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    Fiance is 25 and I am 23. We make about 80,000 combined and we both have bachelor’s degrees. Luckily we have no car payments right now, but Fiance has student loan payments up the wazoo.

    We have about 18,000 in savings and about 8,000 in retirement accounts. Although, the savings  will go down once he buys a ring. We use credit cards, but only for the “cash back” and pay them in full every month. We do not have cable (netflix is our best friend!), rarely buy clothes, and eat-in a decent amount. We do like to travel and take one trip that requires flying, and several “weekend getaways” a year. Oh, and I priceline bid for ALL of our hotels…cheapest way to travel!

    We kind of have a “work our butts off now” attitutude so a wedding, house, baby won’t be as stressful. Our salaried positions do not pay a lot at this point, so we resorted to having part time jobs on the weekends. The hours suck, but it’s worth it to have some security. We both started out with almost nothing, but the best adive I can give to anyone who wants to start saving: don’t spend more than 25% of your income on rent (and we live in a fairly high rent area) and open a roth IRA (you’ll be amazed how quickly your investment increases)

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    My Fiance and I just started saving last december. We’re at 5k right now, but we paid off all of our consumer debt from the savings, and bought a new bedroom set that was 1700$, we throw 600-800$ a month in the savings, after his student loan is paid that will be another 500$ a month to add into the savings. 

    Our land for our home was gifted from his parents, and my parents will be giving us 20k to put towards a downpayment once we decide to build. 

    We live in a property my father owns right now, and pay zero rent, and the utilites are also paid for. We are staying here while we grow our savings and eliminate his 20k in student loans. My Fiance has a terrible habbit of spending 25$ everyday he works on lunches and snacks, he eats like three people and is 145 pounds.  

    I’m 25, he’s 27, he never saved a penny before I met him, lived a lot like a teenager, haha. 



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    Y’all are crazy! How do you save that much? We live frugally, but stuff always comes up that you have to pay for. We bought our car with cash, don’t have cable, or anything extra. We don’t go out ot eat often. I’m always at a loss when i look at the lists of what can you cut out. We cut it all out! I think if you move around a lot it is hard to get ahead. At least that is what I’m telling myself;)

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    At the moment we have around $3000 in the ring account, $1000 in the car account and $5000 in the house account. So about $9000 saved up currently!

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    I just used my savings to make a lump sum payment on my truck, so I don’t have a lot right now. As of today I have $400 in my savings account, and will be at just over $1000 at the end of the month. I always hate parting with so much money at once, but I know that the sooner I pay it off the better. Once my truck is paid off I will have $400 extra to put into savings every month, but right now it’s not easy to save a lot. I do have $7000 in a retirement account, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

    Fiance makes a lot more money than I do, and therefore has a lot more in savings. Probably about $20,000 in his savings/investment accounts, and then another $20,000 in his retirement account.

    We are both lump sum payment makes though. He could have a huge savings/investment account, but when he gets over the $20,000 mark he takes some of the money out and puts it towards his mortgage. It just makes more sense to us to pay off our debts instead of having huge savings accounts.

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    I had an emergency fund… then I had an emergency (lost my job), so that’s where the emergency fund went.

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    this thread depressed me….


    i am 27 and my Fiance is 26. we are saving for a wedding in march and building a house for april. we will have about $15K-$18K saved for all of that. then we will start fresh as far as savings! i guess it hurt us that Fiance went to grad school and graducated this past december/got a job in january. now that he has an income it has helped us a lot. we’d be able to save more if it wasn’t for our student loans. 

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    I have about 14K in my savings 3K in our joint and maybe like 20K in my 401K… we  both have some debt that we are working on and we have a morgage… I’m 30 my DH is 36… we need more and we’re working on saving and paying off debt before we have a baby…


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    Living in London with just me currently working, we don’t have much saved up (about £1000 which is going to go towards a mortgage eventually!)

    I have about £500 saved up too – but that is specifically for Christmas/Birthday presents this year, so I don’t count that!

    I was foolish when I was younger and got into trouble with credit and I’m still paying it off, otherwise I’m sure I would have more saved up. I’m 24, SO is 27.

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    I’m 26 and my husband is 27. We have about 50k in our savings and about 2-3k each in our personal checking (our mutual checking we just started so it still only has $50 until some money from our paychecks start going in there). 

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    Fiance and I probably both have $2,000 combined. I am recent college grad and he’s still finishing. However, I am now working a full-time job so I’m starting to save with what I’m getting. When we both start our new “career” jobs early next year we plan to start saving a LOT. We may even live off one of our salaries and put the rest into savings/travel funds. We plan to put very little on credit, if nothing at all (besides a house).


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    I am 25 she is 23, we have 120k in savings, 12k in personal, and about 250 in stocks and mutual funds. I was never a good saver myself, but we own a busniess so we gain savings quickly. 

    She graduated college last year, loans are now paid off, but we have 13 trucks with $1000.00 payments or close to that on all of them, and our busniess overhead is about 32k a month. 

    We own a home, and 4 commercial investment properties, I did not go to college. She went for medical research, and I worked as a roofer right out of highschool, and opened my company when I was 19, her brother is an investment banker so he has helped us a lot. I am certain if I had a regular job I would have less than 10k saved. 


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    Last we checked it was about $6500…it’s not much but it’s something.

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    We’ve got enough to be very comfortable. 🙂


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