(Closed) How often do you replace your home computer or laptop?

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  • poll: How long do you own a computer before replacing it?
    Less than 1 year, and I use it for work : (0 votes)
    1-2 years, and I use it for work : (2 votes)
    3 %
    3-4 years, and I use it for work : (9 votes)
    13 %
    5-6 years, and I use it for work : (6 votes)
    9 %
    6-8 years, and I use it for work : (1 votes)
    1 %
    8+ years, and I use it for work : (0 votes)
    Less than 1 year, and it's for personal use only : (0 votes)
    1-2 years, and it's for personal use only : (3 votes)
    4 %
    3-4 years, and it's for personal use only : (28 votes)
    40 %
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    I replaced mine after about 5 years, but a part broke on the laptop that I use all of the time, so I had to.  I think if you use it a lot, and it needs to be replaced, it’s time 🙂

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    I had to replace my last one after 4 years and it was only used for personal.  The one I have now is getting to 3 yo and I will keep running it until it dies or is more expensive to fix than by another one which is pretty easy.  I use this one for personal and work though.  Maybe you can add that option to your poll. 

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    my laptops have been having a tendancy to crap out around 2-2.5 years… the physical part of it.. so whatever you don’t buy an HP… the software is great… hardware for me tends to fall apart… 🙁 Desktops definitely last longer… I know there was one I had that lasted like 8 years. Hoping my next computer will last me longer.. probably looking into a desktop since the only reason I had a laptop was b/c it was easier in college.

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    We’re strictly a Mac household so we can get upwards of 10 years out of our computers if we wanted to. We normally upgrade every few years though just because Darling Husband likes to have the newest stuff. Whenever he upgrades his desktop/laptop, the old one becomes mine and then we either sell or give away my computer. 

    As for work/personal use, I guess it would be both. Darling Husband is a software developer so when he has the computer, it’s for both both work and personal use. When it becomes mine, it’s pretty much just for personal use.

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    I’ve had my personal one now for 4 years. And as soon as we get done car shopping, a new laptop for me is on the list. It’s started having some issues overheating or handling multiple tabs open – and is definitely slower than it used to be.

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    I just finished my dissertation and in 11 years of college, I’ve had 4 computers. The first one was a PC laptop and I was furious with it almost immediately but kept it for three years. Then I got a I-Book and had that for 3 years. I replaced that with a MacBook Air. When the harddrive went at just after 3 years, I didn’t have time (because of fellowship aps, yay grad school) to wait for it to be fixed, so I financed a MacBook Pro and then fixed the Air and sold it to my then-bf-now-husband. I’ve had the Pro for almost two years and it still feels new. I’ll probably keep this one until I get lucky enough to land a tenure-track faculty position and can get a computer through my department. I also live, breathe, and sleep with my laptop.

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    Well I’ve only owned four computers. 

    #1 – Gateway desktop purchased June 2002 for college- I kept it for 3 years and it was still working okay but I needed a laptop for lawschool at that point so I gave it to my brother— I believe he used it for another 2+ years at least.

    #2 – Dell laptop purchased July 2005  for law school- lasted 2.5 years before it basically died. And I had a ton of issues with it throughout— i basically hated that computer. 

    #3 – Macbook purchased January 2008 after Dell died – I looooved this computer and it is still being used by my husband now. I used it for school and then for work, on it 16+ hours/day. It really has no serious issues 4+ years later so I imagine it will last us probably until it is at least 6. 

    #4 – Macbook Pro purchased July 2011 – purchased because I needed something with more power to handle my photo editing software and the volume of data I was working through w/ photos. I use it for work (lawyering), side job (photography), and leisure. I am hoping it will last me 5 years.


    ETA: I truly believe that some computers *cough*Dell*cough* are designed to fail in 2-3 years so you have to buy a new one. My mom and I got identical computers at the same time (my dad just ordered 2 when he got mine). I used mine 16+ hours/day, my mom hardly used hers at all. Mine was constantly on/off ac power, hers was almost always plugged in because she used it at her desk. Ours both failed and died within 2 mo of each other– same problem on both.

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    I keep them until they break.  I’ve had this laptop for 3 years.   I use it when I’m working at home after hours.  Do you have an external hard drive?  I’d wait until your computer quits if you do.

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    Based on past experience, every laptop I’ve had has lasted about 4 years before something broke that was more of a hassle to fix than buy a new one.  Desktops are different though.. if you have a good desktop I think it can last a while.  I would definitely replace your computer (assuming it is a laptop) now before you lose all your work.  Of course, I have used my past 3 laptops pretty extensively, for media, homework, now work, constant internet use, etc., I might run mine ragged LoL.


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    I’m on my third computer now since 1999, which is when I bought my first computer. My first computer was a Gateway and lasted until 2004. I bought a Dell desktop in 2004. The Dell hard drive pooped out in 2006, I had the hard drive replaced and it lasted until 2010. In 2010 I bought my HP laptop, which is what I’m using now. It’s really slow now though, so I’ll probably look into a new laptop in the next 6 months or so.

    All of them have been used for mostly personal use. Although, this last one has been  used a lot for college.

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    I’ve had my current laptop for the 2 years I’ve been in graduate school and so far it’s done awesome (and I’m constantly dropping it and hitting it). My laptop before this I got as a high school graduation gift and it lasted me through undergrad, so 4 years.

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    There’s no “whenever it kicks the bucket” option in the poll!

    That’s what it is for me. So, it can be within five years or nine years. Modern technology isn’t a must for me. A working computer is. So, if it’s old, but functioning, then I’ll keep it.


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    Depends on the computer. I’ve had a couple laptops that died quickly (two Compaqs, and then a Dell that lasted until I dropped it), a Compaq desktop that was a piece of crap (died within two years), a Dell desktop that lasted for about 5 years.

    I bought a Gateway desktop three years ago that won’t need to be updated for a while. The processor might need an upgrade, but it’s got 6GB RAM and a 640GB hard drive. I used to game a lot, so that’s why I bought it. I cancelled my WoW account last year, though (but I still play other games sometimes). FI’s mom bought a Sony laptop a couple of years ago on Black Friday to Skype with her other son/his wife/kid, but ended up giving it to us. I needed to borrow it for a class and she just told us to keep it and bring it over when we come for Sunday lunch.

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    In general, PC computers do not last as long as Macs.  So invest in a Mac.  No wait, don’t.  I don’t want to majority of users to have Macs, because then I will have to worry about viruses!

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