(Closed) How much money did you put into your house in the first year?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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We bought all new blinds for $1200

We painted the whole place (had to get rid of builder beige, blech): $750 in paint/supplies)

Changed the knobs in the kitchen/bathrooms: $300

That’s it. We didn’t really “need” any of it – wanted to change it to our taste. House would have looked fine/been functional without it.

For furniture, we installed some IKEA besta shelving for more storage ($650) and bought a side chair for more seating since our living area is much bigger ($500)

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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We bought our first house at the end of May.  It didn’t need a ton of work, although we definitely have some projects we still want to do.  

We painted the whole inside of the small (850 sq ft) house – ~$300 in paint.  

Did a fair bit of yard work and gardening – ~$300 in supplies and plants.  

Bought a bunch of mostly used furniture, as well as blinds / curtains / decor – probably ~$1000.

This summer we need to finish the inside trim (~$100), extend the laminate flooring (~$250), and redo the siding (~$2500).

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Helper bee
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It felt like a ton.  Our house was in really good condition with very few repairs needed.  We got a $1000 credit from the seller to fix some windows, and decided to apply that toward $5000 of energy-efficient new windows.  That was our only major expense (and it wasn’t 100% necessary), but we’ve also probably spent $300 on yard supplies (mower, shears, power washer, fencing, etc). 

Then of course we had all this space for a pet, so we bought a dog and all her accoutrements…but that’s a different story.

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Bee Keeper
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We’re only a couple months in but I’d say about 12k is a good guess?

Furniture  3200 on couch/coffee table/kitchen island, 450 on lawn mower/pressure washer, 400 on patio furniture

Upgrades – 2500 on a new fridge, 1000 on fencing, 400 on light fixtures

Mechanics – 2000 on electric (new box/service upgrade) and a surprise 950 on the chimney

Our house was built in 1941 so it needed some fixes but was in pretty good condition. A lot of our expenses were because we were waiting on the house to upgrade our stuff

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

We are in the process of building a new house that will be finished in March. Here are our expected expenses:

Paint: $1000 (a few rooms professionally painted, some we are going to paint ourselves)

As far as furniture, we already have a lot.  Here is my wishlist:

New coffee table and side tables for living room ($500)

New sofa for upstairs loft ($500)

Wall TV mount ($75-$100)

Bakers rack for kitchen ($150)

Ladder bookshelves for loft and living room ($250)

We are hopefully going to use some of our wedding $ to purchase these items. While I would love to get all of these as soon as we move in, we may purchase items as we go along so that we aren’t spending so much at one time.



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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I bought new construction and spent about $500 on blinds and drapes, $400 on paint and supplies (DIY), $700 on new doorknobs and cabinet pulls (the builder’s standard was awful) and nearly $10,000 on furniture.

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Bumble bee
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@MissNumbers:  We are first time homebuyers and just got through the buying process and are staying put until everything is completed. Here’s our progress/to-do list:


 How much on furniture/curtains/blinds/lawn mower/household goods? We moved into our townhouse knowing that the 2 year plan was a house, so we purchased and planned for that. We have a large chocolate brown sectional, $2,500, a large black granite dinning room table that seats 6, $1,600, etc. Curtains are around $3,500, and we’ve never had a lawn before so we figured, why chance it, and we are gonna be using a lawn guy for a while, $25. The blinds were already in place, and in practically mint condition. We didn’t really need any other household goods that I can think of off hand. We already had everything. But we did buy a broom, because you should never take an old broom to a new house, $10.

How much on upgrades (flooring, appliances, paint, door knobs)? Door knobs were $15 each x 14 doors. Flooring is $122 per 19 sq foot case x 994 sq feet. We really liked the tile, its exactly what I would have picked and in all the right areas, so we are just ripping up the carpet and since I can’t match the tile, and even though I prefer a home full of tile, My fiance likes the look of hardwood so we are gonna try that out in a very dark brown espresso chocolate color. We have so far bought a fridge, and a washer and dryer for $4,000 that we got on sale. We also are switching out the dishwasher, microwave, and stove, so that’ll prolly be another $2,000, but we are going to put the appliances we have now on craigslist and probably recoup some of that money…they’re practically brand new. The main house paint color is now going to be a very very light grey and I’m unsure of the master and bathrooms, but its between a taupe and a powder blue-ish color, and the ceiling is a tres, so that inset color will be a few shades lighter then whichever we pick. ~$300 ish. We are also switching out all the fans and the light fixtures, ~$1,000.

