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  • poll: How much money do YOU currently make? Do not include your spouse/significant other

    No income - Student

    No income - Stay at home mom

    No income (Other reasons)

    Less than $20,000

    $20,000 to $49,000

    $50,000 to $74,000

    $75,000 to $99,000

    $100,000 to $150,000

    More than $150,000

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    I’m making about 41k CAD (we’re in Toronto, Canada) as a recreation therapist in long term care and Fiance makes over double what I make. I think I’m making a little under the average for someone living in Toronto. When I was living alone I was doing ok but with just my salary I could never afford a condo or house. The average for a condo in Toronto is 400k and for a detached house it’s over 1 million. 

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    Kelly6871:  Yes, but making $49k (top of category) is VERY different than making $20 or $25k. We’re talking a more than 100% increase in income. Your lifestyles change dramatically within that category.

    For perspective, the national minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hour which equals $15,080 a year. The poverty threshold for a single person is $11,770.

    This article (though slightly outdated-2014) helps break down wages in the US. It’s pretty scary. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/24/minimum-wage-increase-numbers_n_5868848.html This is why wages are such a hot topic in the US right now. The living wage initiative is a really interesting take on this issue. http://livingwage.mit.edu/



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    pinkshoes:  Yep, in the US. Some of that discrepancy is the mandatory retirement he had to sign up for and the cheapy health insurance he picked, but yeah, the taxes were crazy. He got almost all of it back in his tax return, so I don’t know if his paperwork was messed up or what. I just know he was shocked at his first paycheck, asked the district, and they said no everything is correct. 

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    Kelly6871:  Most people on this site also have a spouse or SO making an income as well, but yes, very few people in the US go without basic sanitation and at least enough food to live, whether they actually make enough income to support that themselves or not. But you’re not likely to be able to own your own home on 20k per year unless you’ve been saving for a long time or perhaps you live in a mobile home. 

    I’m a PhD student and I get a stiped of about 25k per year, we don’t pay tuition but we still have to pay fees that are about half a month’s rent every semester (I think someone calculated it as being 12% of our income going to fees). I was not able to support myself on that alone without taking out some student loans in addition to that. I probably could have done it if I sold my car and took the bus everywhere (the buses are very undesirable here and there aren’t many, unlike in places like NYC and Boston where a lot of people take them and there are a lot of them) lived with 3 roommates in the bad part of town. I’d rather have a little more in student loans and feel safe and somewhat comfortable. DH makes over 100k, so we can live pretty comfortably now on our combined income. Once I graduate, I stand to make about that as well after a few years.

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    I make 51k. I think it’s solid for 27 and just a B.A. I’m currently the sole breadwinner while DH is getting his PhD. We live comfortably but frugally. Once he graduates he’ll make 90-120k. I can’t wait to be able to relieve some of the financial pressure.

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    Kelly6871:  It would be really hard in the US to make that and live in a city as well. It is so regionalized here. I live in New Jersey and would not be able to live comfortably on 20-40k. Between my husband and I we make around 120k and live comfortably, but not extravagantly at all. (Although to me it is not extravagant, I think others might think we do. All depends on your own experience. :o) Wish I lived in Australia though for higher wages! :o)

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    I’m a teacher, and a relatively new one at that in a state fairly notorious for low teacher wages. I make $35,000/year. Fiance makes similar but it can vary a bit. We live in a small town where the cost of living is moderate compared to other areas. 

    Honestly, though, we get by just fine. We are homebodies, lead a fairly low key life, have decent savings, etc. We are careful but not obsessive with money, save for indulgences, etc.

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    I make 35k right now (first year public school teacher) but will move on the salary schedule quickly since I’m also going to grad school.

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    I make around $55,000/year. My fiancé’s income varies every year (he works in the oilfield so it’s all based on job bonus) but last year he made about $150,000. In that other thread I voted that I didn’t care, as long as he worked. It’s nice being with someone who makes a good wage because it takes the pressure off, but I respected my ex (who made about $25,000 at an entry-level job) almost as much. I say almost because my current fiancé works crazy hours and is away all the time instead of working a 9 to 5 and I know what a toll it takes on him.

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    Right now 85k base plus hefty bonuses in corporate beauty… But I absolutely hate my life and am leaving! Would rather make literally 1/2 the money and be happy.

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    DrunkInLove:  Interesting article. 

    I don’t understand why everyone is reacting like I said that 20-20k is a lot of money.. It is not a lot of money and I understand that. 

    What I meant is from my perspective from living in Australia, even living as an adult on 20,30, 40k is an amazing feat. I didn’t say people were driving Mercedes, flying to Bora Bora and eating lobster every night. 

    The results of the poll prove my understanding – that the majority of Americans live fulfilled or sustainable lives on salaries that are crazy here. 

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    I am a Stay-At-Home Mom so I make $0. Before I quit my job to stay home I made $55k/year working for a non profit.

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    I’m a teacher, and I live in Mississippi which has one of the lowest wages for teachers in the country. I have a Masters degree with 4 years experience, so I make about 47k a year. Our district has a really good supplement that they add on to our base salary, so that helps. I plan on getting board certified in the next few years, so that will increase my salary by 6k. My husband currently make around 58k, so between the two of us we do pretty well. We are able to save and still enjoy splurges occasionally. 

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    FT student (paying cash) and PT aide. I should make 13K-15K/yr. Luckily my mother loves me enough to let me mooch off her food and shelter until I start my medical career 

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    I have a feeling that these numbers aren’t that correct.  People who make money are more likely to comment while people with less money are less likely to talk.  But I own a business with my Fiance and we take home 70k a year but we own our home outright, as we pick our income we do what is best for the business and what works for us.

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