How much is (was) your wedding?

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: July 2018

We imagined having a rough budget of £15k just before we got engaged which pretty quickly jumped to £20k after we picked out venue and it slowly creeping towards £25k now that we have most things booked and I have picked my dress.  The honeymoon will be on top of that.

Our wedding isn’t until next year but I we don’t have any regrets so far and I don’t think we will after the fact.  It is a splurge but we want our wedding to be special and we don’t want to compromise on the things we want for the day.  Our wedding isn’t at the expense of traveling or purchasing a home so we are happy with our budget. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

Original budget – 25K

Then realized it wasn’t going to happen so reset budget at around ~40K but that didn’t include things like my or my family’s travel and accomodation (it was a semi-destination wedding), rings, food for the week that we were there, etc it was only the wedding event itself. I think we came in around ~36K? So pretty good.

However I think total cost (still not including a honeymoon as we didn’t have one) of everything that was directly and indirectly related to the wedding was in the ~55K range. Towards the later stages of planning I was just so fed up with everything that it was like money wasn’t even real.  

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

My weddings have decreased in price over the years. I have no regrets.

1st 25 years ago was around $3700 including honeymoon and rings. Church wedding, dry reception and Poconos honeymoon

2nd 6 years ago was $1500 including honeymoon and rings. Park wedding and picnic, reception at a weekend long charity rock event and Myrtle Beach honeymoon.

3rd is $1300 including honeymoon and rings as we are having a courthouse wedding, and immediate family dinner at a restaurant and just day trips to different locations over a weekend for our honeymoon. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: December 2017

brookeee16 :  I just got married in December 2017 so my budget/cost is fresh in my mind. I am not including honeymoon or rings. My parents gave us $5000 and his parents paid for his tux rental as well as the grooms dinner….but I’m still going to calculate all of it out. We invited 225 and 165 came. I wanted to stay below $10,000 and we were successful with about $8,000

My dress: $500

My shoes: $25

My wedding jewelry: Not including this cost as they were gifts from hubby throughout our relationship.

His tux rental: $150

Photographer: $900

DJ: $800

Flowers: $150 – I did all fake/silk and put them together myself for the boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces and venue flowers. 

Cake: $85 for a 3 tier cake (bottom tier frosted foam) and two sheet cakes

Hotel: $300 for two nights

Food and 3 kegs of beer for 165 people including tax/gratituity (we invited 225 so could have paid for that but glad we didn’t have to!): $4400

Groom’s/Rehearsal Dinner: Not sure, as his parents paid for it. 

Decor for venue: $75

Unity Sand Supplies: $40 

Bridal Party Gifts (4 girls and 3 guys): $200

Parents Gifts: $150

Gift for each other: $100 (we made a pact that we would spend ~$50 on each other)

Marriage License: $115

Total: ~ $8,000

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Bumble bee

brookeee16 :  ours was the same…it just adds up very quickly! But no I have zero regrets, and only wonderful memories of my wedding day 🙂 money can always be earned back 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

Ours will be around $13K. That includes our honeymoon and rings. 11k without those added. We will have 50ish guests for our wedding this June. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

I should also add it’s our mini honeymoon factored in. Our big one has not been planned yet. So that’s how it will only be 1 K for our honeymoon and was a little under 1 K for our wedding bands. My engagement ring is not included in this. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2018

I love budgets!  It’s good dh does too.  We had 150 guests and spent the following for our wedding in a major US city:

Total $4315 with tips and taxes included,  I rounded most places because I’m lazy about writing out exact expenses. Our budget was $5000, so I’m happy we came up under budget, but still able to fit in our fun. We didn’t end up with a caricaturist because i procrastinated booking and didn’t find one available. Lots of parties on cinco de mayo. 

I thinknweddings can cost as much as you want to spend.  I have no regrets.  I did spend less money then expected,  which is why we did professional hair and makeup.  It wasn’t originally in the cards,  but after I finalized the other vendors,  I realized how under budget we were,  so I found this duo on facebook and they did a great job! 

This doesn’t include the approximately $350 my in laws spent hosting a dinner for our close family members. 

We also budgeted for our honeymoon,  even with the splurges,  we are at $1700 for our week in Orlando. We used my parent’s timeshare which saved on eating out since it had a full kitchen. 

Hair and makeup $450 after tips for 3 women and 1 kid and travel costs and tip

Marriage license: $88

Invites custom from Etsy with postage and printing $119

Photographer, $608 including engagement photos and she brought an assistant who manned the photo booth.  My sisters husband is a photographer,  so he supplied the background and lights and I used a mint and navy photobooth prop set that cost $8 from aliexpress.  They were definitely a hit. 

