How often do you get professional photos with your DH?

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I guess what stands out to me here is that it’s a layover in Paris, which means a limited time. I would vote for experiencing the city a little instead of staged photos that would make it look like you experienced the city. It’s the difference between appearances and reality,and the reality would matter to me more than appearances. 

The photos are up to you and your Dh, but I can understand why he might not want to spend limited time taking pictures instead of having experiences.

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My mom had me do yearly portraits as a kid and really done up ones every five years.  I’m not so much a fan now, but I could envision maybe (big maybe) once a year only if my SO and I decide to have kids, but it would probably be a big ask of my SO.

Not to sh** on OP, you like what you like, but I guess in this particular instance I do side more with your husband.  I mean, if your dream as *always* been to get professional photographs on the Eiffel Tower, then that means these photos have very little to nothing to do with your husband or your experiences (and I can’t really blame someone about not being excited about something that has literally zero to do with him)…it’s literally just a backdrop.  I’m pretty sure there are photo studios out there with an Eiffel Tower backdrop or can photoshop it in. 

So at that point, for me without some sort of intrinsic meaning behind it, it shifts from photos being your “hobby” to your hobby just being looking at yourself.  I can understand looking at your wedding photos (maybe not to the degree you do), because they come with this very emotional attachment of an important event in your life.  And I could understand hiring a photographer in Bali to commemorate your vacation.  But on a layover where a) you’ve likely just spent many many hours in an airport and on a plane and you feel grubby, tired, jetlagged and likely irritated by the crowds and you’ll have to doll yourself up to go to one of the most crowded tourist spots in Paris, and b) don’t have a lot of time to actually experience anything…it’s not my idea of a good time nor something I would remember fondly.  I might have pretty photos if I can hide the bags under my eyes well enough, but I wouldn’t remember the experience fondly.  I’d probably look at those photos and instead of thinking “Damn I look good” think “Damn that was a horrendous pain in the arse and exhausting to do”.  I just don’t get it.

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In thinking about this further, why don’t you have your photo shoot and your husband can go out and explore/enjoy the city a bit? That seems like the best way for you to both get what you want.

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Please don’t listen to all the judgmental comments. If you enjoy having your pictures done, go ahead and do it! We only live once and what you do with your money is your business. I totally get the appeal of a beautiful shot, especially in the age of Instagram. As for those saying they would rather explore the city during a layover, keep in mind that you’ll never be able to see much during a few hours anyway. You may as well pick one spot to explore and have your photoshoot there. 

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Bees can we keep this civil please.  Maybe if this is not your cup of tea , just move on. 

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The only pro photos my husband and I have had are from our wedding day, no engagement photos or anything. However we were at a funeral recently for my husbands great uncle and there were photos of him with his wife when they were young in the 40’s and 50’s that were posed and looked professionally done. They were wonderful. It made me want to schedule a shoot with my husband because not only would it be nice for us, future generations might treasure those types of photos. 

That being said, it seems as though Eiffel Tower photos would be a lot more meaningful if they accompanied an actual trip to Paris instead of just a rushed layover. I could see you getting a lot of questions about Paris and having to explain that all you did there was the photo shoot!

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I think one of the key things about this particular situation is that the OP’s husband does not like photos. (I’m not sure if that means he doesn’t like being photographed, doesn’t like how he looks in photos, doesn’t like having photos of himself on display, or maybe that he simply things it’s a wate of money.) 

Depending on exactly what is meant by “He don’t like photos”, for the OP to insist on yearly professional photoshoots and minishoots and staging photoshoots at famous landmarks during layovers could really be making him uncomfortable. 

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Never, lol

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