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  • poll: How much was your Engagement ring?

    15,000 and up









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    @snake   Should Bee’s whose rings are over 15k also be offended that their rings are not represented in the poll?


    Let’s just remember that this forum is supposed to be a fun light-hearted place for brides to visit, clearly the OP wasn’t trying to offend anyone.  And if you find something tacky… well, read VirginiaMarie’s post on candy buffets! She could write the book on anti-snarky!

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    I’m so over that word..some alternatives: shoddy, shabby, vulgar, tawdry, cheap, nasty, low

    Sometimes its just fun to escape, come on here and read lighthearted fun posts. And this is great for comparative shopping!


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    I noticed this post got a LOT of responses. Money, or to use an anthropological term “resources” have always been used to equate a women’s worth. This is clear and evident in our own society today. The girls that say “I’m spoiled, it was $xx!” are exemplifying that.

    (Note to those girls, please take no offense, this is human nature and you can just think of it as your husband had twenty cows to offer your parents instead of the 5 mine had)

    If we compare it to other cultures we can see there is almost always some sort of resource exchange over the engagement and/or marriage, be it between husband and wife or between families. This is where that “special feeling” we get knowing our man scrimped and saved for months comes from; he is essentially validated our worth. We are in such a culture now that it really doesn’t say what it used to. My Fiance spent probably 1200$ altogether on my ring but wishes he could’ve spent 12,000$ if he wasn’t a student at the time. Our “resource” trade off was his education will afford us kind of exchange one day but for now, what we can afford is substantial to us so the worth is relatively high. He wasn’t working and had grants and an educational trust fund (not for rings) to live off of, I was getting support in peicework ways and so my ring really does represent a high sacrafice; our equivelant to many many cows.

    Again, my five actual cows are worth the same as some other girls 20 cows but the take home message is that this resource exchange is just a vistigial representation of what women were and still are in certain cultures, things of value. Just like many other evolutionary traits we have but don’t need (propensity to store fat) this socially evolutionary trait has stuck with us despite its lack of relevance to our modern world. I have a ring but understanding the symbolism rings are impregnated with I can see why a girl would shun them altogether.

    I hope I stayed as nuetral as possible with this.

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    Okay…so I have been following this post since its start up, and really to all the hatearades out there IMO I think ya all just need to turn down your sensitivity chips a notch or two. It was suppose to be a fun post that has now turned negative.

    @esrockhold thank you for the review of anthropology 101, it was a great refresher of an entry level textbook. You spent half your post justifying why your ring cost the amount it did while totally ignoring what the OP was about. It was asking only for what your ring cost not why it cost that amount. Again not to be repetive but sounds like the ladys that are hating on this post are a little insecure about their rings and are the ones that are putting the worth to mean how much their partner loves them.

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    oh god. because i said i thought it was tacky that meant i feed off drama???? I just think its unfair how the poll is specifically for people whose rings are worth some serious cash— i mean who cares, really, but the fact that there is only ONE option for people whose rings are less than a grand makes it seem like out amount it less worthy & that its more of a competition.

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    Sorry, snake. My ring was $800. And I don’t feel that way at all. I think before a few people’s comments, the post was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing: giving people information about other people’s rings.

    To be specific, I had long wondered what the going rate for Tacori/Tiffany rings were. Now I have a general idea, and I don’t have to walk into a jewelry store to find out. Personally, I am finding this info really valuable! Thanks to everyone who has posted and kept it positive!

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    Just to clarify….I in no way think the amount my FH spent on my ring represents my worth (in cows or otherwise). He did not buy me, purchase me, nor does he own me in any way due to the amount spent on my ring. Nor did he “scrimp and save” to buy it. We are both medical professionals and are fortunate enough to be in a position to have a quality education and a comfortable financial situation. I get the feeling from this post that boasting about how in-expensive your ring was is admirable while stating that your FH spent above the average cost is bragging, boasting, “tacky”. 

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    I don’t think this post is tacky, if you’re not thrilled by it then don’t respond~ Pretty simple πŸ™‚

    I also think it’s helpful for those who are looking at rings but are not sure how much things cost.  And it’s fun for those of us who are a little bit um, “inquisitive” (ok, fine, nosey!) 

    So I will put mine out there too- I don’t know the exact amount but it was btwn 7-8k for my ring, which has a 1.3 center stone, G color and VS1 clarity πŸ™‚ 

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    Um, we bought my ring through our Brother-In-Law (who works with gold), so to be fair, we really paid, um, jeweler’s price. So we got a really really really good deal. The kind that make you REALLY hate the diamond industry’s markups.

    LOL…look at me, being all kinds of super tacky, rubbing my good deal in ya’alls faces Laughing….and saying ‘ya’all’ on an internet board

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    I don’t know how much mine cost.  It’s a one carat princess cut solitaire and it’s colorless.  I think it’s beautiful and sparkly.  I’m guessing he paid a pretty penny for that “colorless” rating, but it’s just beautiful!  I told him I wanted sparkle, not size–and he delivered! πŸ™‚

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    ejs– so what you’re saying then is that you got a discount cow? πŸ˜‰

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    @texaslawgirl, MOOOOOO Tongue out

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    mine was less than $800, and kristij— would you stop posting pics of your ring, i’m gonna have to trade mine out for a gem! your’s is my favorite on here ever! *love*

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    The non-tacky response:  Last year for 1 ct Tiffany classic setting (round solitaire) online – the base price was $8,000.  Then, this year for the same exact ring – the base price is $9200.

    The tacky response:  My Fiance gave me a little over a carat classic Tiffany setting ring.  It’s F color, VS1, and has excellent symmetry, polish and I forgot the other criteria.  He didn’t tell me, but for insurances purpose, I saw the receipt: it came out to a little over $15,000.

    So for the non-engaged bees out there:  the base price online you see is one thing, but depending on color, clarity, and other factors it goes up from there. Also, from what I understand, he looked at the DeBeers store the price was only slightly less by a few hundred. (Service isn’t as good.  He went to the Vegas store as a non-engaged guy, the salesman didn’t even want to him.  It wasn’t until we returned after our engagement, that the same salesguy saw my ring and all of sudden, it was great service!). Ewww.  He also looked at Jared of the Galleria and Blue Nile – it’s a few thousand dollars cheaper.  But for him, he loved the setting, the 6 prong. He was sold.

    I apologize for the long post, but I find this post helpful to non-engaged bees.  It’s informative and so, I hope my post helps another bee out there.  Afterall, its the weddingbee.com spirit!  BUZZZZZZ πŸ˜‰

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