Guestbook: my mom made up a quilt and I absolutely love it!  So free lol. 

Dress and shoes and accessories $265- that’s with a custom Chinese dress $217,  minor alterations and bustle supplies since I sew and diy d it with help from my sister (used supplies I had sitting around, belt $8,  jewelry $20 crinoline$18, and hair barette $2 that we attached my mom’s veil to. 

Rings $550 plain size 13, 8mm gold band for my husband which was $225 and a custom 5 stone moissanite band for me. The stones were $25 off eBay and it cost $300 to make with taxes included. 

Food: $600 we did a buffet and used a caterer who supplied food,  plates and cutlery, drink,  table cloths, and served the food.

Dj: $300 and he was pretty great. Kept the mood hopping

Grooms attire: $10 for a mint green tie. He wrote his suit. 

Flowers: $225 bouteniers and corsages $50, flowers for tables $125 fake bluebonnets and fresh baby’s breath.  That’s my bouquet too and it cost $50

Cake/desserts: $310 donut cake,  stand,  and strawberries and flowers to decorate it $250. Costco cake $30, plates and napkins for the desserts $30. Dh made a keto cake for the top layer since we both eat keto. 

 Decor: this was the most variable expense. $460. Lights were $125, tulle and bunting cost $45, favors cost $75, crayons,  butcher paper, vases and pitchers  and crayon tins were $90. Other random decor and signs were $125

Bridal tea: a hotel offered us free use of a meeting room for booking our rooms through them,  so the room was free,  decor and food was $200.

Dh’s game night at the same time as the bridal tea:$150, he found an arcade with retro video gamea and the  guys games and ate pizza all afternoon,  it’s definitely a future date night idea. 

Venue  and officiant and set up and take down were free. What can I say I belong to a religion where there things are done for you with the expectation that you will pass it along and help in future.  I’ve helped with them in the past.

We saved a lot with vases and pitchers from dollar dress and also got a lot from Amazon and aliexpress.  I had a budget and was very determined not to exceed it for one day. 

I’d post pics here,  but it’s only been a couple of weeks and my photographs aren’t coming in until June.  I suppose I could post a couple lol. 





Dress and flowers


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

My initial estimate was 20-30K, and total with the honeymoon we ended up at closer to 45K. Our venue was the largest expense at 21K for 80 people. Don’t regret any of it though, it was a great day and even though we put some of it on a credit card it was paid off within a year. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2019

brookeee16 :  I feel you! We originally planned $30k for a local wedding with 50 – 80 guests but looking at the price breakdown it’s gonna be more like $45k (not including rings and honeymoon). That is with hosting on a Friday too!

I’ve definitely been dwelling on this…like is it really worth dropping that much money on ONE DAY?

The logical me: “That’s crazy! Do it on the cheap and put that excess in the stock market”

The Bridezilla me: “But the photographers I *love* are ~$1000+ than the photographers I *like*…if you’re already forking up a pretty penny for the event, why skimp on [insert wedding vendor category]. 

I keep going back and forth depending on my mood lol.  

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: January 2018

My costs are all inclusive, including dress etc.


My first wedding was around $6000 in 1999.  200 people, cake and punch/finger foods. 5 bridesmaids/groomsmen

(Got a divorce)


My second wedding was around $5000 in 2014.  80 people, buffet dinner. 3 bridesmaids/groomsmen.   

(My second husband passed away 5 months later)  


My third wedding was this past January.  21 people.  Very nice, sit-down dinner at a restaurant. $2300, just one attendant, my daughter.  


Hopefully this one sticks 😉

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Bumble bee

I have a feeling with the options me and the SO have for a probably free barn/by the pond wedding… and family helping… we are only looking at costs for rings. But I don’t want to be wed in front of anyone sooooo…. Hoping we can elope. And there is no telling with that (we haven’t looked).

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2017 - Orange County, CA

$6k for about 30 people.  We had originally budgeted $5k, so we went over a little!  Our venue was a English pub/restaurant with a garden by the beach. It was pretty much inclusive, food & drinks. We left the decor the way it was (greenhouse room lit with hundreds of pillar candles).

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2016

KittensBee :  Exactly the conversation my husband, mom and I had with every line! But what is another $1000 on top of what we already have spent? Which would you regret more, not spending 1000 or not having XYZ? Each decision we always ended up going for it. Now the down side is when an extra 1000 on multiple items adds up to 5-10K, but to me and my family it was worth every penny!

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