(Closed) How much paid maternity leave do you get?

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  • poll: How much paid maternity leave do you get?

    none, zippo, zilch, nada :(

    1 week

    2 weeks

    3 weeks

    4 weeks

    5 weeks

    6 weeks

    7 weeks

    8 weeks

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    1 year, although i might split it and do 6 months maternity and 6 months paternity so DH can have six months with the baby….buit who knows.

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    @MacFaniam24: The teachers in my county do not get this much paid time off. They only get 2 weeks paid, so most try to save up their 2 weeks of sick time to have a month of paid leave. I’m not sure how long they can take off unpaid, but I know after 16 weeks or so, they will lose their health insurance if they don’t come back. I have 2 friends who are teachers that have given birth in the last month; one has to go back 4 weeks because she can’t afford not to get paid, and the other is maxing out her time unpaid until she has to go back to keep her insurance.

    I have no idea how much time I would be able to take off because there are no hard and fast rules in my workplace. And it’s mostly men, so I doubt they’re accommodating.  I’m hoping to be able to afford NOT coming back after I give birth. There’s no one else here to do my job, so they’d have to hire someone in my place, anyways. 


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    2 weeks paid leave. we can take up to 6 months unpaid but only the first two weeks are paid.

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    I get as much annual leave and sick leave as I can save up. I figure I have a good 5 years to save! Hopefully it will be 3 months when I’m ready to be pregnant.

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    @Lozza Your SO gets to use his 3 weeks of sick leave a year towards paternity leave. It’s fully paid in the federal government.

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    Standard short term disability policies give 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 8 weeks for C-section like miss green grass said. With the US, you can also take 12 weeks of FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), but that should run concurrent with your disability – so you usually don’t get 12 weeks on top of the 6-8 weeks…it’s 12 weeks total. It just depends on how much of that is paid.

    There are some companies who give a more generous benefit than that, but that’s what a good majority of them give if they have an STD policy.

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    Actually, the money you pay in taxes for a benefit like paid maternity leave is on par with how much the average woman would have to pay herself to kep her income in the US. 

    In general, a family of 4 in a social democratic state (which Canada is borderline) pays about the same in taxes as a family of 4 in the US does in total output for benefits such as maternity leave, child care, health care, etc. 

    It’s just a matter of what you, as a citizen value – do you value TRUE family values (i.e. making sure a woman can bond with her baby without penalizing her career or income) or individual responsibility (i.e. if you want a baby, plan for it and save up the time/leave/money to do so). 

    I too am a fed and get nothing but what I’ve earned, and have no access to short-term disability (which would cost taxpayers nothing, it’s just not offered)

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    I’m a state employee and get nothing.  I have to use my sick leave and vacation if I want pay.  And FMLA starts pretty much the day I leave, so 12 weeks is the maximum I could take with or without pay.  I’ve already figured out when I’ll have enough leave accrued to take the full 12 weeks paid and it’s not too far out in the future because I luckily accrue leave a little faster than the private sector.

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    State employee and I get nothing just whatever I have in sick/annual leave and then the FMLA up to 12 weeks unpaid if needed. 

    I think I roughly have about 10 weeks saved up but I’m not sure if I want to use it all up. 

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    @SecretName:  Just out of curiosity, as a CA state employee, aren’t you paying EID taxes?  You should be eligible to receive state SDI and PFL benefits…

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    I know I can use the California short-term disability benefits and I’ve been saving up my sick and vacation for awhile. Right now I have five weeks of sick and three weeks of vacation saved up but my company is hurting right now and I doubt I would take more than a month of paid leave. We can get by on the disability pay.

    My company is also too small to be forced to comply with FMLA but I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem with taking time off. My job will definitely still be here when I’m ready. Now if I could only convince my husband that we should TTC before his plan of August. I’m 32 and not getting any younger.

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    hate to break it to you(and all the other Canadian bees too), but not all Canadian employers give a year paid leave– it really depends on the company, the hours you work and level of employment (my mom works for the government & she’s told me about all kinds of nasty loop holes that people can fall into unexpectedly).

    Some give more than a year (in the case of multiple children/repeat pregnancies) though. Again, really depends on the job/etc.

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    @doingathing: exactly! Same for me here. Luckily I accrue something in the ball park of 8-9 weeks of leave each year.

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