(Closed) How much PDA is acceptable to/with you?

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  • poll: How much PDA are you comfortable with? Assume it's you personally and not what you're seeing... haha

    When people can't really tell whether we're friends or in a relationship, that's where I like it

    Sitting close to each other is about my limit, maybe exchanging quick smiles

    Maybe an arm around a shoulder/waist or a hand casually on a knee

    Maybe a quick peck and hug if there's nobody really paying attention

    Holding hands, hand up to mid-part of thigh under a table

    Back stroking, casual pecks, hand in back pocket, cuddled up, sitting on his leg facing out

    Kissing (more than a peck, less than a tongue), hand on butt/in pack pocket, suggestive commenting

    Semi-lengthy kisses (no tongue), consistent contact, cheeks/face pressed together a lot

    Making out, grinding, sitting on lap facing person

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    It depends on where we’re at. SO knows we’re not allowed to hardly touch if we’re at my parents house. If we’re at his parent’s house, we actually will cuddle up under blankets together, little kisses, sometimes we’ll fall asleep on the couch together.

    Out in public though, I’m the conservative one. Hand-holding and maybe cheek pecks are acceptable. I’ve always hated the hands in the butt pocket thing.

    But I will say I’m really uncomfortable with people kissing much in public, hands anywhere but in the hand or over the shoulder/waist. I’m a bit of a hypocrite, but I’ve gotten better. I used to just be bitter….

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    For the most part, I think massive amounts of PDA is gross and it comes off as juvenile (you know, that high school couple who’s parents don’t let them date so they meet at the mall after school and pretend like its their own private bedroom). Holding hands, a casual kiss, even an ass slap here and there are all fair game but I do not want to be witness to tonsil hockey.

    As for my relationship, our level of PDA is pretty much the same wherever we are (besides our home, of course). We’re not really hand holders but we do on occasion, we kiss and hug (keeping it PG), we snuggle, rub each others backs and occasionally he’ll slap my ass if he’s feeling ballsy. It’s never a question to strangers that we’re together, even if we’re not touching each other. Body language says a lot.

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    I don’t have a problem with other peoples PDA but we don’t really do much more than kiss goodbye when I drop him off at work or hold hands when we walk around the mall. Sometimes when we go out to drink we dance close and kiss a little more but nothing too extreme, no sloppy tongue on the dance floor… with our music that would lead to broken teeth and bit tongues, not pretty. lol

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    We’re pretty affectionate but it depends on where we are. 

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    Before DH I hated any and all PDA – mine and other people’s 🙂 (other people’s esp if it was OTT ie not coming up for air and all over each other)

    I’m a little more comfortable with PDA now and I hug DH all the time, hold hands and a quick kiss (if I think no one is paying attention) we also pretty much stay within touching distance when we are out – back rub or hands on thighs etc. it’s not OTT thou, I STILL don’t like other people being OTT because there is a time and place – I have a couple of friends who can be a little too PDA after a few drinks and that still makes me uncomfortable and I’ve known them for years…

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    I voted other because I feel like I don’t mind a combo of some of your answers.  We hold hands, hug, short kisses, hand on thigh, and some back rubbing.  But not hands in back pockets or anything.  We don’t kiss when we are with other people or when people are really paying attention to us, just in private moments like in a store or waiting at a resaurant.  I never really thought of that stuff as PDA.  To me its the obnoxious making out etc lol

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    I voted Kissing (more than a peck, less than a tongue), hand on butt/in pack pocket, suggestive commenting.

    But then again, we are LDR and only see each other every 4+ months, so we get very physical when we are together! I don’t mind hand holding, touching his butt, a nice kiss (not full on snogging, but more than a quick little hardly there peck), and being a little frisky. It’s fun.

    I’m probably more comfortable with PDA around strangers than around family. I keep it very rated G around my parents (hand holding and maybe a few other intimate touches). He’s fairly comfortable around his folks, so he’ll he’s fine with grabbing and will go for a peck around them, but that’s all.

    And at the airport saying goodbye? Hot damn, we get intimate and pretend no one else is around, and we really don’t care. If I am not going to see him for five months, you bet I’ll be holding him tight.

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    We’re usually “Back stroking, casual pecks, hand in back pocket, cuddled up, sitting on his leg facing out.” But if we’re drunk and dancing it’s a whole other story. I mean, not exhibitionist, but definitely not as innocent as “back stroking.”

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    We do a combination of the options

    hand holding if walking. hand on knee/arm around each other if sitting. frequent pecks on the cheek. we might share a chair if there arent any spare. and we smile/look at each other to include each other in the conversation. he might drop a kiss on my forehead if walking past me

    no – tongues, innuendo, face pressing?  sitting on laps (one exception was when we had too many people in the house and nowhere to sit

    i genuinely don’t think we make other people uncomfortable

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    We are now acting like old married couples… so sad. Do I want to remedy it  – don’t know yet, I am fine with it so far and so is he.

    PDA – ??  I sort of get the gist of it but tell me what it stands for! Thanks

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    I think hugging, holding hands, and a quick peck on the lips/cheek is acceptable. What drives me NUTS is when I see couples all over each other. This means sitting on laps, kissing, stroking hair/back/neck,tickling,and playing. For some reason, this almost sickens me. I guess because I am in a 7 year relationship and I don’t feel the need to show the public “Hey! We are in a relationship and we love each other!!.” Nope…we will just show each other at home how much we love each other. Tongue Out

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    @happyface:  public displays of affection

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    Unless we’re in the comfort of our own home, nothing past holding hands, a quick peck or an arm around the waist. Nothing past that. 

    I’ve never been a fan of PDA and after watching my friend and her new boyfriend grope each other in Walmart, I’m even more cautious of how my FH and I are around other people. 

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    I voted for the holding hands and hand on thigh under table, but I could have gone with the one next up… except he doesn’t put his hand in my pocket and I don’t sit on his lap in public. 🙂

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