(Closed) How much sleep do you get each night?

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  • poll: How much sleep do you get on a typical night?

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    4-6 hours

    7-9 hours

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    I try really hard to get 8 hours a night. Partly this is because I live in another culture and do life in multiple languages, which aren’t my mother tongue, so I get tired and grumpy easily otherwise.

    Often I’ll wake up if I hear others getting up (we don’t have proper ceilings so sound travels) and sometimes I then can’t get back to sleep, so I try to go to bed early to make up for this. I don’t always manage. I’ve had to make it very clear to my fiancé that he needs to leave by 10 30 at the absolute latest. I’d prefer he left at 10 but he’s currently on school holidays so runs to a different schedule.

    I have an app on my phone that I put data into each day of when I went to sleep and when I woke up. It knows the times I ‘should’ be going to bed and getting up. It’s only a little thing but even that accountability helps me be better at stopping faffing and going to bed.

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    My husband and I have the same schedule and commute together. 

    We are in bed by 10pm every night and read/chat/have sex till 11pm then sleep. So a solid 8 hours. We dim the lights and noise completely from about 9:30pm… 

    We get up at 7am with no exceptions. We both start work at 8:30am and this process works well for us. 

    We didn’t always used to be that way but you just have to be very disciplined and it becomes a a habit. In the last year we’ve gone from staying up to early hours and being absolutely wrecked for work to the point of even calling in sick, to being first at the office now! 

    We keep the schedule up on weekends to where we can! 

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    I feel your pain! When I calculate it I should be getting 8 (bed at 11, alarm at 7) but I must have seriously broken sleep because I’m sooo tired lately. Like head on desk, eyes closing by 2pm, brain foggy tired. I also crash all weekend, sleep in late and have long naps. I never get anything done on weekends! Usually exercise after work improves my sleep quality, but I’ve been too exhausted to even make it to my classes lately.

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    7ish hours of interrupted sleep. I’ve been night weaning my daughter so she’s slept the night but I still wake up for awhile at least twice. Before this past week she would wake up 1-3x per night for 10 – 20 minutes. 

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    I try to get in 7-8 hours a night. Excercising helps. Sometimes when I can’t sleep its because I can’t turn my mind off. My anxiety creeps up on me like a total jerk. I have to try to breathe to calm myself, but sometimes I need the help of a propranolol and then I’ll sleep peacefully. Unless… there is some animal making weird noises outside (which has happened quite frequently lately) or my cat is screaming at another one that comes up to the window then she wakes everyone in the house up!

    Sticking to generally the same schedule on the weekends helps too. I usually get up at 5:30 on the weekdays, but weekends I try to push it to 7:30.

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    I’m an extremely light sleeper that if my brother switches on his room light, I will wake up. Yes, not at all being dramatic (of cos if I’m very very very tired, I do sleep pass it). It gets so bad at times that I have no choice but to take calmers/sleeping pills to aid me to sleep. And that usually only gives me about 8 hours of sleep for that particular day. 

    As for last night, I couldn’t sleep at all. Even with the pills. I bought myself a fitbit to track my sleep pattern, it doesn’t aid it in any way but at least it gives me an idea. 

    I realize if I work out too late at night, I can’t sleep so now I do it in the morning. 

    Lately ive been sleeping around 3-4 hours. I hope to crash tonight ☺️

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    MiniMeow :  I find it depends on the person but have read studies that say ladies need more sleep than guys. It’s true for me and my partner, he is able to survive and needs much less sleep than I do. 

    I usually try to go for 8+ hours sleep, anything under usually has me feeling exhausted. I wear my Fitbit at night and it tracks how much I sleep, just because it’s the time you go to bed it doesn’t mean it’s how much sleep you get. And you’d be surprised how many times you awake or have disturbed sleep. Great tracking. 

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    Generally 8 hours. My husband and I are usually in bed around 9 and asleep between 9:30 -10. I wake up at 6 am. 

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    We usually get 7.5 hours.  We’re in bed by 9:30 and chat/hangout/watch TV until 10/10:30.  Our alarm goes off at 6:00- we both start work at 7:00

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    I’ve hovered around a 3.5 hour average for the last several years.  A few weeks ago, my Keppra dose was raised–this is the pill I take to prevent seizures–and taking 2k mg of that daily, along with 3-4 Tylenol PM 3 hours before I go to bed, has raised my average to 4.5, so I can happily click the 4-6 button for once.

    Yeah, I’ve done full sleep studies, been tested for narcolepsy, have my numbers run for nutritional issues, keep no electronics in or near the bedroom, maintain a regular routine, cut off all carbs after a certain point in the day, all caffeine after 2pm, have charted different types of exercise at different types of day to check for a difference, tried OTC sleep aids and prescription sleep aids, meditation, no screens an hour before bed, all that.  No difference, although the usual clean sleep checklist is something I maintain rigidly.  FH and I are both lifelong insomniacs.  His brain scans came back clean, so they expect his issues are a mix of psychological and physiological, mine did not and they are toying with mine being neurological, but they’re more worried about all the seizing than the not-sleeping, since I’ve been doing that all my life and it hasn’t killed me yet.  We’re both severe on the anxiety scale, I have a defective brain and he can’t breathe unless he is resting in very specific positions, so yeah, we’re nightmares.  But at least we get to be insomniacs together.  I try to get to bed by 9, I’m up at 6, but Fitbit still tells me that even when I do get my 4.5 hours, it’s usually in 20 minute increments, so I’m not getting my necessary REM cycles.  Regular doctor, very worried, has been for years.  Neurologist?  Every time I see him, he becomes more and more convinced that every single problem in my life is somehow tied to migraines.  He thinks I’m in a mystery state of constant aura.  Apparently aura doesn’t let you sleep?  

    If I don’t do the clean sleep checklist, I’m lucky to break 2.5.  That was me through college.  I was very cranky by the time I got out of there.

    That said . . . I bet that pot of coffee I started in the break room is ready now.


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    MiniMeow :  When I wasn’t pregnant or had a kid, it was easily 8+ hours, but now I think I get maybe only 5-6 hours a night now.  

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    8 hours. 10pm to 6am. I’m a disaster if I don’t get my sleep. But I’m a super heavy sleeper. DH can read and thrash around all he wants and it doesn’t phase me. He is a terrible sleeper and pays for it every day. We are currently working on some ways to get his brain to turn off at night so he can get some rest!

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    I’m usually asleep by 11-11:30 and roll out of bed around 8:30/9am. I take melantonin and herbal tea before bed.And I keep the tv off and read. My husband gets the boys ready for school so I can sleep in.

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    According to my fitbit charge, my average time actually asleep is 7 hours and 40 minutes. But I spend easily another hour in bed between falling asleep and waking at night. I wish I was a better sleeper.

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