How much on bigger remodels (i.e. new kitchen or bath)? The cabinets are in mint condition, (its only 2 years old), so we are just refacing them and getting new doors, and they are going to be a dark espresso color, with a larger trim on the top, ~$1,000. The counters and island are also going to become a light grey or white/tan granite, ~$3,000.

How much on mechanicals in the house (heater, windows, roof)? $0


Anything else? I hope not!!! 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m going to answer for the first…3 weeks, because that’s what we’re at. So. NOT year. 3 weeks:

New washing machine = $600

New dishwasher = $600

New water heater = $1000

New locks = $200

Loveseat = $600

Recliner = $600


I’m going to cry if I think about how much MORE we have to do within this first year still…

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I stopped keeping track at a certain point……but what I can recall of the thousands we spent, off the top of my head….


Fence= $1750

Tree Removal (cause insurance doesn’t cover trees falling on your house)= $1600

Furniture= $2000

(we moved from a small apartment to a house and didn’t have ANY dining room furniutre…so this might be high compared to others’ numbers)


Appliances=$500 (cause we HAD to get a better TV and sound system for a bigger living room)

Lawn Care=$1000 (between lawn bags, equipment, and what we’ve paid people to do)


Window treatments= $100 (I had a lot of curtains already)


Random trips to Lowes/Target/Container store for organizational, fixtures, etc=$2000


It all adds up VERY fast…..Our house was totally finished, new floors, new paint, new appliances, and we still spent thousands. And we’re nowhere near done. Personalizing a home is quite an endeavor……

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Honey bee

A lot of the work we have done has been sweat equity!

The first year we spent an estimate of :

  •  $400 on paint, rollers, supplies
  • $1500 on lawnmower, weed wacker, flowers/bushes, yard tools (and countless weekends cleaning the yard)
  • $1000 on grill and lawn furniture
  • $350 on door knobs, locks, light fixtures
  • $1500 on a couch and a kitchen island. Most furniture were pieces we already had.
  • $200 on window treatments (the sellers left their curtains and we changed them out over time).
  • $100 on new shutters


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Busy Beekeeper
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Fireplace reno with wood burning stove insert- $7k

Emergency locksmith, plumber, and electrician calls- $1200

New heating system (will go in this spring)- $10-30k, depending on whether we go dual fuel or geothermal

Back-up generator with hardwired control panel- $1500

New furniture (my beloved couch!!! and that’s all we’re buying for a while. see new heating system expense)- $2k

Ripping down all of the drywall to properly insulate the exterior walls)- est. $3k, we are just getting started with this one, so the true cost remains to be seen

Insulating the attic- est. $300

Replacing every outlet in the house- $120

Interior pipe insulation- $100

Lawn equipment- $1500


Chicken coop and run- hoping to keep it under $500, probably going to go over budget for my babies. haha

The gardens- again, hoping to keep it under $500, but we’ll see.

All of the other random stuff (ladders, caulk, etc.)-$1k


Houses are money pits. We love our house and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but every time we turn around there is something else that needs to be fixed/replaced/whatever. Seriously, not a week goes by that one of us does not find something new to add to the list.

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2011 - Bed & Breakfast

I think WB ate my post. All told, we’ll probably spend about 7-7.5% of our purchase price on house stuff this year, and that pace will probably continue for the next 8 years while we make this house what we want it to be. :/ But I know it will be just lovely and worth it when all is said and done

How much on furniture/curtains/blinds/lawn mower/household goods? $2k for my beloved couch (and that’s all the “pretty” I am allowed to buy), $1500 for lawn equipment (mind you we already had a home so had a fair amount already)

How much on upgrades (flooring, appliances, paint, door knobs)? Nothing. We have to gut the place before we can do the fun stuff.

