How much t.v do you watch (alone or with SO) ?

posted 11 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: On average how much tv do you watch?
    Way too freaking much. : (18 votes)
    33 %
    More as background noise than anything else. : (13 votes)
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    1-2 hours : (17 votes)
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    More than 3 hours a day. : (7 votes)
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    It depends on the day. Some days I don’t watch any TV and other days I binge watch an insane amount. GOT is the only show I watch every week when it’s on but it’s not on right now so I’m not concerned about keeping up with anything. I also don’t have cable – just streaming services so if I am following a show I watch it when I want. If I miss a couple weeks I’ll eventually have a day where I binge and catch up. I don’t like to have it on as background noise. If no one is watching the TV it’s not on.

    My husband is not into sports at all, which I love. I grew up in a very sports obsessed house and I did not enjoy it.

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    jessie092 :  Maybe one or two hours a week of actual tv. And an hour or more a day of Youtube, which is partially background noise.

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    Before I met my husband I watched practically no TV. Maybe an hour a month. He’s much more into it, and so we watch it together sometimes now. I still don’t watch much /any during the week, but maybe 4 hrs over a weekend? 

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    I think it depends. Sometimes I’ll turn it on and get caught up in something else so I’m not even paying attention but most days I’ll hardly even turn it on unless there’s something new on my DVR that I want to see and I’ll turn it back off when I’m done.

    I do watch more TV when SO is home, though. 

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    I literally didn’t own a TV for ten years before I met FH.  He likes to watch TV sometimes, but I don’t often join him.  It’s not really my thing.  But we do watch movies together on occasion.  Maybe 2-3 times a month I’ll watch a movie?  But I honestly don’t remember the last time I watched a TV show.

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    The only time I turn the tv on is at night around 8pm. And that’s only if I feel like watching a movie on Netflix or xfinity. I can’t watch daytime tv; it’s like having teeth pulled. The only shows I watch with any regularity are GOT and American Horror Story. 

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    jessie092 :  We only have one TV which is in the living room so when it’s on, we’re watching together. Yesterday we were a little hungover so we stayed on the couch all day watching TV but that’s not “normal” for us.

    I would say during the week we watch a couple hours of TV, we generally go to the gym after work then come home and one of us will cook dinner and the other one puts on a show that they favor. For instance if my husband is cooking I’ll throw on some trashy reality TV that he’s not very into. Then after dinner we choose something we both like. 

    I have a really hard time paying attention to shows or movies so it’s usually background noise for me while I do other stuff around the apartment or browse the internet.

    Some nights though, we will throw on music and cook dinner together which I enjoy way more than having the TV on, it just depends on what mood we’re in.

    My husband is really into sports, but he doesn’t have to watch every football game that’s on every Sunday which I appreciate, I can only handle so much football.

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    I need background noise to work, so I tend to have the TV on during the day. Right now my background TV is sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, but normally it tends to be documentaries on Netflix or Hulu.

    Really the only time I actually watch TV these days is watching Star Trek with my dad, or football.

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    I usually will play YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix one the TV when I’m home sitting on the couch doing something. After work, I’ll cook with the music on. Or if I’m cleaning up or organizing the house, I’ll be playing music. But if I’m folding the clothes, or looking up something on my computer, or addressing Save the Dates (what I’ve slowly been working on the past couple weeks), or whatever, I’ll put something on the TV mostly as background noise. I do have a few shows that I follow, and when a new episode is on Hulu, I’ll watch that, but otherwise the TV is mostly background noise or a way to make some task less boring.

    I will admit, though, there are some lazy Sundays I’ll spend just binge watching a show (usually one where all the episodes of a season are released at the same time on Netflix). That’s maybe once every other month or so though, when there’s a show I’m really into. The last one was the Haunting of Hill House, so good!

    My Fiance isn’t really into sports. He’s more into video games. He usually spends a little time with me after dinner, and then he’ll go play his video games while I do my own thing, unless we have specific plans (either out or in, like a board game night).

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    Dear God, way too much here! Netflix is the devil. We have Amazon Prime too, but I don’t watch it much. Food Network on Hulu for background noise pretty much all day (SAHM Mom here) and I also have about half a dozen shows I record. 

    Seriously, way more than I care to admit. I can binge an entire season of something in 2 days. I’m surprised my skin hasn’t fused to the couch. Just sayin’

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    We don’t have a ton of time after work in the evenings, but we might watch an hour or so to wind down at night after cooking and eating dinner, showering, etc. My husband is more likely than I am to turn to the tv on just to have background noise – if I turn on the tv it’s usually because I want to watch something specific. And if I watch a show I have to watch every episode. I’m really particular about it to the point that if I miss an episode and it isn’t On Demand I won’t watch the rest of the season until I see that episode. It’s a problem.

    Neither of us are big sports watchers.

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    A shit ton. TV is my friend.

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    I watch maybe 3 hours of actual TV/week so I don’t know how to answer your poll. 

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    jessie092 :  For me, it’s like everything else in my life – either way too much or not at all lol

    I will go weeks without watching any TV other than my Sunday night Walking Dead or Game of Thrones when they are on. But then I will have a lazy weekend where I’ve got lots of time to spare and I will binge an entire 1-3 season series in a two or three day period lol

    During the holidays when I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen baking, prepping, cooking, etc., I will have Netflix on pretty much constantly, either watching stuff I’ve already seen or dumb Christmas movies I don’t feel the need to follow too closely.

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