How often do you give or get compliments on your erings?

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Busy bee

I am like a fish drawn to shiny things, so I notice jewelry. I compliment women all the time. We were at a waterfront bar a few weeks ago, and the sun caught a ladies ring. I just happened to be standing next to her and I told her that her ring was gorgeous. She beamed and then went on to explain she just received it as an anniversary after 30 years. It was neat talking to her for a bit. 

Usually people are surprised for a second but then they will talk or share a story about their ring. Sometimes they glance at my hands before, I assume to judge my level of interest. Then they immediately take in that I have a jewelry fetish. I wear diamonds even if we are out on the bike.

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Busy bee
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Your ring is stunning! I would definitely compliment it if I saw you out and about. I love that the setting looks like a flower. 

I get compliments on my ring about once a month. More frequently if it was just cleaned. I think that’s mostly because my ring is much larger than ‘normal’ for where I live. (3 carat total weight, Midwest) 

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I’ve gotten a good handful comments over the past several months (got engaged in April). Most were from coworkers and students at school (I teach) and customers at the clothing store where I work part time, but I’ve gotten a couple comments from servers at restaurants as well. My ring is a rose gold, rose-shaped setting, so people usually comment on its unique and pretty shape. It’s also a Moissanite. And though I know many people on the bee turn their noses up at moissys, they are very sparkly, dazzling stones in real life. So occasionally the comments have been on how beautiful and sparkling my stone is too 🙂


I have given some ring compliments before, mostly to customers at my part time job. I always compliment things I see that I like on people. Sometimes it’s their purse or their dress or their shoes. Or yes, even their jewelry. I don’t know why some people think it’s weird or socially unacceptable. I think it’s nice to offer a compliment if it’s sincere! 🙂 I enjoy both giving and receiving them.

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Helper bee

The only compliment I have ever gotten was from a guy in a drive through.

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If I see one I like, I say something. Why not? It makes the person happy. 

I’ve had people comment on my ring, it’s nice 

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Honey bee

Almost never.

I rarely concern myself or notice what other people wear, including jewelry.  Or at least no more than I might admire anything else that is my style (Oh, I love those boots. I was thinking of getting a pair like that.  Where’d you get those?)  I don’t think I’ve ever heard my friends or family compliment people on things like that either.   Maybe someone literally just engaged?  But otherwise people are just busy living their lives and I guess I don’t really think of wearing jewelry as something like an accomplishment where I would congratulate or compliment someone unless I was friends with them and they literally just got engaged.

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I love looking at people’s overall clothes/shoes/purses/jewelry when I’m out and about so I compliment stuff like that a lot. 

And I probably get a compliment once a month or once every two months when I go out. I also have a sapphire so I think it “stands out” a little more.

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I never comment on anyone’s ring

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Sugar bee

To be honest, i dont think i have ever commented on a strangers ring – friends, of course! I may notice someones ring and think “ooh wow thats nice” but would rarely say something.

I have actually got several compliments from strangers now that i think about it though. Maybe 10 or so over the last few years? I have a very simple ring (it is gorgeous, dont get me wrong! and totally my style) but it is a plain band solitaire with a round 1 ct, it is def. not overly attention grabbing. 

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Buzzing bee

I have a passion for jewelry (and I collect antique jewelry) so I’m always noticing it and often will compliment others on their jewels.  

But I think most people don’t generally notice other peoples’ jewlery unless it’s in the Elizabeth-Taylor catogory

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Busy bee

I give compliments all the time. My mum taught us to. She said you don’t know if a person is having a bad day, week etc but if you can give them a moment of happiness with a compliment then do it. So if I see a ring on an engaged teller, waitress etc I will say something nice about it. I have complimented people on their perfume, how beautiful their babies are, cute shoes, nice sweaters etc. Trick is to keep it casual.


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Bumble bee

mariastarlove :  I like jewelry and tend to “shop” from looks I see on people, so it isn’t uncommon for me to run someone down to compliment their boots or something or fawn all over their hair. I’m not even sorry, it’s just how I am.

Even having that personality type, I don’t notice people’s e-rings very often UNLESS they are in customer service. I think I have a tendency to watch people’s hands if they are ringing my purchases up, or serving my food, so I notice and compliment them more often then.  I find the same about my ring, people often compliment me when I am paying for something because they too are watching my hands when they would otherwise be focusing on another part of me. 

I think the job transition accounts for a lot of the reason you aren’t receiving the same compliments. Truly.

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