(Closed) How often and how do you clean your white gold ring?

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Wow, you wash your ring everyday?! Is that not bad for the white gold? I thought I read in another post not to wash it/soak it that often. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, I wash my ring every other week I suppose. In the shower I have a soft baby toothbrush. I just use my body wash and give it a rub over, rinse it off and I’m done. I haven’t let it soak yet. I’ve had it for about 3 months now.

What does re-rhodium mean?

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@kperry3: I’m assuming re-rhodium is the process that makes it white again? I know that white gold turns gold-gold over the years.

Um…I have mine cleaned every 6 months when I get it inspected for the warranty. LOL. It’s also “cleaned” when I wash my hands. πŸ˜‰

I guess I’ll have it re-rhodium when it starts looking too gold, um, maybe 10 years or so. πŸ˜›

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I clean mine at home every 2-3 weeks or so, but I have it steam cleaned by my jeweler every couple of months.
When I clean it at home, I put a couple drops of dish washing liquid into a mug, and then do 3 sprays of Windex into the mug, pop in the ring, and then pour hot water over it to the top. I leave it on the counter until the water has cooled and then I scoop it out and rinse it off.
It sounds weird, but it works really well.

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Whenever Im at the mall so once about every two weeks. 

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double post. woops!

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I clean it maybe once every week or two with a jewelry cleaner solution I got at Bed Bath & Beyond that has a little brush in it.  And maybe once a month when I’m at the mall I’ll get it cleaned.  Gonna pop in to the mall the day before the wedding and get everything all sparkly for the big day!

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I would actually avoid using soap if you have a diamond- it may clean your gold up nicely, but diamonds attract soap and it will leave them looking filmy. 

I bought a jar of jewelry cleaner for like $8. That’s what I use… I clean mine once a week-ish, sometimes less if I forget. And I try to have it cleaned at a jeweler about once a month. 

And Rhodium plating is what makes white gold white- I actually discussed this with my jeweler over the weekend. 

All gold comes out of the ground yellow, and Rhodium plating makes it look white. Over time, the white gold will start to look more yellow, so you get it re-plated to bring back it’s white color. 

However, they said that you should NOT do it too often. She said that lots of women want to have it done every 6 months, and it’s bad for your ring- every time they re-plate it, they also polish it, which takes away a little bit of your gold.

If you have this done every 6 months for 20+ years, you’re going to notice! 

My jeweler suggested having it done once a year, at most, and they offer it free for life, so I trust them b/c they’re not going to make or lose any money either way. 

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Haha wow….I have never cleaned either of my rings (one of which I have worn daily for over 5 months now) and they still look beautiful and shiny. I don’t have time in the morning for all this! I think it’s kind of overkill, honestly.

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I clean mine at home with a toothbrush, toothpaste & warm water every 3-5 days or when I notice it needs it (i wear it 24/7). It works great! I’ve only had mine 6 months & I noticed (after buying my band & comparing) the back of my ring is slightly yellowish now. I plan on having it redipped right before the wedding to make it nice & shiny for ring pictures πŸ™‚

Here’s a thread on redipping. How often you have to do it seems to vary, but it looks like mine will have to be done at least once a year. Some people like the look of the yellowing though:



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I clean mine about once a week, generally in hot water and a bit of ammonia. My jeweler said to never ever clean soft metals like white gold with toothpaste because the abrasives can scratch away at the metal. Maybe a bit overcautious, but something to keep in mind? See these two links below:



As for redipping, some of the ladies on WB told me that they re-rhodium plate maybe once a year or less. And like  @tinylittlebird: said, I was told not to do it too often. Rhodium is a the rarest metal in the platinum family and it is used to coat the gold to reinforce it to make it stronger and make it shiny and white again.


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Every 6 months per the warranity.  Along with my white gold earrings.

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Whenever I’m at the mall (pretty rarely) and about once a week at home.

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I clean it every 2-3 weeks with the cleaner that came with it.  It’s got a little brush also.

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