(Closed) How much/often do you drink alcohol?

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Helper bee

britty:  I’ll be 24 this year and I’ve never tasted anything alcoholic. Now soda, that’s a different story. I definitely have a soda problem, haha. 

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I could have a drink every night of the week, but I try to limit myself (calorie wise) to just drinking on Friday, saturday, Sunday nights.  I usually have a San Pelligrino drink (pomegranate or blood orange flavor) with some gin.  My fave!

H drinks maybe 2-3 beers a night, sometimes none.  He’s rarely drunk.  He also is training for a 100k trail run race so he claims he needs the hydration LOL.

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Buzzing bee

I don’t drink a lot, but SO drinks more than he should (in my opinion). He’s cut back VERY drastically from when we’ve met, he used to drink probably 4 or more beers a weeknight and more on the weekends. Now it’s just one or two beers at a time and not every night. If we’re at a bar it’s usually 3-4 beers for him and 1-2 cocktails or glasses of wine for me. 

We’re both young twenties and just out of college, so I think it’s pretty appropriate. 

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Darling Husband and I usually go out 1-2 nights a week and Ill get tipsy, maybe 3-4 drinks (wine or beer, I don’t like liquor). But, I recently found out I’m pregnant so those days are over for now lol.

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One glass of wine every couple months or so.

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britty:  My Darling Husband and I are both in recovery and so neither of us has had a drink in over two years. Prior to that I drank to excess EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for 11 years straight and even longer for my husband…no joke.

I don’t think what you describe is very excessive, unless it’s causing problems in your life such as missing work or school, blacking out, etc. It’s not so much how much you drink as what happens to you when you drink. If your drinking is not having a negative impact anywhere else in your life then I wouldn’t worry about it. The Bridesmaid or Best Man making those comments is very rude and if it were me I’d have told him to keep his opinions to himself long ago. 

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Very rarely and not very much most of the time. Only for watching State of Origin (rugby league clash between Queensland and New South Wales once a year – 3 games, one every three weeks) and parties, which are usually every couple of months. I won’t have more than 4 alcoholic drinks usually, and most of the time have 1 or 2.

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Neither Darling Husband or myself drink that much, though it has been a bit more than usual the past few months (weddings, group outings, etc.). Typcially, it’s about once a month and he prefers Angry Orchard or a whiskey sour and I mostly stick with white wine, but will sometimes go with my old favorite- Captain and coke. Mostly, we just don’t feel like drinking that much. 

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britty:  In all honesty I know a lot of people who have similar drinking habits to you, I don’t see anything wrong with that! I probably have one drink 1-2 times a week in the afternoon if I am feeling a bit stressed, then on the weekend we might have 2 drinks together if we go out for dinner or order take-out. 

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I am 23 years old, so naturally my Fiance (25) and I go out on the weekends to bars and such with our friends.

There are many people in their mid 20’s who don’t go out to bars.  So I don’t know about “naturally”.  I always found bars tedious and would rather have hung out at home or a friend’s house. While I think your friend is rude and needs to butt out, I would not just assume he is jealous.

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Busy bee

I’m 22 and my fiance is 23, and we enjoy drinking together when we can.  We are long distance, so that doesn’t happen all that often.  If we’re at a bar or restaurant, whoever is driving takes it easy, allowing the other to have a drink or two more than they would if driving.  (If we go to a party we can stay overnight at, we both drink quite a bit, though!)

I personally usually only drink if I’m having a night in or out with my friends, which happens about once every other week, give or take.  I’ll probably have 2-5 drinks on those occasions.  My fiance drinks a little more regularly than I do, sometimes coming home from work and drinking a few, or so.  But that’s definitely not an every day thing.  He’s a member of a local social organization/bar, so he’ll usually stop there a time or two a week, sometimes to socialize, sometimes to have a couple beers.

I’ve never had an issue with drinking, myself or others around me, so it doesn’t bother me at all!  I enjoy alcohol when a get a chance to indulge in it. 🙂  I’m not a beer person, so I mostly stick to liquor cocktails or wine/wine coolers. 

I think that the amount/frequency you and your Fiance drink is totally fine and normal, as long as it’s not affecting your lives negatively, which it does not sound like it is.  As long as you and your Fiance are comfortable with the amount you both drink I think you are fine!!

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January of 2013, Fiance and I had a margarita each. Sometime last fall, Fiance and I shared a Budweiser. This May, I went wild and crazy and drank a small can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade all by myself.

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Reading these responses makes me think I may drink a lot more than other people. I’ll likely have 2-3 bottles of wine a week to myself, and several vodka sodas or gin & tonics. If I go out for the night, I’ll likely drink ~6 vodka sodas. At least once a week, I’ll come home and pour myself a small amount of whiskey as I get dinner going. I drink a lot less than most of my friends, so maybe my consumption is skewed. 

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I’m 28, as is Darling Husband.

Right now I am pregnant, so I don’t drink at all. When I am not pregnant, I am not much of a drinker. I like the occasional cocktail when we go out to supper, and in the summer I do go through a few bottles of my favorite local wine that’s only available in the summer months. Typically I’d have one glass in the evening.

Darling Husband is a beer drinker. In the summer, he usually has 1-2 beer with supper.

The both of us very occasionally get together with friends and have a few more drinks. Darling Husband is more likely to get tuned up than I am…I just don’t enjoy drinking to the point where I feel it.

That being said, most of us have kids in our circle, so drinking a lot isn’t really a priority… Most of us don’t feel like being hung over and dealing with small children the next day. haha It’s not worth it!

At 23, I would say Darling Husband and I both drank a bit more. We didn’t have kids, so we went out more on weekends. There were more times we’d get drunk and we’d have alcohol in the house more often. Now we just spend our money on other things and don’t really enjoy getting drunk as often.

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