(Closed) How much water do you drink?

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  • poll: How much water do you drink in a day?

    None, it's coffee or soda for me

    A little- maybe a glass or two

    Tons! I'm attached to my water bottle!

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    I voted “tons” but I wouldn’t really say it’s tons…I try to drink two to three water bottles during the day, and then probably one to two more when I get home. Like you, I try to force myself to drink it for weight and skin reasons. I’ve pretty much given up soda though, so I’m proud of myself for that!

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    i’m not good at drinking water. it’s pretty much all i drink so i drink it with meals and i always have a cup in front of me, but for some reason it’s hard for me.

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    I force myself to drink a 16 oz bottle before coffee – that really has helped.  And, I drink it the rest of the day (no other beverage).  I used to drink a lot more coffee and I’d just force myself to drink a bottle before each cup.  After a few days, my body started craving the water – and it was easier to do…. but sometimes I still just chug it to get done with it!!

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    I sit right by a huge water cooler at work so I drink tons of water all day.  I actually get huge headaches if I get the slightest bit dehydrated so that keeps me motivated to drink lots.

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    My goal is ALWAYS to drink 8 cups/day… but its hard, yo! If I haven’t had at least 6 i will just chug to get me up to 6 before bed… but I do really try for 8. 

    My tips:

    Using bigger glasses helps. If you have to refill a 1 cup glass 7 times, ugh, pain in the ass. Using a big 2.5 cup water bottle? So much easier to refill twice plus a little. 

    Also, I try to space it out and get a routine. 

    2 cups with lunch

    2 cups in the afternoon

    2-4 cups with dinner (easier if we’re having something salty or spicy)

    remainder after dinner. 

    I don’t drink anything but water (and 1 cup coffee in the morning). Usually where I get into trouble is if I skip lunch or I don’t have a snack in the afternoon. I find it VERY hard to drink when I’m not eating anything… so if I don’t have an afternoon snack its hard for me to get my 2 cups in then. And while we’re on the topic, I’ve been trying to space my meals out better calorie-wise and thats helping me lose weight too. I used to be a eat-one-meal-a-day-dieter, but this works better.

    400 cal for bfast

    400 cal for lunch

    100-200 cal for mid-afternoon snack

    500 cal for dinner

    100-200 cal for after dinner snack (should omit, but some habits die hard!!)

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    Not nearly enough but I am working on it.  Maybe about 32 ounces a day. 

    Stupid Dr. Pepper always gets in the way…

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    A LOT.  Seriously.  Like probably 100 ounces.  I drink out of a big Nalgene bottle all day.

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    I drink around 3 litres a day! That is 12 glasses of water!

    It’s pretty easy for me – I drink two glasses with breakfast, then I take a Litre (32oz) nalgene to work with me and I always drink the whole thing. When I get home I am usually thirsty and so I drink another glass. When I work out (I work out 6 days a week) I drink another full liter. and then I drink a glass with dinner and a glass before bed!

    It is hard at first but after you do it for awhile your body gets more in tune with it’s thirst mechanism (most people who don’t drink enough water recognize thirst as hunger) and your body craves it!

    Good Luck!

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    You girls are so good – – I hate water. I have never liked water. I try and try and nope I hate it.  HOWEVER, I am training for a 1/2 Marathon. As a result I am trying hard to drink more water. I bring a sliced lemon to work and drink about 3 glasses throughout the day, the lemon helps a ton LOL. 

    I am also a huge diet soda person. I have cut way back and have one diet soda per day, with lunch. I don’t buy diet soda for the house anymore. Its water or I brew caffiene free tea then stick it in the fridge.  I am trying my hardest…So far, I think I am doing pretty good…

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    I have found that adding crystal light to my water and keeping it in something with a straw helps.  I find that if I’m having a stressful day I’ll suck on my bottle while working. . .almost like a baby and their bottle.  It’s kinda funny, but it gets more water in.

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    I drink a couple gallons a day.  Which is actually kind of bad… I think it’s become psychologically addictive.  Sometimes I spend the day somewhere where the water tastes kind of gross and it’s awful because I have to keep chugging my gallon or else I get so thirsty.

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    I have a 2 liter a day minimum, and that’s before I work out.

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    I dont drink soda unless its in a beverage.

     I drink a travel mug of coffee in the morning, switch to water during work, when i get home from work I have a coffee or redbull (FI works for redbull so always have a ton on hand!) and then back to water for the rest of the night.

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    I think water helps me lose weight because it helps my stomach feel full so I’m less prone to snacking.  When I get into work each morning I go to the water cooler and drink a glass while I’m standing there, and then fill up another and take it back to my desk.  Then I try to refill my glass whenever I empty it so there’s always water at my desk.  Before each meal I also drink a glass before I start eating, and refill it to drink while I’m eating. 

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