How much on bigger remodels (i.e. new kitchen or bath)? $7k to re-do the fireplace and install a wood burning stove (best decision we’ve made so far!)

How much on mechanicals in the house (heater, windows, roof)? est. $12-30k for a new heating system (still deciding between dual fuel and geothermal); est. $4k to rip down all exterior walls and properly insulate,  properly insulate attic, insulate bandboard, and insulate pipes in basement); $120 to replace every single outlet in the house; about $150 in caulk/insulating spray foam/weather stripping for every door and window in the house; est. $6k on a mini barn for all of the lawn equipment so that we can actually, ya know, park in our garage; $1500 on a back-up generator and hardwired electric panel for it

Anything else? $1200 in electrician/plumber/locksmith fees; $1k in tools; hopefully only $500 for the chicken coop; hopefully only $500 for the fruit and veggie garden

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

We are just day 6 into ownership and…

How much on furniture/curtains/blinds/lawn mower/household goods?

I had a ton of hand-me-down items that were falling apart, so we went into this house with a blank slate. Saw an overstock clearance at Ashley Furniture and went crazy: $4300 or so crazy. That includes two loveseats, a recliner, coffee table, sofa table, and dining room table with 8 chairs. I also bought a vinyl recliner with ottoman I found at Marshalls for $200 because we really needed something other than cheap folding chairs to sit on until the new stuff gets here!

Needed a new kitchen table too: $125 from Target.com shipped (clearane item).

My mom got us a nice rug for the dining room: $200

I got a couple smaller rugs on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond: $180

TV stand: $350 at Best buy

50″ Samsung LED TV open box special at HH Gregg $1300 with a 5 year service plan

I did buy a bunch of curtains as well, but I’m still in the process of sorting out what works/looks good and doesn’t. This’ll probably be around $100 – $200 when it’s over.

Then, while at TJ Maxx, I found a KitchenAid Artisan mixer that I’d been dying to have for just $180. Not having a mixer and adequate counter space at our old place prevented me from doing more cooking than I knew I should have. Problem solved!!!

Wanted to install an above toilet storage cabinet for the one bathroom: $80 at Target.

As for household goods, needed things for the extra bathrooms (eg, curtain, soap dispensers, towels etc), cleaning supplies (for granite counters, wooden floors), tarp for the cord of wood out back: $200ish here.

Got a Dyson vacuum on Black Friday 2012 because the vacuum we had wasn’t safe for wooden floors $250 or so with the sale price and a gift card from the wedding.

Also got a bunch of new power tools for Darling Husband to install things with. Must’ve been about $500 there (got them on Black Friday Sales in 2012).

How much on upgrades (flooring, appliances, paint, door knobs)?

We are changing the locks today! The house has 5 outside entrances because it’s a rancher with a walk-out basement. So there went about $300. It was expensive because we went with that fancy new Kwikset SmartKey system where you can rekey your home whenever you want. It’s pretty sweet. But pricey. Thank you Lowe’s 10% off coupon in the mail!

How much on bigger remodels (i.e. new kitchen or bath)?

$0 none needed.

How much on mechanicals in the house (heater, windows, roof)?

There was a baseboard heating issue like the third day after we moved in. That would’ve cost us $400 to repair had a professional HVAC guy come in. Thankfully DH’s uncle and that branch of the family does HVAC work and helped us out greatly! Only paid $100 or so for the defective part.

Anything else?

The house came with wallpaper. That’s my big project for the week. Peeled that junk off this weekend. Am now prepping the walls for painting. Sherwin Williams is having a paint sale Thursday, so I’m waiting til then to buy the needed paint. Shouldn’t be more than $300 though including all the primer/paint/brushes/pans/tarps etc since it’s just the dining room and a hallway. Woohoo!
I too absolutely refuse to total that all up. This talley will continue to grow… We’ll need either a portable gas generator or we might go with a gas generator that automatically switches the power over during an outage. At some point I also know I’ll need a riding mower for the yard since it’s about half an acre and a push mower would be too much for me. ::sigh::


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