(Closed) How much romance does your s/o show?

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My DH is 28 and I am 25. He has always been romantic by saying I love you, snuggling me, holding my hand, singing to me, you name it. Since getting married we have become busier so we forget sometimes to hold hands when we are rushing out of the door and we don’t snuggle nearly as much as we used to. It is important for both of us to have time together and be romantic because we don’t want to lose that. We have a rule that there is no technology after 8 so we can spend time talking, walking or watching a movie (that’s the only technology allowed).

Right after our wedding I read 5 Love Languages so I could figure out what was important to us. It helped a lot to identify how we prefer to be loved. I recommend it if you both are having troubles with how to love one another.

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Sugar bee
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My FI is 27 and I am 28. He is very loving to me…cuddles me, hold hands, kiss before bed every night. He makes an effort because he knows its important to me.

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Sugar bee
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34 and 43  – we cuddle and hold hands a lot, say I love you and we make sure to tell the other one we like when they do x,y or z (“I like it when you rub my back” etc).

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Bumble bee
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We’re both 27. Erm, we kiss and hug and hold hands quite a bit. But if you mean romance romance like buying flowers, spontaneous dinners, lit candles when I come home, little presents… hardly ever. lol… 

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We’re both 28. We’ve been together for almost five years. Normally he’s very affectionate and loving towards me. As soon as he walks in the door, he scoops me up and kisses me. He’s always very excited to see me and that makes me feel loved. Whether we’re walking around, sitting on the couch, or laying in bed, he always reaches for my hand. 

Sometimes, he writes me little love notes and hides them in places where I find them later. It always makes me tear up. I’ve probably got a couple dozen and I’ve kept all of them. It’s the little things that make me happy.

I love love love his cooking. Whenever I have a girl’s night at my house, they always ask if my fiance can come too because they want him to cook and entertain. lol. He’s a special guy.

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Sugar bee
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I’m 27; SO is 32. We’ve been together for 7 years.

We’re extremely cheesy, but I don’t know if romantic is the right word. I certainly don’t expect to see flowers or rose petals on the bed or random gifts or surprise dates or come into a house with candles lit and a gourmet meal waiting for me. That’s just not him. I think he has gotten me flowers one time in our relationship, actually.

What he will do: clean up after dinner, give me pedicures/manicures, tons of affection, tucks me in every night if we don’t go to bed at the same time, surprise me by cooking a ( simple ) meal and serving me, make me things ( he tries to be a little crafty ), grab me a drink/a snack/a book/the remote control without me even asking, ask me questions about things I know he has 0 interest in ( like the latest romance novel I am reading ), he never allows me to carry groceries or anything weighing more than a pound ( that can get a little aggravating ), always holds doors open for me – just little everyday acts of kindness and attention.

My boobs and butt get grabbed and touched constantly without it leading to sex.

I say he’s not verbal, but he will tell me I am his soulmate, the love of his life, his favorite person, etc. He doesn’t say ” I love you, ” a ton, but it gets said. Love notes are very rare. The sparseness of it makes it still give me butterflies every time he says it or leaves me a note. I get a lot of kisses. We probably kiss a dozen or more times a day. He calls me “sweetheart” or “snookums.” Definitely cheesy, but we don’t say “babe” or “baby”. I call him “pookie.” We do a little bit of the baby-talk thing. Do you want to vomit now? : )

At the same time, he can be very reserved/stoic in certain public situations. We’re not much for PDA, though he was all over me at his sister’s wedding last month ( no drinking involved ) or will pull me too him while we’re waiting in the check-out line, or will kiss me in the middle of a store aisle. Other times, not so much. We might go out shopping and not even hold hands. Of course, he’ll hold my hand if I grab his first.

One complaint – when we first started dating, he would always get out of the car, come around to the passenger side, and open the door for me. He hasn’t done that in years. It’s lame! I miss that, but I guess that was just him going the extra mile.


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Buzzing bee
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Im 25 hes 30.  Hes really sweet and a very good man but not very romantic. Hes very affectionate (hugs kisses back rubs cuddling holding hands) and all that just not much of a romantic. Hes not much for making reservations. though the other day he called and tried. i was super impressed;) he does get flowers but only after years of hinting or telling. and its never randomly . Hes the kind of guy who gets you a Freezer (cuz its practical) for your brithday not a necklace. lol. we have been together for seven years and once he got me a necklace for no reason.  hes just kind of a manly man.  Hes not much for a lot of public affection cuz he says he feels bad for his friends who dont have a gf. he always insists on sitting next to me when we eat out so we can be close instead of right across. which is sweet. And he does always tell me im beautiful and how much he loves me almost every day. Some times he will make me dinner. which is sweet cuz he usually gets over whelmed with a big meal and asks for help lol. The only reason i say hes not very romantic is because my MOHs bf does like scavanger hunts on v-day and shit for her. with candles and stuff. lol now thats romantic.

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Sugar bee
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My bf and I are 25 and have been together for 4 1/2 years. He’s not one to say “i love you” all that often, so when he does say it, it means that much more. He always reaches for my hand first no matter what we are doing or where we are. He opens the car door for me sometimes and always opens regular doors. I particularly like when he pulls me into him when we’re out and kisses me on top of my head. I’ve  found it’s the little things he does that are sweet and romantic rather than huge gestures. 

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Busy bee
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I’m 26, and FI is 31. I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate man without me wanting to kill him for being overly affectionate. He buys me roses once in a while (special occasions, once when I was just having a terrible day), so that’s always a pleasant surprise. 

When I get home, I’m always greeted with a hug and kisses. We hold hands wherever we go, and try to sneak a kiss here or there. I could never tell him that I look like crap without him telling me how beautiful I look. He gives me my trifecta (good night, I love you, sweet dreams followed by kisses) every night before I go to sleep. If he’s not going to bed with me for any reason, he always tucks me in before my trifecta. He always compliments my cooking, but isn’t afraid to tell me what he doesn’t like about a certain dish. He’s always appreciative when I take care of him in any way. He’ll rub my back when I’m sore, and he’ll check my nails to make sure they’re even when I paint them.

These, and much more, make up for all the times he annoys me by not responding when I say something (he says he swears he does, but it must be in his head), or when I feel like we’re not spending enough time together cause he’s caught up in a new game.

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Bumble bee
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It depends what you consider “romantic”… I don’t consider him to be a very “romantic” guy except when he wants to be which is only on special occasions. (the whole flowers, slow music playing, love notes, etc)

He does however give me hugs and kisses for no apparent reason and tell me he loves me multiple times per day and since the wedding he’s started bragging to me and his friends about what an awesome wife he has. All i did was help him unload a bunch of wood from his truck and i got like the wife of the year award. it was pretty cool. And he’ll hold my hand when we go on walks and little things like that. He’ll sacrifice things for me to make me happy and tell me how much certain love songs remind him of me. Right now the cutest is “Point at you” by Justin Moore.

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@JoCoJenn:  the definition of romance is relative. Some people are not impressed unless they come home to a bed of rose petals and champagne. I think it’s romantic when my husband butters my bread for me at restaurants. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 34 and my SO is 37…he was much more romantic in the beginning, dinners, flowers, etc. Nowadays all I get is him randomly telling me I have really nice boobs and a juicy butt while we are walking in the mall…smh

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Buzzing bee
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He shows a lot of romance in terms of affection, telling me he loves me, spending time together, stuff like that. I’ve never expected or wanted roses & expensive dinners or anything like that, and he knows that. 

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