(Closed) How much is it going to cost you to have a baby in the United States?

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I have health insurance, but I just got my hospital bill and had I not had insurance I would have had to pay $7,000 that’s for a vaginal delivery, no complications. 2 nights in the hospital.

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@Sibiohan:  I also would have lost both my parents and my brother (or they would have been bankrupt) had we not had the NHS, now I come to think about it.

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@Sibiohan:  Yes — we do.  For instance, it would be great timing for us to have a baby next summer (I’ll be done with grad school, and won’t yet be working) but I’ll have to swich insurance some time in the summer or fall — which means (or at least used to mean — I’m not sure if the ACA will address this by then.  Anyone?) I have to worry that pregancy/birth expenses would be a preexisting condition and not covered by insurance.  It would also be easy for me to take a year off and be a Stay-At-Home Mom — but, my husband’s insurance SUCKS (and he has a very good job) so I don’t know if I would want to rely on it — i.e. staying home for a year might be too expensive with healthcare costs if anything were to happen health-wise (delivery complications, etc.).  It could also be fine, but it is a financial gamble.

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I work as a nurse in a public hospital in Australia where everyone is covered by Medicare. No our system isn’t perfect, but it will never bankrupt you and if you need something you’ll get it and it will be covered. And the reason we pay a bit more tax to cover other people’s medical expenses is because other people are also paying taxes to cover me and my loved one’s medical expenses. If you need a $200k 8 hour operation and a 2 week hospital stay then it’s covered. If your baby is premature and needs to be airlifted to the children’s hospital and spend 3 months in NICU then that’s covered too. It means that you never need to worry about not being able to pay for care you need. So that is why we pay for ‘other peoples’ expenses, because they would, and are, doing the same for us.

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i guess i have better insurance than i thought!!! i’m in massachusetts and I have my own health insurance through my employer… they pay 60% and i pay 40% which was about $400 a month (prior to having my son)….. for my delivery i paid a $500 copay and the rest of the delivery and related appts were covered…. i also didnt have to pay any fees for any of my prenatal care

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@Sugarbee711:  oh and had i not had insurance it would have cost me $24000 for delivery and 2 night stay in hospital

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We are self employed, in Texas, we are insured, have no “pre-exsisting issues” however in TX insurance companies are not required to cover maternity. We negotiated cash rates and it ended up being around $10,500, at the last minute we had to have a C-section due to breech baby, there is a clause in TX where the insurance provider may have to cover c-section, but according to Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX, since my childs life was in danger due to breech position, not my life, there was no coverage, the child is not a “covered customer” until it is born…go figure. However if i had ataken the risk to have our son turned, and needed emergency C-section then that would have a greater chance of being covered, but there was no way i was risking my babys health!

C-section, hospitalization, newborn nursery: $3,000, half up front, remaninder within 90 days.

OBGYN/c-section: $5000, $2000 up front, $250 a visit and remainder may be paid in installments.

Pediatrician @ hospital: $400

CIrcumcision: $250 (by OBGYN) wasnt covered by insurance considered cosmetic

Blood test /  fasting blood sugar etc: $950

Ultrasounds $300

RX / misc: $150

Lactation consultation after hospitalization: $195





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Oh my good grief! Here I was thinking my £7.45 prescription was a rip-off for my 3 months of antibiotics!

My Future Father-In-Law had a brain tumor and now has leukemia. Their family isn’t well off financially, and he’s just worked manual jobs in DIY/trade shops.

If we had a private healthcare system, there is no way he could have afforded the bills. But luckily because of the NHS he’s been able to sell his house, move to a new smaller home by the sea, and enjoy his life mortgage free without having to worry about anything.

I had never even thought that it would cost money to have a baby.. this truly has been an eye-opener!

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@hellobaby:   It’s one of those things that everyone argues or opinionates but unless you’ve experienced both you can’t really tell which you would prefer.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Or not have insurance see how bad the difference is.LOL

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I really don’t understand why people are ok with higher taxes that pay for healthcare.

Because some of us believe that healthcare should be for the people who need it, not for the people who can afford it or the people you think deserve it.

I would rather pay a proportionate amount of my income and know that everyone can see a doctor when they need to.

I live in the UK. As and when I give birth, it’s going to cost me £0.

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@SupermarketGirl:  They really aren’t much higher, if you take everything into account. Some US states have higher taxes than Canadian when you include both federal and state/provincial level taxes. 

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