddo’s life, then preschool is cheaper, and then finally our son will start public school (woohoo). If you can swing going slightly outside the city, it’ll be cheaper and the wait lists will be shorter due to less demand.

    We really want to TTC number#2 this fall, but it’ll mean some serious sacrifices for a few years :/

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    We live in the Bay Area (Oakland) and just started our daughter off at a fantastic preschool. It’s 1085/month which ends up being about 3% of our monthly income. Definitely a steal for the area. Her previous daycare was double that, highly rated on paper, but they had the rather unfortunate habit of physically abusing kids- something they hid quite well. More expensive is not always better, far from it.

    We’re expecting our second in Feb, and we’ll probably get a nanny for the baby. This won’t be cheap (2500 at a minimum!), but it will be convenient! This will mean that with two kids, childcare will end up being almost 10% of our income. All things considered, I guess it’s not too bad since we’ll be doing public school for elementary. Come middle school though, and we’ll have to do private, to the tune of 75k to 80k annually for two kids. *shudder*

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    I know your asked for 5 days a week/ 40 hours but wanted to chime in since I am in your area. We are just north of Boston, we spend $852/month for our 2.5 year old, she only goes 3 days a week though. It is an in-home daycare, nothing fancy but she was recommended to me, doesn’t charge when we are late, and she’s on our street. I looked into Boston centers since that’s where my husband and I work and the prices were outrageous. 

    My husband was very hesitant to try for baby #2 because of daycare costs, it will be tight if it happens soon and they’re both in daycare. Our savings has taken a hit (mostly because I changed jobs) so that doesn’t help.

    My only advice is moving out of the city. Not sure it’s possible to have kids there unless you are a billionaire.

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    I’m in Texas and pay $205 per week for my 1.5-year-old. I’m pregnant now and if all goes well I’ll need to get on the waiting list soon. Their infant rate is negligibly higher, like $215. 

    This is a bit lower than average I believe, as when I toured daycares I got quoted anywhere between $220 – $350 per week. The higher end is more for the fancy schmancy multilingual Montessori types though.  I love my son’s daycare because he loves the teachers there, goes from my arms to theirs perfectly happy. You can’t fake that with the little ones. 

    Edit to add answer to your question about %of our PRE-tax income. My husband is self-employed so it varies and mine too depending on my bonus, but if we look at it from year to year I’d say about 0.5%.

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    Damn.  That’s crazy.  I live in the Rocky Mountain region, USA.  Ours is $825 a month for full-time, and you get 10% off if you set up automatic payments.  I’m going back to work part-time, so it’ll be about $400 a month.

    Our mortgage is about $1200 a month for a 1800 sq ft home.

    Wages are definitely less here, and our health insurance is crazy expensive due to 1) very small population state, 2) small employer group plan, 3) employers contribute very little  >:(  I need a new job!

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    I said two percent of my income but that was only for $1k. We pay almost $13k a year so it’s 20% of my yearly income.

    It was going to bother me if I didn’t correct my post!

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    We live south of boston and full time around here runs roughly 1600/month. When researching the costs we were shocked and made some changes to our plans – my husband works a combination of evening/overnight shifts and I work eves/overnights on his days off. So basically we never have any days off together unless he uses a personal/vacation day or I don’t work (but I don’t have PTO benefits so that’s just money out of our pockets). 

    The switch means I lost all my benefits (PTO/insurance etc) so we now are on DH’s health plan which is 2x as much money. I also took a pay cut not being full time staff, and I also work fewer hours. It’s still more cost effective for us to do this than it would be to put our daughter in daycare. 

    Childcare costs are crazyyyyy. 

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    DrAtkins :  Solidarity, Bee! The people telling you to move must not understand the Boston commute. We’re barely out of Boston proper (still on the T), but my commute takes an hour each way on transit. My family outside the city always asks why I don’t drive to work and I’m like, well, I would have to wait an entire year on the wait list, pay $450/month for parking onsite (or slightly less offsite and add a 15-20 walk or shuttle ride), and sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 40 mins each way. And buy a second car. Ugh. You have to move sooo far out to save a decent amount of money. And then the commute takes over your life. 

    $2,600 sounds pretty reasonable for what I know my friends pay. I have one friend who found a cheap family daycare in Brookline that’s quite a bit less, and I have another friend in Brookline who paid a lot more for a center. We do a nanny/nanny-share for my toddler. When we’re sharing it’s around $2,100/month for 40 hours/week. It’s great, but nailing the logistics with another family can be really tough. 

    Practice payments sound like a good idea. Good luck!

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    DrAtkins :  I know you just moved here, but in a year could you look for cheaper places still in the city? I think I remember you saying you were in the Brookline/Longwood area and you can find 2-bedrooms for less than $3k/month. Also consider going a little further out on the green line that way you can still use public transit. Feeding instead of pumping is nice, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on it – you’ll kick yourself if you put off TTC and then have issues BFing and end up on formula. And pumping really isn’t all that terrible. 

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    DrAtkins :  Agree with PPs re: the feeding aspect. While it’s definitely a factor to consider, don’t let it make or break any decision. One of the perks of ours is that it’s across the street from my office so I figured I could pop on over whenever to nurse, but (1) I’m exclusively pumping so oh well for that and (2) when I asked about it back when we were checking the place out, they weren’t against it by any means, but did say that if your baby’s old enough to get separation anxiety, it might not be the greatest thing for you to see them, but then have to leave them multiple times a day.

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    DrAtkins :  We just moved out of the Boston area for that very reason. We live in New Husband now and our money goes way further! We pay 1100/month for 4 full days and it is less than 1% of out income.

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